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Theme: Around the Clock
Each person attending was assigned an hour of the day. The hour they receive will be the type of gift they will bring. Ex- 6:00am; coffee maker, noon; apron and bowls, 7:00pm ice cream maker, 1:00am lingerie, etc…
It’s a fun idea to let the guest be creative and you get an assortment of gifts.

By: Angel Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:31:11 +0000 I told my hostesses I did not want to play games either. It seems like I play the same games at every single bridal shower I go to and they are never much fun, more just something to fill the time. Instead of doing games we are going to have a craft activity. Each guest will get to make their own craft and it will double as their favor. We decided to do sugar cookie mix in mason jars. My shower is in three weeks, I can’t wait!