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Almost as soon as I got engaged I knew I was opting out of wedding cake and opening my arms to the new trend of wedding cupcakes. I mean come on, cupcakes! What is better than a cupcake!

Luckily for me, my fiance was on board and my brother’s baker girlfriend offered to whip them up as our wedding present! During a consultation, my brother’s girlfriend convinced me that while cupcakes were indeed super cool, it might also be nice to have an additional small cake to ceremoniously cut into. With a cake to now think about, I knew I wanted a unique cake topper that wasn’t just the generic bride and groom perched atop the sweets.

I started perusing Etsy for toppers and found that they were very very adorable but….



…they proved to be more expensive than I was ready to dish out [$50-$150!]. After some investigation I once again deemed that perhaps this project would fall in the realm of my crafting abilities. I ran out to my local craft store and grabbed:

Doll heads and
Doll/clothes pins


The doll heads had holes in them that appeared to fit the tops of the pins, so we were in business! I took my supplies to my mom’s house because my craft container is a sad runner up to the craft basement my mom has spent years contributing to. I raided my younger sister’s discarded barbie wardrobes and my mom’s remnant fabric pile to create some semblance of wedding day attire for my pin toppers. I whipped out the glue gun, some embroidery thread, a sequin here and there, and Ken’s old top hat and before I knew it, voila! With the help of my mom’s steady face-drawing hand, I had made my very own cake toppers!


Bodies: clothes pins

Heads: wooden doll heads

Dress: the skirt of a barbie bridal dress cut and glue gunned

Hair: embroidery thread glue gunned into an updo

Faces: drawn on with pen

Groom attire: Scraps of fabric all glued on

Top hat: Ken’s

Not really a step-by-step, but I kind of just winged it and put them together. There was a lot of trial and error and possible mistakes complete with a lot of nail biting suspense.

Yes, they have no arms. I’m pretending I did this to add charm and not because I had absolutely no inspiration for how to make arms possible.

Is anyone else brave enough to endure the stress of creating your own cake toppers?

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  • Jenna

    oh my goodness! those are adorable!! we're actually ditching cake toppers and just putting flowers on top of ours :)

  • @katielynncross

    Ooooh girl, those are CUTE! (:

  • taylor

    i love them! i made our cake topper with wooden "people" too!