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Another FAB giveaway this week here at BSB courtesy of beegee bags! These to-die-for clutches would add plenty of pizazz to your wedding day ensemble, make great gifts for your bridal party, or make a great accessory for a fun night out! With tons of fabrics and styles to choose from, you can really customize the look you want! Here’s some info about the company:


Brooke Galardi, the founder and owner of beegee bags, is a self-taught handbag maker. She got started a while back when she designed a fabric bag for herself on a whim. This first beegee bag is now safely locked away in a deep cavern so that no one will ever have to lay eyes on it. However, before it went into exile, a good friend admired it and asked Brooke to make her one and she wanted to pay her cash money for it! That was the beginning of beegee bags.


While still a modestly small boutique effort, we now sell to stores in California, Virginia, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. What began as a little “see what you can do” project turned into a terrifically (if not a bit daunting) rewarding artistic adventure. Rather than getting too caught up in trends, we focus on making timeless designs with a perfectionist’s attention to detail. We take pride in sewing and finishing, in house, all the products that we sell. We put a tremendous amount of time, care, and creativity into everything we make and do.

IMG_0203350__49515.1371028652.300.300 Check us out in the June 2008 issue of Glamour Magazine, the April 14, 2009 edition of Daily Candy and The Knot’s Wedding Guide Fall 2009/Winter 2010.




And the great news is beegee bags is giving one lucky BSB reader a clutch of her choice! All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Leave a comment here saying which beegee bag is your fave!
  2. Become a fan of beegee bags on facebook, then leave a comment there telling us why you love beegee bags!

You have until Thursday, October 15 at 11:59 PM CST to enter. Winner announced Friday, Oct. 16th! :) Good luck ladies!

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  • Emily

    What an awesome giveaway. I popped over to her site and I love the Winter white butterfly cluth the best, but I also love the peacock feather one you have posted above.

    PS – Congrats on your house so exciting!!!

  • Sarah B

    What beautiful clutches! It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but I love Nora’s Plume!

  • Sarah

    I love the peacock one!

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love the Mrs. Robinson clutch! The colors are amazing! I would love to have one!!!

  • Stephanie

    This is tough – I sort of love all of them! I went over to the website and I really love “George” – the style is SO ME!

    I am a fan on Facebook too!

  • Heather

    The Lyla is just *gorgeous*.

    And congrats on your house! It’ll be a bit spendy, as you get settled, but you’re gonna love it!

  • Danielle

    These are amazing.. the pink poppy is my favorite!

  • Jenn

    I absolutely love the “Nora’s Plume” bag. I have what you would call “eclectic taste” and i think this bag is perfect for me. Definitely a quality bag that i would be proud to carry and show off to all my girlfriends.

  • Shannon

    I like the blue twig the best or the Pink Flamer but they are all super cute.

  • Ashley

    Rouge is my favorite!

  • Ashley

    I’m following and I commented on facebook.

  • Gillian

    The purple and white flower bag is my favorite! These bags inspired me to start making my own too! Although none of them are making it out of the closet any time soon…

  • Cat

    Everytime I go to BeeGee Bags I find a new favorite. Today it is the Purple and Turquoise Dove Clutch!!

  • Cat

    I am following and commented on facebook as well!!

  • Mere

    decisions, decisions! these bags are all super cute, but i am especially loving the obi clutch. (i am also a new fb follower!)

  • maria

    i love the pink flamer bags! they would go great with my bridesmaids’ black dresses and light pink pashmina wraps! thank you!

  • nicole

    I can’t pick just one!! I love them all! Oh how fun it would be to have one! I’m off to follow on FB.

  • Becca

    oh wow, these are so gorgeous! I absolutely adore the Sage Dandelion clutch.

    FB fan as well!

  • Julie

    I love these! The Pink Poppy Clutch is my fav!

  • Heather

    Omg, I love the peacock bag! So pretty!

  • Meghan

    Definitely love the purple “Blossom” clutch. I love purple and this is such a cute little bag. Enough color to make it “pop” against a nice dinner outift. :)

  • Anne

    So cute! The Yellow and Black Fancy is my favorite. It would make a great bridesmaid gift!

  • Meredith

    Ooooh – Mrs. Peacock is DEF my fav! They’re all so adorable!

  • Jen

    I love the blue twig bag! So cute and would look perfect with my theme! I love these clutches!!!

  • Amy

    Loving the modern lines and fabrics that make my knees weak! The Pink Poppy clutch makes me smile all the way to my toes! *Sigh* fingers crossed!

  • Brittney

    I Love the peacock one AND the pink flower just under it! So hard… can’t decide which one I LOVE more! =)

  • Danae

    These are stunning. Her creativity is so far beyond my comprehension. As a law student, I am lacking in the artistic department – I envy her passion and the beauty of her work product. I particularly love the classic elegance of the black and white bag.

  • Courtney

    I love them all, but the upside down pink flower is definitely my favorite! I envision a different bag for each of my bridesmaids since they are all wearing black dresses!

  • Kelsey

    I love the “George”. So Cute!!

  • April

    My sister and I are getting married 2 months away from each other next year and have been having so much fun planning our weddings together. The Blue Twig clutch from BeeGee Bags would match her wedding colors perfectly and I’d love to gift it to her to use on her special day.

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  • Amanda Sloane

    Just ONE!? Ok, ok, fine… =)

    I’d have to say the “Red and Brown Flock” is one of my favorites!

  • Megan

    Orangina clutch. Love it! I think it might be the prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen :)

    Also LOVE your site, like a lot!

  • Libbi

    My favorite clutch is the Olive! I just love how timeless it is with the splash of red coming from the flower…love it!

  • Sara

    If I had to pick just one bag it would have to be the Mrs. Peacock clutch. It the perfect shade of gold and blues for my September wedding!

  • Tina

    My favorite clutch is the peacock one i thinks it is just so pretty and classic.

  • Lindsay

    Oh, I LOVE the peacock one! :)

  • Nicole-Lynn

    I adore the Poppy Orange and Green clutch! So cuuute!

  • Jennifer

    i just LOVE the second one with the red flower on it! very cutte!!

  • Amanda

    Oh wowie!

    Ruby Red or Bambi Orange

    (I just became a FB fan)

  • alysha hernandez

    bridesmaid named marsha. this was a tough one .. cause who doesn’t love a peacock feather? what a great give-a-way ..thanks so much ..

    btw congrats on the house. so exciting!

  • Laura

    Gotta adore the peacock bag!

  • Kim

    I really like the Obi, how cute!

  • kristacular

    I love the Obi Clutch. Of course they are all gorgeous! I just love the vibrant orange!!

    heading over to facebook:)

    Krista Gaston

  • Jessica

    They are so cute! I think the Blossom clutch matches my colors perfectly and I could see myself bringing it from our modern reception to my day to day warddrobe. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Corie

    There are so many great bags it’s hard to choose just one favorite. I’m loving the Ruby Red Clutch and the Orangina 8 incher Clutch! These bags look like they can spice up any outfit! Love them.

  • july

    I LUV, LUV, LUV the Nora’s plume bag. I just got married two days ago, and my theme was peacock feathers. I wish I had known about the line sooner…would have made a great wedding clutch!!

  • Courtney

    I LOVE the peacock one :)

  • Erika

    Such lovely wedding purses. I’ve had my eye on the peacock bag for bit. My wedding dress has some light blue beading and I’ve got dark blue shoes… it would complete my outfit!

  • Sylvia

    If only I could collect them all! At least I now know something to put on the Christmas wish list 😉

    My favorite is Nora’s Plume. The embroidery details are so exquisite!

  • Amanda

    So many beautiful ones to choose from! I really love Nora’s Plume!

  • Christy

    I adore the Crimson Cherry Blossom Clutch – both style one and style two!

  • Tiffany

    I LOVE the last one (white w/ purple flower). Beautiful.

  • Jadey

    These are all so cute but I would love to take the cream one with the upside down flower out with me.

  • anotherfishinthesea

    I remember seeing beegee bags in dailycandy and loving them… I think the blue twig clutch would be perfect to carry on my wedding day! :)

  • Stephanie

    I love the “white birdie on a clutch” one…so cute!

  • Paula

    I don’t know how to choose just one. In the new collection I like the white with the little blue embroidered circles and the black and white one with the red bird.

  • Keisha

    I like the black and white one with the red flowers. It matches my wedding’s color scheme!

  • Courtney

    For the longest time my 2 (am I allowed to pick 2 favs?) favorites have been Noir birdie in a clutch and Olive type: clutch. I am a sucker for a red, black, and white color pallet.

  • Rhonda

    basically in LOVE with Nora’s Plume!

    and following on FB

  • enchantress16

    I have been in love with that Nora’s Plume one for SO long! It is absolutely gorgeous… and as an Australian, it is something I know NOONE else will have!

  • Dabney

    My favorite is the Pink Poppy. It would be perfect for my wedding day. I am also a fan on Facebook now.

  • Courtney

    It’s so hard to choose! For my wedding day, I’d love to be carrying Blue Twig. But Red Lotus is fabulous too!

  • michele

    omg, i MUST have at least FIVE! i love, love, love nora’s plume, obi, purple and turquise dove, turquoise birdie… i could go on and on. these are sooo adorable. thanks for the link, i’ll be shopping for the b.maids!

  • Courtney

    Nora’s Plume! I would love to have that as one of my wedding-day accessories. 😀

  • Sarah

    I LOVE the black and white design with the red flower. A true classic!

  • Christie

    Thump……..**passes out in the floor**.

    That is what I would do if I won this giveaway. I would love to have one of these gorgeous clutches! I am totally in love with Olive. I hope I win! :-)

  • Ally

    My favorite is the one with the peacock feather. I adore it for its hint of bright blue…

  • Christina F

    LOVING the black & white clutch with the red flower!!!

    Gorgeous bags – just became a FBook fan :)

  • Carly

    I love the story behind the making of these bags. They are all very beautiful. My favorite is the white with purple flowers. Of course it matches the wedding day colors: black, white, purple. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  • Lacey

    Love the Blue twig bag! it is so simple but pretty!

  • Camille R.

    I absolutely love the peacock feather bag – what great fabric! So talented to start this off herself!

  • Dani

    I love the Orangina! And, my wedding colors are orange, yellow, and green, so it’s perfect!

  • Amanda

    I love the Nora’s Plume. The colors are beautiful and the embroidery makes it looks vintage.

  • Shadia

    Love the pink poppy clutch!
    I’m a fan on fb as well!

  • Brit

    So hard to pick a fav! It’s a toss up between Goldie Branch and Mrs. Peacock.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for showcasing these clutches…just what I’m looking for. The Blue Twig from her site is my favorite but I also love the Nora’s Plume-Sea Green shown here.

  • April Cenora

    OMG…They are all so beautiful! I love three…Sprung Up Pink, Nora’s Plume and Pink Poppy. If I wind which will I choose?

  • Shamika

    I love the peacock bag. It is so nicely donw

  • sanebride

    I love the George! It also just happens to be my wedding colors!

  • Caitlin

    I LOVE them all! But the black and white one with the red flower has to be my favorite : ) And I really like how the inside it pink! Another favorite color of mine.

    I’m going to become a FB fan!

  • Lisa

    Oh my, it’s hard to pick one, but my favorite is the CREAMY TWIG from Style Two collection!

    It would be the perfect addition to my fall 2010 wedding look!


  • Laura

    It’s a tough choice, but I think my favorite bag is the Pink Flamer!

  • Melissa

    I am not a handbag sort of girl, but I have to say that the peacock feather one caught my eye!

  • Nora

    I love the Red Lotus clutch! I am having a Western/Indian fusion wedding and would love the bag to match both my white dress and my red sari. And, of course, red is my favorite color, so it would match most of my outfits for a fabulous night on the town.

  • Cheryl Riley

    My favorite beegee bag is the Red Lotus clutch! It is fashion forward and romantic.

  • Patti

    I am in love with “Mrs. Peacock” – not sure if I’m supposed to choose one from the featured clutches above, so if that’s the case, it would have to be “Nora’s Plume.”

    Peacocks are one of my favorite animals because they are flat-out gorge – jewel-tone blues and greens are my favorite colors! That’s the color scheme I’m going with for my wedding.

  • Carrie

    I love the red and brown flock.

  • kate

    I have lusted over that Peacock bag for like a year now, so that’s it, hands down.

  • JCL21

    I’m loving all things animal-print right now (okay, since birth!), so I have to choose “Nora’s Plume.” So pretty!

  • vanessa

    I LOVE the peacock bag!

  • Tammy

    I soooo love each one of them. But today I think I am in the mood for the peacock clutch. oolala

  • Jennifer R.

    I absolutely love the Pink Flamer, with the flower detail in the perfect shade of pink. All the bags are amazing!

  • MaryAlyce

    I love the Pink Flamer!! Adorable!!

  • shelly

    the peacock one is my fav!!! Would work perfect as a “something blue”!!! these are all so adorable!