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Marie-éve has been a long time reader of my blog. Pretty sure she was one of my first ‘regulars.’ :) So I was super thrilled when she submitted her wedding for the BS-WOW. Marie-éve’s wedding was personal and beautiful without breaking the bank- you’ll be amazed when you see her total. Her color scheme (which I love, obvs) was inspired by her chic J.Crew shoes (which I have major shoe lust for) and they were married in a lovely field sprinkled with dandielions. Could it be more sweet?

Where did you get married?

In an orchard that produces ice cider in Frelighsburg, Quebec. That’s about an hour and a half from Montreal, where we live. The wedding date was chosen to coincide with the blossomming time of the apple trees.

What was your budget?

We aimed for around $5,000. I feel like a bit of an oddball because we purposely chose this small figure, not because that’s all we could afford, but simply because that’s what we were comfortable paying for an afternoon cocktail for 40. So it wouldn’t have been a real problem if we went over, but we didn’t. I’m just naturally thrifty I guess.

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

We did our own invitations, I bought the flowers wholesale and arranged them myself, we made gift baskets with products from the orchard for guests, I prepared little buckets with toys and trinkets for each kid…

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

My mom and I catered the event ourselves. We spent the day before preparing platters and hors d’oeuvres together. We had lots of fun and the results were fantastic! Since the reception was during the afternoon, we also didn’t serve a full meal, and we had a small number of guests.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Enlist help, and get talented people involved. Also, good photography doesn’t have to be expensive.

What was your biggest splurge?

My shoes! They were $350, but I had to have them. They were actually more expensive than my dress, which was from Target.

What was your favorite detail?

I think the cupcake tower looked amazing! A friend lent me the stand she had used for her own wedding 5 years ago, and it was the right color already. I glued scalloped edge cardboard trim purchased at the crafts store on it, and had mini-cupcakes made in my colors. Another friend finished the look with fresh flowers and the Smurfs toppers my groom had found!

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Being surrounded with people that were all really important to us, who showered us with love. Our son, elated at seeing his parents tie the knot, being cute and silly. Walking with my new hubby among the blossoming trees, simply feeling so happy.

Venue Domaine Pinnacle | Photographers Alexander Galan and Suzy Guévin  |  Flowers and Food Atwater Market

Cupcakes Itsi-BitsiPaper products Omer DeSerresCraft Supplies Michael’s

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  • Marie-Eve

    Thank you so much for that great feature…

  • Barnyard Chic Bride

    very charming wedding. I love her hair flower and her dress (from TARGET?! WOW!)! The photographs are beautiful, as well!

  • The Professional Bridesmaid

    In love with Marie-Eve’s shoes. Can you believe she catered her wedding food herself with the help her mom???!! Unfrakkin’ believable.

  • Lauren

    Gorgeous! I love the colors. I’m in the same boat…we’re planning to spend about 10k (we’re doing a Saturday night dinner for 90) because it just doesn’t make sense to me to spend 30k on a ONE NIGHT event. Great job!

  • Jenny

    Thanks for posting this….beautiful wedding! And Marie-Eve, do you know any good (and inexpensive) photographers aroung Quebec City? Your wedding has been an inspiration as I plan one in Quebec for Oct 17th…


  • Marie-Eve

    Thanks girls!
    I made my hair flower using tulle and a vintage brooch. My dress was from Target’s Isaac Mizrahi collection, and cost all of $65 on clearance! My mom altered it a bit, though. But the fabric, the construction, and the silhouette were GREAT, and this dress should have cost at least 10 times more!

    Jenny, unfortunately, I don’t. But my guess is that mine would probably be willing to do it for a small additional fee. They’re not pros and are only doing this for fun so they charged us $100 an hour and then gave us two DVDs.
    I can’t speak for them but I think it would still probably be worth it even with a transportation fee, I don’t know.

    Also, if you’re interested I could do your flowers! I like doing this so much I’ve decided to try it out and accept a few contracts.

    Anyway, for more info or anything (I know Quebec City pretty well) e-mail me if you want: [email protected]

  • Cate Subrosa

    I love seeing all the photos together like this. I know this post was about budget but what shone through for me was just how fun it all looked!

  • Nicole-Lynn

    Wow! Everything looks wonderful. I love the colors!

  • Jill

    Thanks so much for a breath of fresh air. Just at the point of planning where I’m getting overwhelmed by the wedding industrial complex. What a beautiful, fun step back into reality.

  • Doris Lavoie

    They are very nice pictures and very nice colors.
    It was very pleasant to prepare this important event with my daughter, cool fo me and easy for us.
    Also was a great time with my grandson.
    Marie-Eve’s mom

  • (another) Jessica H

    That 1st photo = everything I want in my wedding … except that I also love all the other ones that come after it. Beyond gorg! …

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