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In case any of you have wandered upon the imposters while Googling or searching for wedding inspiration on the cheap, I would just like to take this opportunity to announce that I am in NO WAY affiliated with any other sites with the words Budget Savvy Bride in their title. Way back in the humble beginnings of my little blog I came to discover that the domain bearing my blog title had been snatched up. I tried to contact the owners of the domain and never heard back. Now there are two domains out there that are using (and most likely trying to profit from) my ‘webdentity’ and I just didn’t want there to be any confusion! That is all. :)


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Jessica is the creator of The Budget Savvy Bride; she launched the site in May of 2008, shortly after becoming engaged. Jessica has been recognized as a budget wedding expert by various media outlets and continues to share realistic inspiration and actionable tips to help brides save money on their weddings. Google

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  • un-bride

    How awful that people are doing that. Give ‘em hell, girl.

  • Plush Junkie

    What a cute bolg!! I’m a bride as well and happened upon this little site! I posted a link for you to a $4000.00 wedding give-away. It was on the Plush Steals and Deals page. Might be helpful to budgeting brides like ourselves!!!