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Dear Wedding Gods,

Hey there, it’s me, Jessica. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written you… I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, my wishes, or our agreements. I apologize for my lack of communication, I’ve been very busy avoiding thinking about the wedding over the last few months as it was becoming increasingly stressful to do so. But I know that you have been working your magic for me even while I have been distracted by other things (losing my job, moving 200 miles away, etc). Instead of asking you for something, like I normally do, today I want to thank you. Even though I have been nothing but stressed about this wedding for a while now, I have recently come to a place of peace. You see, even though we couldn’t afford to keep our original plans or venue, doors have opened to us and we’ve found a place that can accommodate us. Even though we were worried about money, especially after I became unemployed, we have been provided with a little extra money we needed. (Thank God for tax returns!) And even though we were worried about not getting to take a real honeymoon, we have been blessed to realize that we can and have booked a trip! So I just wanted to say thanks for playing a part in helping me get to this point and for passing along my pleas to the big guy in the sky. I couldn’t get through this experience without your help. :)

Peacefully and thankfully,


image by my mom.

I came across this photo over the weekend while going through old photos with my mom. She took it in college. Pretty no? I love the antique quality it has. There’s something oh-so-lovely about single blooms in bud vases. I’m feeling some centerpiece inspiration! :)

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  1. Great and do tell about the plans when you can…

    • Ashley
    • February 11th, 2009

    funny, that’s actually EXACTLY what we’re doing for floral arrangements. as crazy as it sounds, i made a facebook group asking my local friends to save all of their glass jars/vases/bottles. this is free, and recycling, and will have such a vintage look.

    it just makes sense, right?

    • Shamika
    • February 11th, 2009

    That was beatuiful. It is crazy how things have a way of working it self out. We always stress about it while GOD has already worked it out. I am soooooo happy for you!

    P.S. Can we get some details so please…I am waiting down here on the site. LOL

  2. I love that photo!

  3. Glad things are working out! Looking forward to hearing more as things come together.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Marianne
    • February 14th, 2009

    Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for the positives! I’m so glad things are working out for you two.

    • missyphotography
    • February 14th, 2009

    This is so sweet and I am very very happy that your wedding dreams are coming true. Your mom’s photo is gorgeous. I love it. Thank you also for mentioning my contest on my your blog. I am very excited about the contest and hope to make a couple very happy.

  4. That is such a beautiful photo, and great inspiration!I’m thinking about single-bud vases as well, maybe a grouping of 2-3 in varying heights.

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