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From The Knot via Marie Eve

Um… yes please. Daffodils were always the plan but I am pretty much in love with the daffodil/ranunculus pairing.

I’m meeting with Tara tomorrow to discuss flower plans. This has made me actually excited to talk about flowers! :)

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  • shamika

    Yah! I have been waiting for this part. I was wondering if you were going to do them yourself.

  • Marie-Eve

    Thanks for the link and aren’t they gorgeous??? I actually have dreams about them. Right now the possible plan is a targeted May 17 wedding, so unfortunately I’m not sure they will still be available then… Maybe just a few… We’ll see. I’m so antsy to go the wholesaler florist once we finalize the date!

  • Ashley

    oh my! i am in love… your bouquet will be gorgeous!

  • Marie-Eve

    Oh, and there are a few freesias tucked in there… Also, there’s only one you can really see, but I love the little unopened ranunculus buds, they add a different texture and some green. I’m not sure what the delicate leaves with the white border are (they don’t belong to any of these flowers), but I think it might be some type of sage. Going to try and find out.

  • Newport Nuptials

    Daffodils are my favorite! I just wrote about them. I love that you are including them in your wedding :)

  • Mrs. B.

    “I’m not sure what the delicate leaves with the white border are”

    Those are variegated pittosporum, a woody, shrubby leaf. Very pretty and very durable.

  • Laura

    daffodils are sooo happy

  • Laura

    p.s. did you see this?