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Hello all my budget savvy brides to be! I have a fun opportunity to share with you today – a casting call for a reality show! So, as you know, we like to try to take the stress out of planning a wedding on a budget here at BSB, but let’s be honest… how many times during your engagement have you wished someone else would just plan it all for you and all you had to do is show up? ;) Well, that’s the concept for the new show “Don’t Tell the Bride” – but here’s the twist — the GROOM gets to plan the big day! If you trust your honey’s judgment enough to allow that to happen (oh, and did I mention the show gives the couple $20k to plan the wedding?) I suggest you get your budget savvy butt in gear and submit yourself for consideration! Read the full details below:


High_rez Dont tell the bride front 2013


 Currently casting engaged couples who have big dreams and small budgets when it comes to the wedding.  

We are casting dynamic couples who are currently engaged, but lack the funds to have a dream wedding.  Each episode focuses on one couple’s big day and what it took to make the wedding happen.  The bride and groom agree to avoid all communication with each other for two weeks before the ceremony.  In exchange, the groom is given $20,000 to plan the entire wedding without the bride’s input.  Have no fear; each groom ultimately creates a unique wedding to celebrate his true love!

 Casting Requirements:

  • - Must be over 18 years of age
  • - Currently engaged
  • - Willing and able to get legally married between September 2013 – December 2013
  • - Have a few groomsmen and bridesmaids with big personalities willing to be on the show with you
  • - No long distance or destination weddings. You must be willing to marry within driving distance of couple’s residence(s). 

Please email [email protected] with the following information:


  • Bride’s name and Groom’s name
  • Bride’s phone number
  • Bride’s email
  • Bride’s resident city
  • Groom’s phone number
  • Groom’s email 
  • Groom’s resident city
  • A few sentences about you and why you are an ideal couple for the show
  • Wedding status – where you are in the process
  • Current photo of bride and groom (make sure we can clearly see you both)



Be sure to visit their facebook page to learn more about the show and submit yourself!


*This is a sponsored post.

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