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Not only do I have to choose the perfect dress for myself, but I also have to make sure the bridesmaids have a dress that they like and that is flattering on them. I knew that I wanted them to all wear the same dress. It is the hip and trendy thing to have each bridesmaid choose her own dress, but call me traditional; I want them all to match. Taylor originally suggested that yellow dresses could be fun so I started looking to see what I could find. Here are the yellow ones that I liked the best:

Option #1Photo Courtesy of La Posh Style

I really like this one, but it is the wrong shade of yellow. I am actually considering wearing this one myself for the rehearsal.

Option #2

Photo Courtesy of J Crew

This one is also fun, but it feels really summery to me. I do not think that it is the right choice for my fall wedding.


Option 3

Photo Courtesy of David’s Bridal

This one was probably my favorite out of the yellow choices, but after looking at lots of yellow dresses I realized that with yellow there is a very fine line between obnoxious and cute. I also realized that a yellow party dress would not be something that my friends will get a whole lot of use out of after the wedding. I am asking my bridesmaids to spend between $100- $250 on this dress and it is important to me that they are able to wear it again. Given all of these considerations, I decided that navy blue was a better choice for my bridesmaids. They all seemed pretty happy about this announcement!

So now on to the choices for navy blue:

Option 4

Photo Courtesy of J Crew

This one is cute and simple. Exactly what I had in mind.


Option 5

Photo Courtesy of J Crew

I originally wanted strapless, but I liked the v-neck on this dress. It is the perfect color and I really LOVE pockets in dresses.


Option 6

Photo Courtesy of Ann Taylor 

This dress has everything. It is the color I wanted, it is strapless, it has pockets, and is still simple and chic. I do think that the girls would wear this dress again.


Which one would you choose? Can you guess which one I chose?

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  • Lauren @ Every Last Detail

    My choice is the Ann Taylor one! Perhaps with a chunky necklace and/or cardigan in yellow?

  • Valerie

    Yellow is a hard color for some complexions to look good in. The navy’s are a much better color to flatter your bridesmaids. I liked option 6 – good shape to the dress and the pockets are the best! Your bridesmaids will appreciate the pockets. Good luck with all your wedding planning!

  • Debbie

    Yellow certainly can be a tough color for some people to pull of (I speak from experience! I look terrible in in) so I think you’re spot on with the navy. Option four actually made me say “ooooh!” out loud!! I think it’s beautiful!

  • Heather

    I am having the same problem you had. I wanted the ladies to wear yellow dresses, but I knew they would have issues with their complexions in yellow. I decided to have a navy dress for them as well with yellow flowers and yellow accessories (whatever those may be).

    I vote the Ann Taylor dress!

  • Sarah

    I also like navy and would go with option 4. I choose navy for my girls and personally hated the yellow dress I was put in. The only redeeming quality of the yellow dress was is was $80 from Davids.

  • Jennifer

    Not knowing your ‘maids figure types, options 5 and 6 flatter the greatest variety of women’s figures.

  • Elizabeth

    I vote number 4 or 5… Nothing says “wear me again” like a J. Crew staple! Love them both. Good luck!

  • Lydia Marie

    Option 5 is my fave! But option 6 seems like it was exactly what you’re looking for :)

  • AmandaM

    Thanks for all of the input!! I chose number 6 and all the bridesmaids are thrilled with it :) They also bought it when Ann Taylor was having a big sale, making it more affordable. I think I am going to buy #1 and #4 for showers/ the rehearsal. I love all these fun little details!

  • Rebekah

    It sounds like you made your choice! If you really like option 6 and think the girls will wear it again then that sounds like it could be the one! If you still want to incorporate yellow then it may be a good idea to have your bridesmaids wear a sunny yellow cardigan with their dress since it will be a fall wedding. Not sure if you like that idea, but it is always an option!