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While I was perusing Bluefly the other day I noticed they now have a ‘Weddings‘ section- or maybe I’ve just missed it in the past. Either way, I found some pretty dresses that would work with my color scheme… Bridesmaids… are you paying attention? :) When I hung out with B this weekend she asked me about the dresses and I told her the ‘guidelines’… I really feel like a HUGE tool bag by setting guidelines but I figure at least I’m not dictating exactly what they should wear? I really am open to anything as long as it’s not full length. It can have pattern, lace, ruffles, whateva! As long as it’s in the color scheme. I just want them all to pick a dress they actually like and feel comfortable in! :) So here’s some examples of what I found on Bluefly- which would be fabulous considering these are all ‘designer’ dresses for under $250.


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PS- Welcome to all who have made their way here from Stumble Upon… my statcounter took quite a jump yesterday! I’m sorry there wasn’t anything new or inspiring here to read, but I promise the good stuff is coming! :) Hope you’ll stick around!

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  1. Very cute! I am leaning towards giving some guidelines and a color as well, and letting them wear whatever dress/shoes/hair they want. My groom doesn’t want to wear a tie, so keeping it informal and fun is the direction we’re taking. I must admit, though, that some of the super-cute off-the-rack print dresses have caught my eye. The thought of all my friends in cute prints next to me is kind of appealing. So I may end up going that route. All I know for sure is that I won’t be ordering a bunch of “bridesmaid” dresses from a bridal salon, waiting months for them to come in, and then forcing my friends to endure numerous alteration and fitting appointments. What a hassle!

  2. I love all these colors. I haven’t even started bridesmaid dress shopping, but I am hoping to find 2-3 styles and letting everyone pick what they want.

  3. If I were your bridesmaid, I would, #1 hug you and then #2 chose the third dress in the 2nd row.

    Good choices!

    • kay*
    • October 30th, 2008

    oooh, i love the 1st one in the second row! i may have to check that out for myself – would be a perfectly cute spring/summer dress :)

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