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It really didn’t feel like I was getting hitched since I hadn’t found THE dress.  And to be honest I had given up hope to find my dream dress with in my budget. I thought at best I’d find a dress that was within my budget and I could live with wearing. After looking online and doing some research, I wasn’t comfortable buying a dress from a website without trying on the dress nor knowing if it was actually what I was purchasing. I then went to where every bride on a budget first stops, David’s Bridal.  I made my appointment, called all my bridesmaids, had my mother and grandmother come as well. I figured this would be it. I would find my dress today!!             

After trying on about 20 dresses, I left empty handed and once again I was back to the drawing board.  I was as confused as before not knowing if I could purchase a dress that I liked. I scoured the web for blogs or forums that suggested good websites that I could look into. It wasn’t until I asked one of my aunts where I can find flower girls dresses that it clicked: Fashion District in Los Angeles! I thought surely I could find bridal stores in that area as well, so I began to do some research. I found out that there are several stores that I could look at, unfortunately most of – if not all of them – had terrible reviews on the service as well at the fitting, but what the heck I could at least check it out.

I had plans with one of my bridesmaids to go and look at flower girl dresses with me, she then suggested why not stop by a bridal store and check it out. 

I went to IBEX Bridal thinking I was going to look at dresses but probably not actually find a dress. When I first arrived I was asked several questions: what style I liked, my budget,  my wedding date, etc. They then took out several books for me to look at and asked me to mark the dresses that I liked best. Nora the sales rep was nice enough to help me out, and also let me know right off from the start if the dress I was going to mark was over my budget, which was helpful!! I then was taken to a dressing room and asked to get ready for the dresses. I tried on several dresses but the last one was THE ONE- my dress! I asked the price and it was $817. I was hesitant because of the price and shrugged it off, she then told me she would go to the back and find out what is the best price possible they could give me. She came back and told me they would lower it by $300! I was shocked but at the same time happy. I HAD FOUND MY DRESS!!  And the best part- it was with in my budget!! Now as much as I would like to show you the dress I know my Fiancé reads my posts. What I can tell you is that it is absolutely beautiful and ivory. And although it might seem silly and outdated, I would like to surprise him on our wedding day. 



Did any of you seriously luck out with your wedding dress search?


*FTC I was not paid any monies nor given any product for mentioning the above bridal stores.



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Simple Southern California Gal, with a rustic fairy tale wedding dream with a Los angeles is too expensive budget. When she isn't planning her wedding she is working at a high school, traveling with her fiance, taking hikes, cooking.

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  • Tyra

    Jessica, I like your blog and loved it on

  • Sara

    Hi Gracie! I loved reading this post. I had a similar experience these last few months and I was beginning to lose hope on finding “the dress” and thought about settling. But low and behold, my maid of honor and I went shopping at a bridal consignment store where I thought I wouldn’t find anything but after trying on 4 different dresses, the last one (which is a dress I never would have picked for myself), made me blubber like a little girl lol. I was so thrilled but nervous about the price! Low and behold, it was $300 and brand new – never worn! I managed to snag a beautiful veil for $35 dollars as well and picked up some cute mint wedges for $36 dollars (bridesmaids gowns are mint!). I came in right on budget and couldn’t be more thrilled! Congrats on your dress! I’m also wearing ivory and am sad I’ll only be able to wear it for one day!