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As you know from the title of this blog, we planned our wedding on a tight budget. We had to sacrifice plenty of things when it came to planning, but one thing we knew we wanted was to be able to serve wine and beer at the reception so that people could let loose, dance and have a jolly good time! So in doing research I found out about Trader Joe's Charles Shaw wine, also known as “2 Buck Chuck” (I think they've raised the price recently, so now I guess it's known as 3 Buck Chuck.)

On my next trip to TJ's, I picked up a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and was pleasantly surprised by both! They weren't just “drinkable,” they were actually pretty decent wines! At least from the perspective of my super-limited palate! I didn't want my guests to think I was a total cheapo, so I came up with the idea to replace the Charles Shaw labels with my own custom wine bottle labels!

This is where came into my life. I am totally obsessed with this company. They have printable labels in every size and shape you could imagine! Great for wine bottle labels, stickers, you name it! Not only that, but they have a special free program called Maestro that you can use with your label purchase where you can design your own label! I designed my own in InDesign and just uploaded my design into the program and then printed them! So easy! And… wait for it… they are WATERPROOF! Inkjet printable waterproof wine labels. Who knew such a thing existed? They actually call them weatherproof and don't suggest submerging them in water for extended periods but we chilled our white and blush wine in ice and didn't see any problems with the labels!

Here are the printed labels. I chose a size that could fit 6 per sheet so I could get more per page. I was worried they would be too small but I thought they looked perfect on the bottles!

Considering one venue quoted me FORTY dollars per bottle of wine if we had used their bartender, I'd have to say that this little DIY project saved me thousands of dollars. We bought 96 bottles of wine (ended up having quite a bit left over, maybe a case and a half.) 96 x 40= $3840 before tax. Yikes!! Instead, we paid 2.50 per bottle, 2.50 x 96= $240 before tax. Booyah!!

All this to say, I highly recommend finding a venue where you can bring in your own alcohol. And with this little trick you can create another special detail to your day as well as saving yourself tons of money!

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