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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but a lot has happened in the past month. For example, I got married. That was fun. :) Can’t wait to share my wedding photos with you all!
It was so beautiful and magical and winter-ful and I’m sad that it went by so quickly. But that’s for another post.

For now I’d like to review an amazing home decor website called Luna Bazaar!
Luna Bazaar specializes in wedding decor, party decor, basically if you need an extra special and beautiful touch for an event, they have it. I was able to choose a couple of pieces to review and use for my Christmas wedding, but like I’ve said in my previous posts I have a hard time splurging on things unless they’re investment pieces. So that means these pieces have to be able to be used in my future home for centerpieces or decorations some time in the future. They need to multitask.

And with that in mind, I chose these beauties!DSC_1749DSC_1747

I chose 8 Mercury Glass Bauble Place Card Holders (bell design), a few Gold Mercury Glass Floating Candle Holders (silver accented), and 3 Gold Mercury Glass Small Globe Vases. Not all are shown, but I’m holding one of the globes so you can relate the size to the size of my hand.

So here’s the review!

My first impressions of the products were that they were very well wrapped and packaged. Always nice to know when you order glass online so I was happy. Also the pieces were so beautiful in real life! The pictures online do not do them justice. Mercury is super trending in all the wedding magazines so I knew these pieces would add a touch of glam to my decor. They sparkle in candle light and glow beautifully.

The cup-looking pieces are supposed to be floating candle holders but when I put them to the test they sunk with the candle placed inside. I was a little disappointed but my guess is that the tea light candle I was using may have been too heavy. Whatever the case, they floated without the candle inside and look so pretty just sitting on the table alone! I ended up using them to decorate my guestbook table.

As far as my personal opinion about the entire Luna Bazaar experience I only have two negatives. One being the floating candle thing, and two that the prices for some of the bigger pieces are a little higher than I would like, especially being a bride on a budget. BUT since these pieces are useful to decorate for other occasions that you are sure to have, don’t let the prices scare you – just think what other parties they would be great for! (and trust me, you’ll use them again and again. I already use the vases as little candle and jewelry holders.)

Luna Bazaar has so many other pieces that will add so much to your wedding no matter what season you have your wedding in. They have pieces for every style. I definitely recommend checking them out. Oh, and keep an eye out for the promotions they occasionally have free shipping, special deals, and things like that.

Can’t wait to share my wedding photos with you soon! Keep an eye out for the Luna Bazaar pieces in my photos!

Oh, and while I’m sharing, Luna Bazaar often runs great deals and promos. Here’s a few that are going on right now!


  • Save 7% off all Tissue Paper Pom Poms at Luna Bazaar! Enter code POMPOM7 at checkout.
  • Save 10% off Premium Paper Lanterns at Luna Bazaar! Enter code PREMIUM10 at checkout.
  • Receive FREE shipping on orders of $99+ at Luna Bazaar! Enter code FREESHIP99 at checkout. (Expires 2/28/14)
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I was given some pieces of my choosing from Luna Bazaar for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product given.

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DIY Wedding Tip: Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper Thu, 19 Dec 2013 16:30:44 +0000  


Just a quick tip for you wedding DIY-ers: When doing crafts like banners, place cards, table numbers, etc. buying fancy scrapbook paper can secretly cost you more than buying the already made decoration! If you need a way to add a little something more without breaking the bank, invest in stamps that match your theme and make your own scrapbook paper.

It seems silly, but a few snowflake stamps added a lot to my DIY banners and dessert table decorations. And I think the stamps only cost me a dollar each. Try out different color combinations and see what blends well together. They even have metallic inks if you like that kind of look. Here’s a sneak peak of my cake table banner.


My wedding day is coming up soon! I’m gathering the final decorations and wrapping up any last minute details.

Any quick DIY or money-saving tips for this very-soon-to-be bride?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Christmas Wedding Wreath DIY Thu, 12 Dec 2013 17:30:24 +0000 Next on the list of DIY’s for the wedding was something for our sweetheart table. I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, and I thought it would be a great way to add a personal touch to our seat backs. I designed the wreath so that it would connect to the backs of our chairs by two ribbons. The “Myers” accent was made the same way as my Christmas stocking accents. (In case you haven’t seen the post, check it out here! It’s really easy.)


Heart Wreath shape: $4 with a coupon at Joann’s Fabrics
Assorted sprigs and decorations that match your theme: I used 5 cranberry sprigs and a white cranberry branch, total $5
Ribbon: $2.50
Hot glue gun

I’m not going to lie, I have never made a wreath before. So if there were specific ways that I was supposed to wrap the ribbon and cranberries around the heart form then I’m pretty sure I did it wrong. But hey, it stayed put in the end and didn’t turn out too bad. :) I just secured the cranberries with glue and covered the wire with ribbon. You could still see the gaps when I finished, so I covered them with pieces of the white berries. Its pretty self explanatory and very easy. The finished wreath was so cute and festive! I can’t wait to see it on the back of our chairs. Also when we get our first home, I want to put it on our door or mantle. 

DSC_1587 DSC_1588 DSC_1590 DSC_1591 DSC_1593 DSC_1598

Obviously this could be recreated in your choice of color scheme by using fake flowers or different colored ribbon!

What kind of personal touches did  you add to your wedding? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Glam Christmas Stocking Accent: Stocking Card Holder Thu, 05 Dec 2013 15:00:00 +0000 DSC_1586Since I have just about a month until my wedding, I have been crafting for hours and hours this week. And since about 80% of my wedding is DIY I needed to kick it into full gear! One project I am especially proud of is my alternative card box.
I am all about investing money. So if I can’t use it later on in life, I am hesitant to buy it.
So when I passed by these beautiful velvet stockings in Pottery Barn, I had to have them for my future home. Dan and I requested monetary gifts on our website since we’ll be moving when he gets back from his deployment, so I had to prepare for a flood of cards. And I knew that they would make the perfect card holder! They just needed to me to make them more fabulous, so I made them these glitter accents! 

Here’s how I added glam to my stockings:


  • The cut out (printable) of the accent you want
  • glitter ($3.99)
  • ribbon ($2.99)
  • Mod Podge (had some hiding in my closet from previous crafts but I think a small bottle is around $5)
  • brushes ( I had old paint brushed lying around)
  • hot glue gun 



1. Print out the template. I used a free printable I found on Pinterest and glued them onto card stock with Mod Podge to make them them heavier then just paper. Or you could even print out a cursive font on Word! Then cut it out. If you find a light wooden cutout in Michael’s, even better! You can pretty much make anything beautiful with glitter. :)

2. Mod Podge the glitter over the cutout. I placed the cutout inside a shoe box top to catch the glitter. Also, I recommend two layers of glitter, at least on the front, so that none of the paper shows through. 

3. Hot glue the ribbon. Pretty self explanatory. I made a little bow to go on the Mrs. since I love bows. As you can see in the picture, the back of the Mrs. isn’t very beautiful but I figured no one will see it and I didn’t want too much glitter to get on the stocking.

And you’re done! Super easy. Just be prepared to be covered in glitter when you’re done. :)
If you want to be extra safe, you can paint on another layer of Mod Podge to secure the glitter, just be sure you have the gloss or lustre Mod Podge. Total cost of the project was about $7  which wasn’t bad since I plan to use the supplies and glitter over and over again in my other wedding projects. You could use this DIY for chair back accents, or banners for tables, or table numbers!
It’s so easy you have to try it. 

Look forward to my other projects! I have a lot of fun stuff to show you guys in the next few weeks! 

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DIY Christmas Wedding Boutonnieres : Affordable, Easy,+ Sparkly Thu, 21 Nov 2013 13:00:52 +0000 DSC_1575 copy


Trying to find fresh flowers around Christmas can be a challenge. Also I have a hard time spending $50 on a boutonniere that will die the next day. So instead of fighting it, I embraced the festive atmosphere and decided to make my boutonnieres Christmas themed! Not only was it much cheaper, but it adds that bit of sparkle that fresh flowers can’t match. 

I found the branches of Christmas decor at Michael’s for 40% off. So I grabbed little cranberry sprigs and the sparkly accents a that are usually used for wreaths then stopped by the ribbon section. Total cost of my supplies was less than $20.00 and that
made my day.

Another great thing about artificial boutonnieres is they’re much more forgiving that fresh flowers. I made mine weeks in advance and they didn’t die. I can arrange them with out having to be super gentle. Also I had so many options to choose from in Michael’s!

This was my basic set up and list of supplies: 

DSC_1576 copy

My boutonnieres had a simple pattern I followed. After I picked sprigs and twigs that I though would go well together I just arranged them so that they laid flat. The tall pieces went in the back and the shorter leaves were are the base to give the boutonniere more balance. I tried to keep everything symmetrical.

Tying them together was easy since I just wrapped wire around each twig and twisted them around the cranberry sprig. If it was ugly, I just rearranged it until it made me happy. Then a quick wrap with ribbon hid all of my seams and ugly wires. 


This is my final product! Yay!

I made a total of five boutonnieres with leftover to make more for my mom, mother-in-law, and groom’s sister later on. They’re lighter than fresh flowers so I think they’ll pin well. My groom’s was a little different, it has glitter cranberries and a small airplane charm since he’s in the Air Force and we were long distance.

Overall I’m glad that I got to embrace my Christmas wedding and have the little details sparkle. And not having to spend a million dollars on fresh flowers saved me so much money!  I would definitely recommend being more creative with your boutonnieres. You can add so many personal touches that flowers can’t do.  I plan on using mine later on in life as Christmas tree decorations
in my house.

Even if you’re not having a Christmas wedding, be creative! It makes your wedding so much more special when you DIY little touches. 



What do you think of my DIY project?

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Where to shop for Wedding Sparklers Thu, 07 Nov 2013 14:00:29 +0000
wedding sparklers display idea

I have been slowly but surely gathering all of my supplies for my wedding, but since it’s less than two months away I realized that I should be gathering things sooner instead of later!

One of the biggest traps that anyone planning anything in a short amount of time could fall into is sacrificing more money to get things done quicker. I’ve begun ordering all of the things that I’ll need to have shipped first, since they’ll take the longest to get here. Also I made a calender with deadlines for when to buy things according to when I’ll have the money to buy them. Organization is the key! Because if I wasn’t organizing my time or money, then I would end up going way over budget just to get things done.  My groom wouldn’t be very happy about that.

I ended up finding the best deal on wedding sparklers from Superior Celebrations, but also be sure to check out BSB sponsor, VIP Sparklers!

I definitely recommend checking this site out. I’m only having about 60 people at my wedding and I got 72 sparklers for less than $30! Yay! Plus they have free shipping. Most websites prices will double once you add shipping so be careful!

Some tips on buying sparklers from my photographer friend (who’s done beautiful sparkler shots before.):

1. Make sure they’re made of metal. Wood will burn and cause smoke and ashes.
2. Plan on multiple sparklers per person. Depending on the size of your wedding, it may take a few minutes to light all of the sparklers. Give them extra just in case.
3. Use a lighter to light your sparklers. Have guests share lighters or have them bring their own. Sometimes matches just wont do the job since they have such a short life span.


I love how simple it is to display sparklers, adding an extra sweet detail — just grab a glass vase and tie a ribbon around it. Make a simple little sign to take to the front like this one below that says “Send us off in style. Sparks Fly at 10 PM” — so cute, right?

Wedding Sparklers -- so easy to display. Love the sign: "Send us off in style. Sparks fly at 10:00 PM" // photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

Are you planning to use sparklers for your reception exit?

Happy bargain hunting!


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Want to Save Money on Invitations? Thu, 24 Oct 2013 13:00:06 +0000  


Let’s be real. Wedding Invitations can be expensive. 

You have to get the right design, color, and feel of the invitations… and then you have to get the matching enclosure cards and RSVP’s. Don’t forget the fancy envelopes. I estimated the total cost for my invitations if I used all of the matching pieces, and it was way over my $100 budget. But I still wanted something pretty! 

So my solution? The wedding website!

If you can use Facebook, then you can create your own website. Its super easy and there’s lots of resources:…just to give a few. Google search is a beautiful thing. 

Now some sites do charge you. The one I used for our website fortunately will not, since I’ll be using it for less than a year and I waited until they had a promotion. But to me it was either spend $150 dollars on paper invites or $25-$30 on a website. I’m a fan of a beautiful paper invitation, but I’m also on a budget. So a website was a nice alternative. Plus I don’t have to pay for postage to have my guest send RSVP’s back since they’ll do it online!

I did have a paper invitation though. I was a Graphic Design minor in college so that kind of helped. I designed my invitations and then printed them on Total cost of 70 invitations including envelopes? $46. Yay! Keep an eye out for deals via email! (They actually have a great deal right now where you can get 25% off your first order, plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.) I know not everyone can design their own invitations, but even just buying invites without enclosure cards saves money. On the invites I instructed my guests to visit our website for information on our RSVP’s, gift registry, directions, and all that good stuff. It also gives the option to post a photo album of Dan and I! There’s even a blog section so they can follow me as I plan out the wedding. 


WebsiteHere’s our homepage. I used and it’s really easy to add pictures and edit. I’m not saying the website is for everyone since it’s not as traditional, but it definitely saved me a ton. So if you’re looking to save a little bit on your invitations, why not try a wedding website?


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How to Handle a Rush Wedding: When life gives you lemons… Thu, 10 Oct 2013 14:05:45 +0000  


Hi everyone!
My name is Brittney and I’m engaged to Dan, who is my hero in every way possible. I’m one of the new bride bloggers for the Budget Savvy Bride and I think my engagement/wedding would help other brides since I’m not the first bride to have life throw them a curve ball. 

Dan and I were engaged in the middle of August 2013 and we originally planned to have our wedding in August 2014, which would give me a whole year to plan! But my fiancé is part of the Air Force Reserve and is scheduled to be deployed at the end of January. Not too big of a deal since we’ve known about this for a while, but we recently found out (recently means about two and a half weeks ago) that his return date isn’t guaranteed. So we were given two options: move our wedding date to Fall 2014 and hope that he’s home, or have it this winter. We weighed all the options and played out every scenario but because of how our lives are playing out, having the wedding this December ended up being our best choice. So now I get to plan my wedding in three and a half months… pure insanity, right?

Probably. But hey, when life gives you lemons you gotta make it work

My Tips for Planning a Rush Wedding:

1. Set your budget with your timeline in mind. 
Since my date was moved up several months in advance, I didn’t have the time to save the money I was originally planning to set aside. Realizing that your budget may change will help you prepare for the obstacles ahead. For example, originally my dress budget was  whatever I could save for in the year. Now it’s $1,200 including alterations. 

2. Start a new Pinterest board. 
If you’re like me,  you were already pinning ideas to your board or at least you were planning out your dream wedding. Now that your date has changed, you should start from scratch. Why? Well, your original board probably was made with your old budget and date in mind. Things are different now so start fresh! If your theme fits all seasons then awesome! Choose the ideas that fit your timeline and budget best. Plus having that old board may remind you of the old dream, and you know what they say, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

3. Find a venue and a dress ASAP. 
The venue and the dress are the two main things that you want to check off the list first since they can take the most time to prepare. Traditional venues tend to book quickly so you may have to think outside the box. If the weather is warm, choose a park or garden. It’s affordable and beautiful. If the weather is cold, think about renting a cabin or even choosing a restaurant. Fortunately I had already talked to a venue, but for a summer wedding next year. My venue was flexible and has a beautiful indoor reception area that can be used for a ceremony as well. And they had my date available! Yay! 

Do research to find deals and specials in your area. In my area there is a boutique that advertises that they carry most of their dresses in stock, meaning you don’t have to order your dress and wait five months. 

4. Accept it for what it is, and choose to have a great attitude about it. :)
Your situation may have not been ideal or maybe you chose to have it in less than four months, but either way you must accept that this may limit you when planning your wedding. For example, your dream venue could be booked already, most wedding dresses need at least four months notice unless you buy off the rack, your colors might be out of season and not stocked in stores, etc. 

So preempt the obstacles and look at things differently! Now that my wedding date is moved I knew I had to look at things with a positive light. I couldn’t afford my original dress, but my new dress is the perfect for a winter. Not many of my out-of-town guests can come since my date is so close to Christmas, but smaller weddings are easier on the wallet and more intimate. I may only have three months to plan a whole wedding, but now I don’t have to wait as long to marry the man of my dreams and I can save money for our house while he’s away!


These are just a few tips that I wish I knew when my wedding date changed. Ultimately, Your wedding will be amazing as long as you two are in love- so don’t stress so much that you can’t enjoy the process! And remember that having cream napkins instead of ivory won’t stop you two from being married. ;)


 photography by: Photography by Jordana

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