The Budget Savvy Bride » Blooms on a Budget helping brides create beautiful weddings without breaking the bank Sat, 28 Mar 2015 20:01:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 DIY Baby’s Breath Bouquet + Boutonniere Mon, 02 Feb 2015 13:00:00 +0000 Hello lovelies! Today I’m back with a new DIY project post for you, featuring a super simple DIY wedding flower solution for budget savvy brides!

We all know that baby’s breath is *super* affordable as well as super chic. This previously considered “filler” flower has taken center stage in many a stunning wedding, and we’re thrilled to show you how you can create a simple baby’s breath bouquet all by yourself! Just follow the steps below to see how to create your own baby’s breath bouquet and boutonniere for your wedding day:


diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0001


NOTE: because the bouquet flowers cost less than $10 total, we decided to “splurge” on really pretty ribbon. We bought velvet and a deep purple hand dyed silk. The velvet about about $3/yd, and silk about $5/yd.
– 1″ thick velvet ribbon
– 1/4″ thin velvet (matching color)
– 1″ thick hand-dyed silk purple ribbon(We had the aqua spool of grosgrain ribbon simply as another “just in case” option!)


diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0002

1. Separate the stems so they’re easier to work with, putting one aside for the boutonniere.

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0003

2. Cut off any stray branch-off blossoms. This will help make the crown of your bouquet look more circular and may make it easier to manage rearranging the shape.

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0004

3. Arrange the stems so you get a round “crown” at the top of the bunch of your stems. This may take a bit of rearranging and working and turning the stems. It’s worth it! Put on some good music and just keep working with it until you get a shape you’re happy with.

4. Rip about 3″ of floral tape off the roll. Use this as your initial “go-around” the bunch of stems, about 3-4″ from the bottom of the lowest baby’s breath bunching on the top of the steams. You will likely need an extra set of hands to help you hold the bunch tight as you wrap the first bit of tape.

TIP: floral tape gets sticky when you stretch it! So stretch it a little bit to get it to adhere to the stems.


diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0005

5. Once you have a good anchor around the stems, take the roll of tape and start to roll around the stems with one hand, as you hold the stems together with the other. Cover about 4-5″ of the stem with tape. This may be a little tricky so ask your fiancé or a friend to help! Again, remember to stretch the tape a little as you wrap it around the bouquet stems to activate its stickiness.

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0006

6. Measure down from the end of the tape about 4-5″ more and cut the stems to even lengths for a cleaner look.

Base layer of ribbon:

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0007

8. Take your base ribbon (we chose a purple velvet) and affix to the top of the bouquet stems with a straight pin.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0008

9. Roll around the bouquet stems overlapping the ribbon slightly with each time around (about 3mm.)



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0009

10. Wrap until a little past the end of the tape (you don’t want the tape to show) and cut the ribbon an inch past the measured amount.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0010

11. Tuck the cut piece of ribbon under itself (so no fraying edge shows!) and push 2 pins up towards the top of the bouquet crown to secure the ribbon end.



Top layer of ribbon:

second layer of ribbon to create a top layer contrasting colored, “corseted ribbon” layer.

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0011

12. Lay the bouquet on a table and tuck the contrasting ribbon (we used silk ribbon) underneath the stems and hold up “to the sky” making sure the two ends are even.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0012

13. Criss-cross the ribbons over each other. If the ribbon on the left is “A” and the one on the right is “B”, twist them so A is back on the left and B on the right again, then wrap around the back of the stems and come back up to the front.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0013

TIP: make sure you tighten the criss-cross “corseted” part.

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0014

15. Repeat step 14 all the way up to the top of the bouquet.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0015

16. Knot the ribbon at the top and tie a bow to finish it off!



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0016

17. Cut the ends of the ribbon even.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0017

18. Optional but recommended: we stuck a straight pin in at the top too. It’s decorative and ensures the bow won’t unwrap itself!



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0027

Voila! You have a lovely baby’s breath bouquet! Now on to the matching boutonniere:



1. Cut some “mini” blossoms from the bunch first set aside so the bare green stems are about 3″ in length.

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0020

2. For extra width in the stems (which is important for ribbon wrapping and so there’s something substantial to push the pin through when affixing the boutonniere to the groom’s lapel) we simply cut extra bare green stems and added them to the bundle of mini blossom stems.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0021

3. Because the boutonniere is small and more manageable to wrap floral tap around, take a 5-6″ piece of floral tape and wrap around the stem of the boutonniere, then rip off any excess tape.


TIP: it may be easier to stretch and hold the tape in one place
as you twirl the bunch of short stems so the tape wraps around it. 


diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0022

4. Anchor the top of the thinner velvet ribbon to the top of the boutonniere with a straight pin.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0023

5. Wrap the ribbon around the boutonniere stems, only overlapping a few millimeters with each wrap.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0024

6. Cut the excess ribbon, leaving about 1/4″ extra to tuck underneath itself, and then secure the end of the ribbon with a straight pin.



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0025

7. Put 2 pins on the back of the boutonniere. You don’t want to forget to include them, as it’s what is used to pin the boutonniere to the label of the groom’s suit.


8. Optional: we used some of our excess silk ribbon to simply adorn our boutonniere to match the bridal bouquet!



diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0026

Simple, huh? That’s what we like in a DIY project here at The Budget Savvy Bride. In all it took us less than an hour to make both of these pieces so it’s something that would be totally doable the day before or even morning of your wedding if you had some helpers. :)

diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0019 diy babys breath bouquet - photos by mikkel paige_0018

Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial!



Special thanks to Mikkel Paige Photography for the photos and text used in this post.

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Budget Savvy Flowers Tue, 27 Jan 2015 13:00:00 +0000 Does anyone else out there love flowers but hate the cost of paying a florist to do them?! As soon as I realized how expensive professionally-done flowers can add up to be, I started looking for alternatives, and I found a couple of great options for more affordable wedding flowers! I’ve been to weddings with different types of flowers (ie: real and not) and there are so many different options out there for everyone’s unique styles, taste, and budget!

There are several fake flower options that can be just as beautiful as real ones. You can find someone to make you a bouquet on a site like Etsy, or you can choose to do it yourself! A good friend of mine got married last summer, and chose to do fake flowers. She enjoyed being able to arrange the bouquets ahead of time and saved lots of money by buying her flowers from craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Plus, the bouquets photographed well, and the bridesmaids and bride got a keepsake out of it!


There are also websites where you can order silk flowers that you can arrange yourself, or that you can buy as a bouquet! I found a website where you can get the below bouquet of silk flowers for just $15!

Silk Wedding flowers in Open Rose Bouquet

If you’re a more crafty bride looking for a challenge, paper flowers may be the right choice for you! Again, there are sites where you can buy bouquets of beautiful paper flowers or you can choose to DIY!


All of the above are excellent options for a bride who wishes to preserve her bouquet. A wedding bouquet can be a special way to commemorate the day, and another way to have a bouquet that doesn’t fade in mere weeks is by getting wooden bouquets. They are gorgeous and I love how realistic the flowers look! This is a great option for a bride who wants to preserve her bouquet and isn’t under quite as much of a budget constraint. I found the below bouquets for about $50 apiece, and they’re really beautiful.


For those of you who want real flowers, there are several sites where you can purchase flowers in bulk. The best one I found is Blooms By The Box, and the website includes lots of helpful information geared toward helping brides create beautiful arrangements for their wedding day! This is another great option for the DIY bride, but be sure to do your research as real flowers take more work. A great feature of Blooms by the Box is that they have flower packs available to buy in bulk so that you don’t have to wonder if one flower will go well with another, they’ve done the work for you!


I’m still working on deciding what I want for my wedding day flowers. I may have a bouquet-creating party with silk flowers so that each bridesmaid can create her own and make a fun, low-key activity of it! But I do want real flowers for tables at the reception, so I’ll probably order real flowers in bulk. It’s amazing how many options are out there!



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Wedding Flower Alternatives Mon, 03 Nov 2014 17:00:25 +0000 Let’s face it… fresh flowers can be expensive. We recently talked about the fact that cutting down on your fresh flower budget can really save you a chunk of money when it comes to your wedding. Finding other wedding flower alternatives is a key way to save money in this area!

So, we decided to do a roundup of the many other options there are for wedding decor to use instead of fresh blooms. This list of wedding flower alternatives is sure to inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding bouquet or decor. I hope you’ll consider one of these unique flower alternatives for your wedding!


Wedding Flower Alternatives

View More:

photo by Sherry Sutton Photography

vegetable wedding bouquet


photo by Ann Althouse on Flickr

Veggies. Who knew they were pretty in addition to being delicious? Think leafy greens like kale- there are even some varieties that look like roses! Vegetables can make a great bouquet for an eco-friendly bride- I’ve even seen items like artichokes added into the mix! Maybe you could just eat it afterwards – how’s that for not being wasteful?

babys breath wedding centerpiece mikkel paige photography

Baby’s Breath

photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

Okay, so technically babys breath is a type of flower, but these “fillers” are cheap and look super chic when used en masse. Versatile and perfect for anything from bouquets, centerpieces, hanging decor, etc. Baby’s breath are really one of my favorites for weddings, so it’s awesome that it’s so inexpensive.

photo by The Big Affair

photo by The Big Affair

 photo from The Budget Savvy Bride

Why not create your own flowers out of tissue paper? These blooms are poofy and large and can create a big impact for a tiny price tag! Tissue paper flowers make great aisle decor, altar decor, centerpieces or even bouquets! I even made Tissue Paper Pomanders for my wedding back in the day :)

photo by The Burks

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Turn Your Wedding Flowers into Favors Mon, 29 Sep 2014 12:00:49 +0000 Erganic Design_Floral Favors
When designing your wedding flowers’ centerpiece arrangements, the main focus is — of course — how they look. However, we are finding that more and more brides are considering what happens to the flowers after the wedding, thanks to a shift towards eco-friendliness and being less wasteful. Many budget brides are opting to use fresh flowers sparingly since they can be costly and only last for one day – but there are lots of great ways to repurpose your wedding flowers. Here are a few (budget savvy) ideas that allow your centerpiece flowers to also act as wedding favors that your guests can take home with them after the reception!

Erganic Design 3

1) Have a flower wrapping station

Make your flower favors an interactive activity! Create a station by setting up a table with tissue paper and twine, and allow your guests to wrap their flowers up at the end of the night to bring them home. Go the extra mile and provide water picks or ribbons or anything else to make them feel extra special. Who doesn’t love bringing home fresh flowers?


Erganic Design_Floral Mercury Jars

2) Group several small arrangements together to create a larger centerpiece.

When you design your centerpieces, consider a grouping of small arrangements to create an overall larger effect. Having centerpieces that include several small vases will allow multiple guests from each table to take flowers for themselves at the end of the night! This is a fairly easy thing to do – and works especially well if your reception setup is at long rectangular tables with small vases running all the way down the center!

 Erganic Design_Floral Jars

3) Use potted flowers as centerpieces.

Another option for wedding flower favors is to use potted plants! Whether small or large, pre-potted plants make it so easy for your guests to each take a plant home at the end of the night. I personally love single potted succulents as centerpieces – they’re so chic and very trendy right now- and they’re also a low maintenance plant so even better to serve as a gift for your guests!


Erganic Design_Mason Jars

4) Use a vessel that can be reused after the flowers wilt.

Choosing a cute container for your flowers makes it even better to use as a favor. A few ideas include teacups, tea pots, pottery, simple bud vases, etc. Not only will your guests enjoy the flowers for a period of time but they can find other uses for the vessel for years to come! I particularly love the top photo that uses simple bud vases with single blooms- a chic and budget savvy idea that is perfect for repurposing as favors!

Erganic Design 2


We just love how these solutions can let your flowers extend their life, as well as eliminate the need for budgeting for additional wedding favors. We hope that these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box for your wedding centerpieces and favors.


What do you think? Would you give wedding flower favors a try for your own wedding?



This post was written by: Sojourner Auguste, Founder of Erganic Design





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Having fun with flowers – consider all your options Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:30:25 +0000 For me, flowers were a part of the wedding budget that I couldn’t wrap my mind around. Luckily we had a family friend who offered to do all the arrangements for our wedding but initially I was torn about having flowers at all. Having something that is such a big expense, the only lasts a few days didn’t seem like a practical choice.

That said, we did decide to do flowers and saved a bundle by happening to have someone who had the connections and ability to stretch our flower budget enough to provide blooms for all 16 tables, 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsman, parents and other people of honor.

Before we decided to go that route I did some digging to see what other options we had.

Paper Flowers


Source: Photographers Skeen 

My maid of honor used comic books to craft all the boutonnieres for her New Orleans Wedding. They were able to put these all together months before the wedding and showcase her husbands style and personality.

Silk Flowers

If you want the look of real flowers there are dozens of beautiful silk or plastic alternatives that you can arrange months in advance. Save on crafts is one of my favorite websites that offers beautiful floral blooms that will never fade.

In Season Bouquets & Blooms

Visiting your local garden store is a great way to find inspiration that might be more cost-effective then trucking in orchids from Mexico in November. They can let you know what plants are in season and locally available at their shop. They may even be able to help order in additional plants to make sure that you have everything you need. Using live plants give you something that you can later plant in your home garden and wont require any complicated arrangements.


Source: Aylee Bits

DIY Arrangements

If you have the help from family and friends completing your dream arrangements using flowers ordered wholesale is completely possible. There are dozens of online shops to order from and tutorials that can help get you started. Deciding to completely DIY your own flowers keep in mind the following tips.

  • Make sure you create a trial bouquet / arrangements several months before placing the final order so you know if theres anything else you need to get.
  • Make sure you have enough refrigerator space to keep everything cool.
  • Order the flowers to arrive 4-5 days before your wedding date.
  • Enlist family or friends to actually set the arrangements on tables the day of. The last thing you want to worry about is setting up tables when you are trying to get ready.



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DIY Wildflower Bouquet Tutorial Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:30:40 +0000  


The wildflower trend really lends itself to DIY’ers! The loose, uneven wildflower shape makes the look pretty easy to arrange. Don’t force a perfected shape and voila! The secret here though, is the wholesale wildflower pack from There is an entire line of wildflower packs available in all different colors that make it super simple for you to achieve that outdoorsy, natural, field to bouquet look.

Step by step tutorial for a DIY wildflower bouquet.





Ordering wholesale flowers, receive your fresh cut flower 2 days before the wedding. On the day of arrival hydrate the flowers and prepare them for arrangements. The day before the wedding make bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements. Make sure you make the arrangements at the location or have a plan for transportation to the venue.

First, to start arranging, select 2-5 flowers to make the center of the bouquet. Use the floral stem wrap to secure the stems together. Stem wrap is a special floral tape that sticks to itself when pulled tight, making it very easy to secure stems, just simply pull tight and wrap around the stems. Add just a couple flowers at a time to build on the center you started, once again, securing the new additions with floral tape.







Once you are happy with the shape and size it’s time to use your final layer of stem wrap. Then cut all the flower stems to the same length.




Grab your washi tap (so many different fun kinds out there), ribbon, or lace and start to wrap it around all the stems of the bouquet. You need to be careful with certain patterns of tape as some can be opaque. You will either need to wrap the tape around in multiple layers or choose a dark pattern.





Now your bouquet is ready to hit the aisle. Make smaller versions for bridesmaids and put the remainder of flowers in bottle vases or mason jars to complete your wildflower look. What other ideas do you have for this combination of wholesale flowers?




All photos and tutorial are featured courtesy of Blooms By The Box, one of our fabulous sponsors!

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Inexpensive Alternative to Fresh Flowers Mon, 14 Jul 2014 15:00:47 +0000 Ever since I sat down and sketched out my preliminary budget, I knew that I did not want to spend a lot on flowers. They’re beautiful for the day, but, inevitably, they’ll wither and die. If you want your bouquet to last, there is the added cost of preservation.

Due to my inexperience with flowers, I knew that I did not want to DIY my bouquet. I’ve tried arranging flowers before and it is not my forte. I researched many vendors in my area, but all of them were way out of my price range. One florist said she would only accept minimum orders of $1200!

But, after some savvy researching and a luck Pinterest find, I stumbled upon dried bouquets. Basically, it’s an Inexpensive Alternative to Fresh Flowers for weddings! They are also long-lasting and go great with a rustic theme. Plus, you’ll save on getting them preserved. If you keep them out of the sun and take the proper care, they should last forever. I found a bunch of great sellers on Etsy or if you wanted to DIY your own, sells a variety of dried flowers. I plan on buying bundles of dried wheat, lavender, and baby’s breath for my centerpieces.

I’m planning on getting this bouquet with matching boutonnieres and a bridesmaid bouquet. This is from Etsy seller paulajeansgarden. She has a great variety of bouquets that are gorgeous. For this style below, she quoted me $16.25 for the bridesmaid bouquets, $7.25 for the boutonnieres, and $12 for shipping. I only need two of each so that puts me at roughly $60!


Other great shops are Knot2ShabbyDesigns, NHWoodscreations, and FlowerDecoupage.

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Blooms by the Box Review! Mon, 07 Jul 2014 15:30:51 +0000 Hello all!  It’s good to be back here and blogging as a MARRIED WOMAN!  Mr. M and I were married on May 25 and it was glorious.  I’m looking forward to sharing a recap very soon.

Before sharing photos from the big day, I’m excited to share some of the details about my wedding flowers.  If you remember from my post on wedding flowers, I mentioned that I would be using wholesale flowers for my reception.  I was pleased to partner with Blooms by the Box,* who helped me explore this budget savvy way of incorporating real flowers into your wedding.

For my wedding, I ordered:

We had the flowers arrive on Friday morning (my wedding was on Sunday) and my mom and I immediately cut the stems and placed them in water, per directions provided by Blooms by the Box.  On Saturday morning, my mom, aunt, maid of honor and I DIYed away.  My aunt is a flower genius, so she led the charge with the flowers.

The beautiful roses!

We wired the roses using floral wire to keep the roses from falling as they opened up. Note: This was my aunt’s suggestion and something we hadn’t thought of doing until Saturday morning.  Fortunately, my mom had a stash of floral wire that we used.


We started the centerpieces, by filling the (thrifted) vases with a few sprigs of Baby’s Breath and some Leather Leaf Fern.


We added 2-5 roses (depending on the vase size) and finished off the arrangements by filling in with more Baby’s Breath and more Leather Leaf Fern.


And, voila!  We were finished.  We did this for approximately 25 tables and it took us just about three hours (including clean-up).  Check back for my post on the wedding to see how the flowers so beautifully accented the day and for some other ways we used the remaining product we didn’t use for the centerpieces.

The flowers are packed up and ready to go!
The flowers are packed up and ready to go!

Blooms by the Box was a pleasure to work with, and here are just a few reasons I would recommend them to brides like myself:

  • The staff are friendly and helpful and willing to answer your questions about the products you’re interested in.
  • They have a variety of products to choose from that really do meet any budget.
  • Their blog is chock-full of great ideas.
  • My flowers arrived exactly when expected and they were in great condition.
  • They have great care guides for your flowers to make sure your flowers are in great condition for your event.
  • Did I mention the flowers were BEAUTIFUL?

If you’re a bride on a budget with a love for fresh flowers, I’d say wholesale flowers might be a viable option for you.  Blooms by the Box exceeded my needs, and because of them, I was able to have the reception decor I dreamed of.

My MOH and me with one of the bouquets we made for the church using the remaining roses.
Me and my MOH with one of the bouquets we made for the church using the remaining roses and filler.


*Blooms by the Box graciously gifted me $250 in product in exchange for a review.  I spent approximately another $200 on product.  All opinions about Blooms by the Box are entirely mine.

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Simple DIY Boutonniere Tutorial Tue, 20 May 2014 14:12:17 +0000

Today I have a treat for you: an exclusive DIY Boutonniere tutorial from our friends and sponsors at Blooms By The Box! I hope this helps you with your DIY flower endeavors! xoxo – Jessica

DIY Boutonniere copy

Creating a DIY boutonniere can be a little bit intimidating because we automatically assume that there is a lot of mechanical and technical work involved, however it can be pretty simple and even quick to put together. Also, you will need such a small amount of greenery and filler to make boutonnieres that you can use the left overs from your bouquets/ arrangements. Just make sure to calculate the main blooms into your quantities but use small pruned off sections of fillers and greens for boutonnieres.


Step 1

Once you get your flowers hydrate them. Flower Hydration is key with boutonniere as they will spend a large amount of time without water for the wedding. You should not make boutonnieres or corsages until the day of the wedding if possible. Unlike already made bouquets and arrangements, boutonnieres are difficult to store in water. In this tutorial we chose BloomsByTheBox white anemones, pink ranunculus, pinkr ice flower, italian ruscus, and green amaranthus.

Step 2


STEP ONE: Prune down your desired flowers, include a focal flower (or two), a filler, and some greens to create a professional/ balance look. Make sure you have stem wrap, ribbon, and pins ready for use! Stem wrap is a floral tape that adheres to itself when pulled tight.



Step 3

STEP TWO: Attach your focal flower to the base greener for the boutonniere. Pick a piece of greenery that will create the shape you want for your boutonniere. As you can see her e the stem wrap is great for holding the flowers together while blending into the stems texture/ color.

Step 4
STEP THREE: Make sure you position the next stem strategically. Think about what flowers you want to see most and stand out and arrange them accordingly.

Step 5


STEP FOUR: Add each flower onto the boutonniere as a layer, using the stem wrap.


Step 6

Wrap the boutonniere with stem wrap and a some ribbon or lace. Use your corsage pins to attach your boutonnieres to each attendance lapel. This simple DIY project will only take you about 10 minutes to create, so alought boutonnieres seem intimidating they be one of the more simple DIY flower projects.

Try pairing your own combinations of wholesale flowers together to create your DIY boutonniere. Which flowers would you pick?


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DIY Vintage Peony Centerpiece by Tue, 01 Apr 2014 12:00:29 +0000 It’s pretty much unanimous that the peony is one of the most beautiful wedding flowers available in the flower market. Unfortunately, they are also known for being pricey. Many couples who dream of using peonies in their wedding end up having to use another flower to save their budget. The good news is that if you do your own centerpieces you can save a ton of money and still create romantic peony centerpieces at a fraction of the cost. It is pretty simple. Order wholesale flowers online, receive the flowers two days before the wedding, hydrate the flowers the day of arrival, and arrange centerpieces the day before the wedding with your bridesmaids and family! Read on for step by step instructions for making these centerpieces.

 Flowers You Need 2

 Flowers You Need


First, order peonies and dusty miller to make romantic centerpieces. We used white, hot pink and red peonies. Plan to order 8 peonies per centerpiece if you would like the size in this tutorial. If you want a smaller centerpiece plan to order 5 peonies per centerpiece.  Each centerpiece uses about ¼ of a bunch of dusty miller. Large flowers like the peony, hydrangea, garden roses, and football mums are easy to use because they take up enough room to only need a few stems in each arrangement. 


What you Need

There are very few supplies needed to make this simple arrangement. First, purchase a vase. This vintage-style tin vase is perfect for the romantic style of the peony. Second, this vase calls for some floral foam; floral foam requires a smaller amount of flowers and will create a more balanced shape.  Cut the foam down to fit inside the vase using a knife. Then, soak the floral foam in water and flower food before inserting into the vase. The scissors are used to cut the flowers stems and prep flowers ahead of time. Learn how properly hydrate and care for flowers before you receive them.

Step 1 

Step 2

Press the floral foam into the vase to create a snug fit. The floral foam will continuously hydrate the flowers so it is very important to make sure that it is fully saturated. Do not push floral foam under the water, let the foam sink and soak on its own.


Step 3 

Line your vase with your dusty miller or the greens of your choice. This will provide shape and cover the floral foam from plain sight. This is a great rule of thumb for all DIY flower arrangements, using greenery to create shape and line arrangements will add an element of professionalism to each arrangement. Use greenery to cover mechanics like floral foam, wire, or tape.

 Step 4

Add a center flower that is large and will provide height. Build the rest of the flowers around this so it acts as a focal point in the arrangement. This is another great rule of thumb, use a large flower and create your arrangement shape by building around a focal flower.

 Step 5

Keep color balance in mind when adding flowers.  A great way to balance colors is to create a pattern that is not overly symmetrical. Use balance by adding each color on each side, then start filling in the space while keeping the color rotation you started in mind. Do not make the pattern perfect. It will look over planned and unnatural.

 Step 6

Continue to build the arrangement and rotate colors and greens to create a balanced shape. Turn the arrangement often so that all sides are even. Once you feel that you have created a sufficient shape, you are ready to use your centerpiece! It was pretty simple, right!?


Vintage DIY Peony Centerpiece

Things to keep in mind:

  1. You will need to hydrate your flowers properly before making your arrangement.
  2. Using floral scissors rather than kitchen scissors makes a big difference. Kitchen scissors are dull and fray stems, floral scissor have unique sharp ridges designed to cut through stringy flower stems rather than fray them.
  3. Use greenery to cut your costs and cover your mechanics!
  4. If you are not using floral foam inside a tin container you need to create a liner that will hold the water.



This post was sponsored by








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