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So by now I’m assuming you all have heard of Wordle– the online application that allows you to turn a string of words into a lovely word cloud. I think this program is SO neat- I have to admit I play around with it a lot. Well, the idea struck me the other day that it could be used as a cute Save-The-Date! Just type in the details of your wedding, your names, date, location, time, etc- and voila! You’ve got a word cloud describing your wedding! Check out the ones I created- don’t you think it would make a fun save-the-date?

Wordle - Create

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  • Veronica

    You are the awesomest!! I think this would also be a great idea for Thank you cards! You rock!

  • Jennifer

    Fantastic idea! Thanks!

  • tiffany

    love this idea! I had the same kind of idea but I wanted to make little tags for our Welcome bags.

  • Heather

    Such a great idea! What kind of graphic design do you do? I am always interested in seeing what kind of jobs other designers have. I wasn’t a design major so the job I have now is this, “we need a designer, your new at it, so you can be our receptionist too” kind of job… which has worked for the last year, but I am interested in seeing what else is out there :)

  • Kathryn

    So clever! I love it!

  • Whitney @ Wedd To A Different Drum

    Brilliant! I’m planning a birthday party this month, I think this could work for that as well. You are so good!

  • Marianne

    Jessica, I love this idea! We’re thinking about an email save-the-date, and this would be the perfect header for it.

  • Rebekah at Elizabeth Anne Designs


  • Luzel @ iDiY

    This is a FANTASTIC idea!! Thanks for sharing.

    One question, any idea if we need to up the resolution size of the JPG file for printing?

  • Erin

    i love wordle and this is a great idea for a save the date!!! so adorable!

  • Broke-Ass Bride

    Girl, how have I never seen this blog before?!? It’s brilliant! I’m a total convert, and have added you to my reader and blogroll.

    I love this wordle idea – very clever!
    😡 Broke-Ass Bride

  • Rachel

    What a great idea!!
    Thanks for sharing all the technical info for all of us non-graphic designers out there!

  • Guilty Secret

    That is such a cute idea. When Baddie and I were talking about whether to write our own vows the other day, one of my main thoughts was “if we do it we’ll be able to wordle it afterwards” – what a geek!

  • kay*

    you are so creative! this looks awesome and is a great idea – when i finally find an apartment and throw a housewarming party i want to use this idea!

  • Brittney

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE this idea! I might just have to use it! :)

  • Debbie

    Just so you know…

    Firefox doesn’t work with the saving-as-a-PDF and all. Use Safari. :) Fantastic idea though!

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  • Gerrilyn Mele

    Um this is amazing!! You should make one for me! haha

  • Free Business Card Bailout

    Thanks for the recommendation we have a bailout on business cards, 500 for free perfect for saving money on weddings!

  • Kimi

    After finding your suggestion I used Wordle to create my Save the Date’s and just ordered them to be printed on magnets at VistaPrint for about $35 for 100. I’m so happy with them. Thanks for the idea!


  • Laura

    This was so cool!!! I love what we came up w/. We had alot of fun coming up w/ words that express us. We put “happy happy joy joy” on ours. :)

    I just ordered mine. And looked up for coupons, so I got $5 off! So for 50 cards, it cost me $5.

    Of course I’m behind, so I spent $20 on 2nd day air.

    Your blog is the best. Thanks much.


    p.s do you have any suggestions for photographers in Connecticut?

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