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Get excited, ladies… I am finally going to start posting what I spent on the wedding. Even though part of me wants to not post it because of all this debate going on about the cost of weddings and whatnot, and in the end wondering why it matters what I actually spent. These two situations made me question whether or not to post the breakdown at all.

Not going to lie… I don't want to get attacked or ridiculed for including or not including certain expenses in the breakdown… it seems everyone does things differently. I'm going to include everything that had to do with the day of the wedding… I might do an extra post called ‘extra expenses' with the other miscellaneous expenditures. But really I don't feel the need to justify it to anyone because I'm happy with what we spent and how we pulled it off.

So, without further ado… I will start the budget breakdowns. They are broken up into categories with itemized lists of what we spent. At the end I will post the final tally. Enjoy! 🙂bsb-5.0-logo-square

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