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There’s something about these chunky, colorful necklaces that has just grabbed ahold of me and won’t let go. Ever since I saw this bride’s necklace months ago I’ve been in love with the idea.

photos from Perez Photography

I also saw this bride over on A Disney Wedding Blog this week. Just lovely. :)

I’ve just never been big on sparkly rhinestone-type jewelry. I don’t want to look like a cupcake or a christmas tree on my wedding day. I want to look like me. And I wear big chunky, colorful necklaces all the time. :) Perfecto!

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    • brittany
    • October 14th, 2008

    I absolutely love the chunky necklace idea too, but not so much for brides-I really love them for bridesmaids!

  1. I am making big chunky turquoise necklaces for the girls to wear. I thought about wearing one, but I don’t think it’ll go with the neckline of my dress.

  2. I am so loving this, you have such great ideas!!

  3. oh i love the top one!

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