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Hello my Budget-Savvy lovelies! I apologize for the delayed wedding recap. My husband and I were tanning ourselves silly on our honeymoon cruise for the past two weeks. It was heaven.

But now I am back to the real world, as a very married lady. It’s still slightly surreal. I’m getting used to a hyphenated last name and I’ll be tackling the legal process once we receive the abstract of marriage. Oh the fun things we have to look forward to…

Looking back on our wedding, I have to say it went better than I could have imagined. A wedding in February in Ohio is always a risk, but we lucked into sunny skies and mid-forty temperatures. It doesn’t get much better than that!! And my photographer gave us the best one month anniversary present: our photographs. Enjoy!



Photos courtesy of Jessica Miller Photography

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  • Evan at MyDeejay

    There are so many beautiful colors in this wedding! Makes for a nice and fun time to be had by all!

  • Marie Mitchell

    It was all beautiful..and you were radiant!

  • @katielynncross

    All of those details are gorgeous!! :)

  • Anne

    What pretty colors! Looks like a wonderful day!
    fellow guest blogger, Anne

  • Amy L

    Best wedding ever!

  • Leah

    Becky, I think we are soul sisters haha. Your flowers look just like what I talked to with my florist this week and the dress you wore is the last dress I tried one before I found mine, and I have red shoes also! So funny how we are both Columbus girls too! You have great taste 😉 In all seriousness, GORGEOUS!

    fellow guest blogger,

    • Becky

      Leah, we need to get together, for real! EMAIL ME! buckeyegirl at

  • Anna Auva

    I love the bride's shoes.Looks like everybody's having a great time. The bridesmaid's dresses are fabulous.Love the photos too!

  • Sri

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