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When brainstorming for this month’s free printable I looked back at the templates of mine that have been downloaded the most by Budget Savvy Brides. The elegant place cards that I shared back in June of 2013 were the clear winner. Today’s templates are in the same style, but I’ve expanded the download to include a full reception set. You can use any combination of the place cards, table numbers, and seating chart.

This is a black and white file which makes for super cheap printing. Set your printer to grayscale to save your colored ink. Print on any paper that you like! Tie in your wedding colors, use patterned paper, or go with chic black and white as I did.

The seating chart prints on 11 x 17” paper, which is too large for most home printers to handle. Send or take the file to your local copy store for inexpensive printing.

Using coordinating pieces throughout your big day is one way to give a budget wedding luxurious style. And coordinating your reception couldn’t be any easier with these free printable wedding reception templates in an elegant regal scroll design!



Place Cards

Free Printable Place Cards | The Budget Savvy Bride

Download the place card file and open in MS word or Mac Pages. Enter your guest names. I used the font Garamond, but you can use any font that you like. If you have a font that you are using throughout your wedding, such as on invitations, programs, and thank you cards, you can match the font on your reception printables.

Print the file on your chosen paper.

Tip: Use a heavier card stock than standard copy paper. I find a weight of 65 lbs to 90 lbs to work best as it’s heavy enough to give some strength to the paper, but still able to easily be printed on your home printer without causing paper jams.

DIY elegant wedding place cards

Cut each sheet in half and in half again so you end up with four place cards. A paper cutter is the quickest way to do this as you can cut more than one sheet at once, so head to your local FedEx Office store and make use of their cutter (you’ll probably be there anyway printing the seating chart on their large scale printer).

Scissors will work just fine too though.

Printable elegant place cards

Fold each card in half and stand it up. Congratulations, your place cards are now ready to go.

Table Numbers

Free Elegant Printable Table Numbers

The table numbers are even easier to put together than the place cards, as no folding is required. Download the template and add your table numbers in MS Word. If you are naming your tables rather than using numbers, you can replace the number with the table name. You will need to change the font size and reposition the text box to line everything up neatly. Print, and cut in half and in half again as you did with the place cards.

Display the table numbers using your favorite stand. A few of my favorite ideas for stands can be seen here.

Seating Chart

Free Printable Elegant Seating Chart

The seating chart is also simple to put together. Download the template and open in your word processing program. I’ve set the layout as an alphabetized table. The easiest way to get your guest names and table numbers into the chart is to create an alphabetized list in Excel, then copy and paste the columns in. When you are happy with your formatting save the file and either put it on a thumb drive or email it to the copy shop of your choice. The seating chart prints on 11 x 17” paper, and chances are your home printer won’t print something this large. A quick trip to your local FedEx Office with the file on a thumb drive solves this problem. And you can use their paper cutter for your place cards and table numbers while you are there.

Now with very little effort and very little expense you will have a perfectly coordinated reception with no one spinning aimlessly in the center of the room trying to figure out where they should go! Enjoy!


Visit Download & Print for more great wedding printables!


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Free Delicate Floral Wedding Invitation Suite Thu, 20 Nov 2014 13:00:24 +0000 DIY delicate floral wedding invitation suite

Hello Budget Savvy Brides! Anna here from Download & Print and this month’s download is a free delicate floral wedding invitation suite, that includes the invitation, RSVP card and name badge. It’s a little bit girly, but I think brings in enough neutral colors to please your Mr. Perfect. I was inspired to create this design by a gorgeous vintage handkerchief that I found when out antiquing. I loved the scalloped edge and floral spray in the corner and thought it would transfer really well to paper. I hope you agree!

If this pretty botanical isn’t perfect for your wedding, never fear! Enter my #PinToPaper contest for your chance to win a 10-piece custom invitation suite! I’m running the contest on every bride’s favorite pastime, Pinterest. All the juicy details can be found here, but you only have until November 30 to get in your entries, so start pinning! Jessica is on the talented judging panel, and we want to see wedding items you love that will inspire invitations you love.

If you are ready to start a DIY project now, lets put together this Artisan Botanical set:




Step 1: Download and Print

Free delicate floral printable wedding invitation suite

Download the template file and open in MS Word. The file contains the invitation, RSVP, and name badge. Add your information and format to best suit your text. I chose the fonts Tw Cen MT and Olympic Branding, however you can choose any fonts that you like. If you download the sample fonts make sure to install them on your computer before opening the template file in Word.


Print free delicate floral printable wedding invitation suite

When you are happy with the layout print the file on 8.5 x 11” paper in white or cream.

TIP: Print one copy first! Check this for spelling errors and formatting issues. Have someone else check over your files before committing to print all your invitations. This could save you lots of heartache!


Step 2: Trim

Trim free delicate floral printable wedding invitation suite

Using your paper cutter or scissors, trim the invitation and RSVP cards along the trim lines.


Trim result of free delicate floral printable wedding invitation suite



Step 3: Cut Out Name Badge

Cut free delicate floral printable wedding invitation suite

Use scissors to do a rough cut around the name badge.

If you don’t have a circle punch use your scissors to perform the final cut around the name badge. The trick to cutting circles neatly is to use long sweeping cuts with your scissors, keeping the scissors stationary and rotating the paper.


Punch out name badge on free printable wedding invitation suite

If you have a 2.5” circle punch take your rough cut name badge and punch neatly to the edge of the design. Having a punch on hand will speed things up enormously for you.


Free printable wedding invitation belly band badge

Step 4: Create Band

Create belly band on free printable wedding invitation suite

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the invitation, overlapping the ends a little. Use a piece of double sided tape on the overlap to secure the ribbon into a band. Trim the ribbon tail if necessary.

Adhere name badge on free printable wedding invitation suite

Use another piece of double sided tape on the back of the name badge and adhere it to the center of the ribbon.


Step 5: Assemble the Invitation Package

Free delicate floral printable wedding invitation suite

Insert the RSVP card and gold 4 bar envelope into the band. The whole package fits into a 5.75” square envelope and is now ready for mailing.

Don’t forget if this delicate floral design isn’t perfect for your wedding, enter our #PinToPaper contest for your chance to win a custom invitation suite. Entries must be in by November 30 so you’d best head on over to Pinterest and start pinning!


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Elegant DIY Table Numbers + Seating Chart Fri, 24 Oct 2014 12:00:21 +0000 Printable seating chart and table numbers

Hello! Anna here from Download & Print and it’s that time of the month where I get to share a special little something that I’ve put together just for Budget Savvy Brides. Jessica sent me a note a few weeks ago telling me she gets a ton of email about the elegant place cards that I shared back in June last year. You guys just swoon over these! So I wanted to put together a couple more pieces that you can add to this set. Today I’m sharing elegant DIY table numbers + seating chart templates. Add in the menu from June this year and you’ve got a complete tabletop set.

There’s nothing tricky about DIYing these pieces. A little bit of trimming is needed on the table numbers. The seating chart can handle up to 12 tables with 10 guests per table and prints on 11 x 17” paper. You’ll probably need to track down a large format printer for paper of this size, so just send or take the file to your local copy shop and have them make the prints.


Step 1: Download & Print

DIY seating chart from the Budget Savvy Bride

Download the two free template files here. Open the files in MS Word or Mac Pages and add your table numbers and seating arrangements. The curved text at the top of the templates that says “seating chart” and “table” cannot be changed, so plan for this if you are theming your tables rather than using traditional numbers. I’ve used the fonts Edwardian Script and Garamond, which should both be loaded onto your computer already.

Print the table numbers on standard 8.5 x 11” cardstock. The seating chart prints on 11 x 17” cardstock, so you may have to make a run to Kinkos or your local copy shop to print this on a larger format printer.

Both files print in black and white, so change out the paper color to match your wedding. I’ve used cream paper.


print your own elegant table numbers

Step 2: Trim

elegant diy wedding table numbers

Hey presto. The seating chart is ready to be hung.

The table numbers need trimming along the outside cut line. The line is hard to see on your screen, but will become obvious after you print the numbers.

The Anna Skye recommended method is to do a rough cut around the edge of the cut line. Then go back with a smaller pair of scissors to cut out the detail. Use long sweeping strokes with your scissors, rotating the paper while keeping your hand steady.

elegant wedding table number printable

Step 3: Insert

Wedding table number template from The Budget Savvy Bride

Place the table numbers in the holder of your choice, then hand over the task of setting the table to your maids/caterer/family, as by the time the tables are set you will have far too much on your mind to worry about a few table numbers!

Here are some of my favorite DIY table number holders.

DIY table number ideas

  1. Natural wood, perfect for a rustic feel. Source
  2. A box of apples! Or a flower arrangement, or upcycled mason jars, or a crate with lavender… you get the idea. Anything that fits your wedding with a simple holder for the number. Source
  3. Candlesticks spray painted in your wedding colors. Source
  4. Corks and twine. You can also use a cork in a wine bottle for a tall table number. Source


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Free Elegant Lace Printable Wedding Invitation Fri, 19 Sep 2014 12:00:39 +0000 Free printable elegant lace wedding invitation

Hello BSB’s! I’m at the tail end of a cross country move, and the name of the game currently is to keep things simple. I had a month to pack up my life in Texas and arrive ready and raring to go in a new city and state. Complicated was not a word I wanted in my vocabulary. With this in mind I’m sharing an elegant lace wedding invitation and RSVP that’s as uncomplicated as invitations come. Wedding planning is also not a time where unnecessary complications are welcome and you’ll find creating this invitation is as simple as download, print, and trim.

I’ve had a sleeper hit over at Download & Print with a pretty lace design. It’s one of the top two designs downloaded, which I did not see coming. Lace is a timeless fabric, but versatile enough to tie in with current wedding trends, such as vintage and rustic. If any of this sounds interesting to you, you’ll love the free elegant lace printable wedding invitation I’m giving to BSB’s today. Just for being you. Download the template here while you can. Which is forever really, we’re just like that.


DIY elegant lace wedding invitation

• Printable template
• MS Word
• Scissors or paper cutter
• 8.5 x 11” card stock
• 6.5 x 6.5” envelopes, as seen here.

Step 1: Download and Print

Printable wedding invitation template with lace design

Download the template file and open in MS Word or Mac Pages. Add your wording. The fonts I used in the sample are Maridian and Garamond in caps. If you don’t have these fonts installed on your computer prior to opening the template your word processing program will substitute fonts, and this could make the formatting look a little funky. You can use any fonts that you like however, just tweak the layout to suit your words and font choices.

Print on your home color printer or send to a copy shop for printing.

TIP: Print endless copies with one template! It’s pretty much a magical template, one turns into thousands.

Free elegant wedding invitation template

Step 2: Trim

free lace wedding invitation template

Trim the invitation and RSVP card along the trim lines using scissors or a paper cutter. If using a paper cutter, stack a few sheets on top of each other to make the cutting go quicker.

After cutting out the pieces you will discard the logos and instructions on the paper.

printable elegant wedding invitation with lace

Step 3: Finish

free vintage lace wedding invitation template

Slip the invitation and RSVP into a 6.5 x 6.5” envelope. I chose a black envelope for a classic look, but you could use a kraft envelope for a rustic feel, or pick up on the color of your bridesmaids dresses for a coordinated look.

Putting these invitations together is that simple: Download, Print, and Trim.

Until next month. xxoo


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Free Printable Die-Cut Wedding Invitation Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:00:59 +0000 free printable die cut wedding invitation

Hello BSB’s, Anna here from Download & Print with another free invitation template. Today’s project may seem a little ambitious. Die-cut wedding invitations sit toward the top of the invitation scale in terms of luxury, look, and cost. They come in all sorts of exquisite shapes, from intricate cut-out overlays, to pretty frame shapes. The invitations are usually cut-out with a machine, either commercially or you can purchase a home machine. Unfortunately both options are very costly, but the end result is oh-so-gorgeous.

By now you’ve probably picked up from my tutorials here on Budget Savvy Bride that I want everyone to have breathtaking invitations without spending the Earth, and I fully believe this is possible for even the most craft-challenged bride! Today I’m going to show you how to make this elegant frame invitation for less than $1 a set using such a simple technique. No expensive machines needed. Your weapon of choice: Scissors. This free printable die-cut wedding invitation is exclusive to BSB’s!

With a little time and effort you can achieve a high end look that is gasp-worthy. And to keep your costs down even further this template prints in black and white, making reproductions as cheap as they come either on your home printer or at your local Kinkos or copy shop. So lets get started…

free printable die cut wedding invitation supplies


Step 1: Download and Print

free printable die cut wedding invitation add your text

Download the free invitation template, RSVP template, and envelope liner, and personalize with your details in MS Word. I chose the fonts TrajanPro and Maratre. If you do not have these fonts installed on your computer Word will substitute fonts and your invitation may look a little wonky. You can use any fonts that you like.

Print the templates on the paper of your choice.

TIP: These templates print in black and white which makes reproductions super cheap.


print the free printable die cut wedding invitation

Step 2: Trim

trim free printable die cut wedding invitation

Trim the invitation and RSVP along the outside of the black border. This is by far the most time consuming step and takes a little bit of concentration. If you are planning on getting your maids together for an invitation craft night, don’t open up too many bottles of wine before you’ve finished cutting these out!

I timed myself and averaged 4 minutes per template. The end result is absolutely worth the time though if you love the die-cut look but don’t love the die-cut price from an invitation printer.


free printable die cut wedding invitation result

Step 3: Envelope Liner

diy wedding envelope liner with monogram

Cut out the envelope liner and slip into an A7 envelope. Eyeball the top edge to center the liner about ¼” below the edge of the envelope flap.

free printable monogram envelope liner

Fold the liner flap down using the crease on the envelope as your guide.

free printable monogram envelope liner

Add a couple of strips of double sided tape to the back of the liner flap. Press down on the envelope flap to adhere the two together.

free elegant envelope liner

Stuff the finished envelope with the die-cut invitation and RSVP and a A2 envelope. Your wedding guests will love opening this luxurious silhouette invitation with custom envelope. It can be our secret that you DIY’d the entire set for less than $1. Or go ahead and brag about your creative and crafty (and frugal) skills. Because that’s cool too.

Download the free templates here.


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DIY Vintage Autumn Wedding Invitation Set Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:00:25 +0000 vintage-autumn-feature

It’s that time of the month again where I provide some invitation inspiration, along with free wedding templates exclusive to BSB’s! Although it’s hard to think of autumn colors when the temperature outside my office today is 102 degrees (though scorched grass and falling leaves are somewhat in the same color palette!), it is time for Fall brides to start thinking about putting their invitations in the mail. I’ve put together a DIY Vintage Autumn Wedding Invitation Set, including the invitation, RSVP, and coordinating envelope liner in a vintage floral pattern which I think would be perfect for Fall nuptials.

You’ll need two different sized envelopes for the invitation and RSVP, and you can play on the colors to coordinate with the look of your wedding. Pull out the dusty pink in the flowers for a more feminine feel, or switch the tan envelope for a mustard one if navy and yellow are more your dominant colors.



  • Printable templates
  • Color printer
  • White or cream card stock
  • Paper cutter and/or scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • A7 Euro flap envelope – for invitation and to line with envelope liner
  • A2 envelope – for RSVP

Step 1: Download and Print


Download the three template files: Invitation, RSVP, and envelope liner. Open the invitation and RSVP in MS Word and add your details. Double check for accuracy and spelling errors! Open the liner in Acrobat, print all three templates.

Step 2: Trim


Using your paper cutter or scissors, trim the invitation and RSVP cards along the dotted trim lines. A paper cutter will produce straighter edges and will allow you to cut more than one sheet at once.


Step 3: Cut Liner


Use scissors to cut out the envelope liner.

Step 4: Insert Liner


Insert the liner into an A7 Euro flap envelope. Slide it down and eyeball the top edge so that the liner is centered and equal distance from the right and left sides.

Step 5: Fold Flap


Fold the liner flap down, matching the fold line on the flap of the envelope. If you have a bone folder sharpen the crease, though pressing with you fingers will also work.

Step 6: Tape


Stick double sided tape to the back of the liner flap. Fold the envelope flap over and press down with the heel of your hand, ensuring not to shift the liner and keeping it in line with the envelope fold.


Open the envelope flap to reveal your custom liner. Insert the invitation, RSVP, and an A2 envelope for the RSVP to be returned in, and pop in the post.


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Free Wedding Menu Template Fri, 20 Jun 2014 13:30:45 +0000 download-and-print-napkin-ring-menu-feature-image-and-copy

Hello again. Anna Skye here from Download & Print, and today I have a free printable wedding menu for you. By the time your wedding menu is decided you are getting close to W-day, so I kept this project nice and easy so that you can hand the task over to even the most craft challenged of your family and friends. The menu wraps around a napkin and silverware at each place setting, so plan ahead and have your venue set the table accordingly so that you can just come along and slip on the menus.

I’ve designed the menu to print in black and white, which not only makes them super cheap to run copies, but also gives you the chance to coordinate with your wedding theme by printing on colored or patterned paper. Or go with classic black and white and use a colored napkin. There are lots of options to make this place setting your own. To get started download the free wedding menu template, grab your scissors, and go!



Step 1: Download and Print


Download the template file and open in MS Word. Add your wedding menu details. The fonts used are Edwardian Script and Garamond, both of which can be found online. You can substitute any fonts of your choosing.

The file prints in black and white, which gives you the opportunity to print on colored or patterned paper to tie in with your wedding theme.

Step 2: Trim


Trim the menu along the cut lines with your scissors. The cut lines are hard to see on your screen, but I promise they are there and will be obvious once you print the file.

Hint: When cutting the curves, keep your scissors still and rotate the paper, using one long sweeping cut motion.


Step 3: Fold


Fold both flaps backward along the fold lines.

Step 4: Wrap


Wrap the menu around a napkin. I did not use tape to secure the menu at the back, the weight of the cloth was enough to keep the menu in place. You could use a small piece of tape to ensure a snug fit.

Step 5: Insert Silverware


Slip in silverware and move on to the next place setting. Bon appetit!


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Wedding Invitation Template with Watercolor Flowers Thu, 22 May 2014 13:00:27 +0000 garden-bouquet-printable-wedding-invitation-template

Hello BSB’s! Today I have a real treat for you. I’m giving you this exclusive wedding invitation template featuring a gorgeous hand-painted floral watercolor design. I wish I could say the watercolor was painted by me, but alas I’m a graphic designer and not a painter. I’ve taken the original artwork and created the romantic invitation, RSVP card, and coordinating address label templates that you can download and customize with your wedding details.

I’ve included an optional step to add a little sparkle to the flowers with gold glitter. Whether you tackle this step or not will depend on if you are in the pro-glitter camp or the anti-glitter camp. My husband is strongly anti-glitter, so in the spirit of diplomacy I refrain from using glitter in personal projects, and only use it on work related projects. This means he has to put up with me coming home with glitter in my eyebrows sometimes, but it’s all for a good cause.





Step 1: Download and Print


Download the free wedding invitation template, RSVP template, and label template, and personalize with your details in MS Word. The font I used in the sample is Coneria Script, which can be downloaded for free at the link provided. If you don’t have this font installed on your computer Word will substitute a different font. You can use any font that you like.

The text seen in the sample is printed at an angle. If you are running MS Word 2010 or newer the text will come through at this same angle when you download the template. If you are running an earlier version of Word the text will be square with the invitation.

TIP: The floral design will be faded on your computer screen. The true vibrant colors will be seen when you print the file.


Print the invitation and RSVP files on 8.5 x 11” white card stock




Step 2: Trim


Using your paper cutter or scissors, trim the invitation and RSVP cards along the dotted trim lines.

TIP: A paper cutter will produce straighter edges and will allow you to cut more than one sheet at once.





Step 3: Glue


Add a dot of Tacky Glue to the center of each flower.

TIP: Work one invitation or RSVP at a time to avoid the glue drying before the next step.




Step 4: Glitter


Lay down a sheet of paper or card on your work space to catch the excess glitter. Work with your invitations and RSVP cards on top of this paper.

Sprinkle gold glitter generously onto the invitation and RSVP card, covering all the glue dots. Don’t be shy with the glitter, the more the merrier as this will build up a nice textured mound of glitter over the glue dots.



Shake off the excess glitter onto your card. Pick up the card and funnel the excess glitter back into the glitter container to be used again.


Clean up any errant glitter on the invitation by flicking it off with your fingernail. Repeat this process with your invitations and RSVP cards.




Step 5: Finish with the Labels


Open the label file and add your addresses. Print the labels on 3.33” round labels, found at World Label or use Avery 5295.



Finish by sticking the labels to an A7 envelope, stuffing with the invitation, RSVP card and a 4-bar envelope, and mailing.


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Printable Flower Garden Wedding Program Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:30:58 +0000 free-wedding-program-template-download-and-print

Hello BSB’s! Today I have a cute little flower garden wedding program for you. It’s an eight page booklet held together with ribbon in the color of your choice. With all these pages you have PLENTY of room for your ceremony details, and as always, this is an exclusive free wedding program template for BSB’s!

The front cover features pretty Spring flowers above a chalk board design, and each page inside ties in with the flower design. This booklet comes together so easily with a little printing, cutting, and folding. Hop on over to Download & Print for the free templates, then follow along with the steps below. Happy crafting!

things-you-need-to-make-the-flower-garden-ceremony program


Step 1: Download and Print

open-the-word-template-flower-garden-ceremony program

Download both of the free printable wedding program files and open in MS Word. Add your ceremony details and print on white or cream card stock. Each template yields two 11” x 4.25” pages, which you will fold in half. You will need to print double side, so print the first side, flip the paper over and place it back in your printer, then print the second side. The font I chose for the headings is Arvo, and the information text is in Angelina, both of which can be downloaded for free online.

print-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Step 2: Score the Fold

score-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Lay the two templates one of top of the other, with the cover sheet on top. Using your ruler and scoring tool (or closed mechanical pencil) run the tool along the solid line. This will start a crease and make folding the program into a booklet easier in the coming steps

Step 3: Cut and Fold

cut-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Leaving the two templates stacked, cut along the dotted line using a ruler and X-acto knife, scissors, or a paper trimmer. If you use a paper trimmer you can stack more than two pages at once will which make the process a little quicker. You will end up with four strips of paper, for a total of eight pages when folded.

fold-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Fold each strip in half using the crease that you already started. A bone folder will make for a nice, crisp crease, but you can just push down firmly with your palms if that’s what you have on hand (pun intended!).

Step 4: Punch Holes

punch-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Punch two holes on the crease, equal distance from the center of the fold. How far apart you punch the holes will depend on how far your hole punch will let you go in, and the look that you like.

Make sure to stack all your pages first so that everything lines up nicely in the end.

Step 5: Thread Ribbon

lace-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Push each end of ribbon through a hole, from the inside of the program to the outside.

Hint: When you cut the ribbon into 18” lengths trim each end on a sharp angle. This will create a point and make threading a little easier.

tie-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Tie the ribbon in a bow, trim the ends (again on an angle to reduce fraying), and you are done. Enjoy!

trim-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

inside-view-flower-garden-ceremony program

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DIY Printable Wedding Medallions Thu, 20 Mar 2014 15:30:20 +0000 00-feature-image

Hi BSB’s! I’m back with a super simple and sweet printable that has a TON of possibilites. I’m calling these DIY Printable Wedding Medallions, and with the right tools you’ll have these printed and ready to go in less than an hour. Use them to embellish your invitations, or use them on napkin rings, candles, favors, use them anywhere you like! The design prints in black and white so you can coordinate with your wedding colors by printing on matching card. You have three designs to choose from:

  • Scroll medallion
  • Roman medallion
  • Mod Dots medallion

Grab the free printables and follow along with the steps below.


DIY Printable Wedding Medallions



  • Printable templates
  • Printer
  • 8.5 x 11 card stock, in color of your choice
  • 2” round punch (as seen here)
  • Scissors
  • 3/8” Glitter Ribbon (as seen here) – or use ribbon of your choice!


Step 1: Download and Print


Pick a medallion style and download the template. Open the file in MS Word and enter your text. The fonts I used are listed below and can all be downloaded for free by following the links, or use your favorite font.

Print the file on white or colored card stock.


Step 2: Cut


Each print out yields 12 2” medallions. Cut the medallions lengthways down the paper. Each strip will contain four circles.

Step 3: Punch


Punch out each circle using a 2” circle punch. Flip the punch upside down while punching to make lining up the circles easier.

This step can also be done with scissors, but trust me, the circle punch will be your new best friend if your wedding guest list is 200+ long!

Step 4: Embellish


The DIY Printable Wedding Medallions are now ready for embellishing in a way unique to your wedding. I used double sided tape to attach mine to some gold glitter ribbon around an invitation, but the possibilities are endless. You could create dreamy watercolor paper and then print the medallions (check Pinterest for tons of DIY watercolor tips and inspiration). You could embellish with paint pens or stick on decals. Add a bow, punch a hole and hang them with a cute photo booth picture of the two of you. I really could go on and on. And don’t just think invitations. The medallions can be used on napkin rings, favors, candles, and more.

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