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Do you want a wedding lounge area with sofas, chairs and tables, and then you look at the prices to rent these pieces, and quickly remove the thought from your memory? Then you return to Pinterest a few hours days later only to remember how beautiful they look? I am here to give you that boost of confidence to make your dreams come true, but do it yourself!

Craigslist, yard sales and garage sales will be your first step. We were able to find a few side tables, coffee tables, and sofas from these outlets. Then it was time to decide what to do with them. It was still pretty cold outside when we started this process, so I was transforming these pieces in our basement kitchen. Thankfully I had several drop cloths.

I knew I wanted to include mint somehow, but I also want to be able to keep these in my inventory for my future brides, so I kept it simple. This is how you can make your own DIY coffee table for the centerpiece of a lounge area.

Start by sanding the glossy finish off of the table. This will give you a smoother area to work with, and it will also hold the paint better. 

After you have sanded the entire table, decide if you will use stain or paint. I used dark stain for the top, and painted the legs.


I read to use Chalk Paint for the legs, but that stuff is expensive, so I purchased a sample size of Olympic Satin Paint in Tenderness. It worked perfectly for half of the price!

Furniture_DIY_Coffee_3I used two coats of the paint, and one coat of stain for the final product and I am so happy with how it turned out!


Do you have any outdoor DIYs you would like to do for your wedding?



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DIY Daisy Pocket Wedding Invitation Tue, 28 Apr 2015 12:00:37 +0000 Download-and-Print-Daisy-Pocketfold-Free-Wedding-Template

We’re back with another lovely addition to our The Budget Savvy Bride Collection of printable wedding invitations for Download & Print. My latest invitation suite design is called Allison, and is inspired by a modern garden party. The bright florals come in three bold color palettes and are reminiscent of spring and summer, which just makes me happy!



Anna from Download & Print put together this fabulous DIY pocket wedding invitation tutorial using our design and I am thrilled to share it with you today! The square invitation from the Allison set mounts to one side of the pocket, and on the reverse is the floral flap to hold the RSVP and enclosure cards. Download the free pocket template from the links below, and find the 16-piece Allison paper goods here.

Follow along with the tutorial below to see the easy steps Anna took in creating the pocket wedding invitation!







Download the pocketfold printable file and print it on card stock in the color of your choice. Choose a stock that is between 65 lbs and 90 lbs in weight for the best results with your printer at home.

Download the coordinating square invitation from our Allison template suite. Open the template in MS Word and add your wedding or party details. You’ll need to have the free fonts installed, this information is found in the welcome pack you receive along with the templates. Print the invitation on white card stock.




Using scissors or a paper trimmer, cut out the invitations along the guidelines. The template prints two invitations per page and a paper cutter is the quickest and easiest way to cut them out.




Use scissors to cut around the solid line on the pocket template. Do not cut across the dotted lines! The dotted lines are fold lines, for your reference. The logos and web address from the file will be cut off during the trimming process, so those won’t show up on your invitation.


Use a ruler and bone folder or other scoring tool to score along the dotted lines. Scoring the folds makes for nice crisp creases, and is very important if you’re using a heavy stock, which can be difficult to fold otherwise. If you don’t have a scoring tool, a good trick is to use a closed mechanical pencil or retractable pen tip. This step will make your edges much nicer!




Now that you’ve started your creases, fold along your score lines and create a sharp crease. Using a bone folder helps with this step, as it can smooth the edges very flat, and it will save your fingertips from doing the extra work.




Using your craft punch, punch along the edge of the pocket flap to create the floral cut outs. The punch has guideline marks so you can easily line up the paper to create a perfect continuous design. Isn’t the result darling?




Next, fold in the small tabs on the side and use a tape runner or double sided tape to secure adhesive on each tab. Then, you will fold down the floral punched flap and press firmly onto the tape to create the pocket.





Adhere your invitation to the back of the pocket using a tape runner or double sided tape — eyeballing it to get it centered on the square. Be sure to have the invitation design facing up so the pocket is oriented in the same direction on the back.


Flip over the pocket and insert the Allison RSVP and a 4-bar envelope into the flap. Get ready to send out this adorable invitation to your garden party wedding!

So simple and adorable, right? Get moving on this design — download the templates below!



And if you’d like to purchase the Allison invitation, complete with 15 coordinating templates to create a gorgeous and luxurious wedding suite, you can do so by visiting Download & Print!

*This post contains affliate links. When you purchase items via our affiliate links, there is no additional cost to you, but The Budget Savvy Bride receives a small percentage of the sale as a thank you for making the introduction. You get a great product *and* you help support our website + the free resources that we share with our readers!


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DIY Rope Centerpieces Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:00:24 +0000 DIY Centerpiece

Throughout the planning process you begin to realize just how expensive certain aspects of the wedding can be. The biggest surprise to me was the price of rental items. For our wedding we needed to rent many items, from centerpieces to furniture, and there was no way we could pay rental prices for all of it. I knew that finding the perfect inspiration would lead me to my dream DIYs for some of the small but not so small items, like the table decor.

I wanted to keep it nautical and fresh, but I also didn’t want plain clear vases on every table. I decided on vases in various sizes rapped in rope. Once I met with the rental company, I learned that it would be $8 per vase, and we would need at least 18. As soon as I heard that total I knew I would need to make these myself, and on a budget!

Centerpiece Needs

All you need to make this DIY rope centerpiece is:

Rope (I bought 3/8″ from here)

Empty Can (I used three sizes for the actual wedding centerpieces)

Hot Glue Gun



Step 1 Centerpiece

Start by hot gluing the end of the rope to the bottom of the can. Since I was using 3-strand rope, I unraveled it a bit and glued each strand by itself.

Step 2 Centerpiece

As I started going around the can with the rope, I would twist it tight as I glued. I would glue about an inch, then not glue two inches, then glue another inch, and so on until I got to the top.

Finished Centerpiece

I glued the end of the rope to the inside of the can to keep it in place.

Finished Vase


After you finish gluing the rope, you are ready for flowers! I hope these flowers left over from a wedding I worked last weekend, and it was time to cut the stems again anyway. They all fit perfectly into their new home.

I am so happy with how well they turned out, and they were actually very easy to make.

Are you doing DIY centerpieces?




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DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:00:33 +0000 When helping my mom plan my bridal shower, I knew I wanted our favors to be something simple that people could actually use. I scoured Pinterest in search of a simple, yet budget-friendly favor to make for our guests. I stumbled across an image with the saying “From Amy’s Shower to Yours”, and loved the idea of creating a scrub those could people could use in their “showers”.

shower to yours

I then used Pinterest (this has become my go-to for DIY projects) to find simple, not too time consuming, or too expensive scrubs. I came across a 2-ingredient Coconut Sugar Scrub from Lovin our Chaos, that just involves coconut oil and sugar. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, as coconut oil can be expensive, but with a minor tweak, I think my version of the DIY Coconut Sugar Scrubs came out perfect.

“From Natasha’s Shower to Yours — Coconut Sugar Scrub”


I purchased 36, 4-oz. mason jars from Fillmore Container (this particular store is located near my mother’s home in Pennsylvania so I didn’t have to pay shipping fees – otherwise, I’m pretty sure Target & Wal-mart would sell them cheaper, or you could also try Amazon), 4, 14-oz. jars of Coconut Oil (I got mine at Harris Teeter), and sugar (I always have an abundance of sugar in my house, so I didn’t need to purchase any!). However, be sure to purchase enough sugar to measure out 16 cups of sugar.


Once I purchased all of my ingredients, I combined the coconut oil and sugar and added in blue food dye to get the exact color, I wanted. This process was very simple and took us (my future mother-in-law helped) about 15 minutes to make 36 jars!


Below is the list of ingredients with a simple step-by-step process:

List of Ingredients:



Steps to Creating your Own DIY Coconut Sugar Scrubs:
  • Soften the hardened coconut oil – I did this by placing the jar in the microwave for 5 seconds. Be careful not to melt the coconut oil; You just want to soften it a bit.
  • Place the entire jar of coconut oil in your mixer and add 4 cups of sugar.
  • Mix the 2 ingredients until combined
  • Mix in Food Coloring to get the color you want
  • Place in mini-mason jars and repeat until you use all ingredients


I thought making a sugar scrub was going to be way more difficult than it was, but it was super simple and saved us a lot of money – Not to mention, I loved the way it looked at my bridal shower.


Have you tried any DIY that turned out easier than planned?


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DIY Wedding Flower Arrangement Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:00:00 +0000 My son was married this past summer, and my sweet soon-to-be daughter-in-law asked me if I could make a silk floral arrangement for a large cement urn that was to be the focal point of the ceremony. (Other than her, of course.)

silk floral arrangement for a wedding

Choosing the right flowers is the most important part of making a gorgeous wedding floral arrangement. The bridesmaid’s dresses were pale pink, so I chose flowers the same color.





When making a silk floral arrangement you want to find flowers that look as real as possible. They may cost a little more, but watch for sales and you will save money for sure! Be sure to hit Michael’s with a coupon!

wedding-floral-arrangement-1 wedding-floral-arrangement-2 wedding-floral-arrangement-3 wedding-floral-arrangement-7a


Choosing different size flowers will make the arrangement elegant and airy. I also look for some very dainty flowers that I use as fillers. These think branches with minimal flowers were a good choice for the base of the arrangement.


I purchased a large piece of floral foam and cut the foam to fit snuggly inside of a plastic pot. When arranging flowers, you want to start with the tallest flowers first. I like to use florals that resemble flowering tree branches for the tall flowers. Place the first flower stem directly in the center of the pot, and add more if needed. I also hot glue all around the stems for added support.


I then added the next size flowers. Look at the flower on the right, see how it droops softly? This flower is a Wisteria. It adds a delicate softness to the arrangement.

Next, I added the blush pink roses, being careful to space them out evenly.


Then it was time to add the smaller flowers. I placed them lower than the roses to help hide some of the stems.


The last step was to add the very dainty flowers. These are what I call “fillers”. They are used to fill in the gaps. Just be careful not to over do it.


The little “filler” flowers make such a difference!


Isn’t this beautiful! And guess what? Everyone thought the flowers were real!

wedding-floral-arrangements-bh wedding-floral-arrangement-b5

It was a beautiful day! This Momma was happy, and I just smiled when people commented on the stunning roses. (I’m not telling them that they were silk!)


post and tutorial submitted by


vip-photo-meJennifer Davenport started her design business, “JD Designs” in 2004. She was honored to receive the People’s Choice award in the 2008 “Parade of Homes”.  She loves putting decor together to purposefully create a “home”. She’s knwon to hyperventilate when she is at the flea market, drive like a mad woman when she’s hitting garage sales, and lose many hours in a happy, vegetative state while on Pinterest. Visit her website:

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Add Extra Sparkle to Invites Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:00:12 +0000 As mentioned in an earlier post I scored our invitations for a great deal on Groupon! Our invites were beautiful to begin with but they could use a little extra something so I decided to add a little DIY to them. Adding the extra little pizazz cost me literally $10 and added that extra personalization that I was looking for.



glitter glue, washi tape, bakers twine

invitation 1

Step one:  Add a small dab of glitter glue to the center of each flower on the invitation and RSVP card

invitation 2


invitation 3

Step Two: Tie a bow around the invitation and RSVP card with the bakers twine.

invitation 5

Step Three: Seal your invitation envelope with the washi tape

invitation 4

And that’s it, an easy way to spruce up your budget invites with very little added cost.


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How To Remove Sticky Labels Tue, 10 Mar 2015 12:00:39 +0000 Last summer, when I knew a proposal was imminent, I began collecting jars and bottles. Some items common to my diet include salsa, jam, and occasionally wine, all of which lead to many thrown away glass containers. By simply washing out and keeping all of the glass containers that I already use, I was able to store up a number of jars to use in our wedding decor!

The other day as I walked through a craft store, I enjoyed walking through the aisle filled with various sizes and shapes of glass jars, each for between $1-$10 apiece! One of the major ways we want to decorate is by having the jars on the tables for the reception and filling them with fresh flowers that we buy in bulk, so I’m excited to cut cost in this way! Making upcycled wedding decor is going to save us a bundle on our wedding budget.

If you search Pinterest, you’ll find lots of different suggestions for taking labels off of glass. I researched a number of ways, searching for reasonably cheap and not terribly time consuming options. Below is what I discovered worked best for me for removing labels from various glass jars and bottles:

image (4)

This can be done as long as you have:

  • a water source
  • a bucket
  • dish soap
  • baking soda
  • a brush/sponge
  • jars/bottles/etc that need de-labeling!

image (5)

I put a couple tablespoons of baking soda and a few more tablespoons of dish soap into the bottom of the pitcher (rough numbers, just do what feels right!) and filled the pitcher about halfway with lukewarm water. Then I dunked the empty glass container. If the glass is shorter, you can dunk it under the water and it’ll fill up with some water, which will prevent it from floating. If it is a taller container, you can keep it weighed down under the water by covering it with another container of similar weight. After several tries, I found that leaving the glass in the water for at least 5 minutes yielded the best results.

image (6)

However, sometimes you will find the residue of the paper and glue sticks stubbornly to the glass. A great way to help remedy this is to scrub the glass with a brush or sponge. If you’re still having trouble, you can soak the glass for a few more minutes!

image (7)

image (9)

I’ve found that this method works for me and requires a minimal amount of water waste, time waste, and effort waste. And I’m very happy with the result! It will be fun to have so many different kinds of glasses to use as flower vases for my wedding. I like to use glass containers for different things around the house, such as overnight oatmeal, storing dry goods, and using essential oils, so I’ll be using many of these jars after the wedding as well! It’s a great combination of sustainability and affordability!

image (10)


Happy label removing!


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DIY Origami Favor Boxes Mon, 02 Mar 2015 17:30:00 +0000  

Today I’ve got another great DIY tutorial that I created as a collaboration with our friend Brandi of Alexis June Weddings!


For the last several weeks we’ve been sharing DIY projects that could easily translate to any type of event like a bridal shower, wedding, bridesmaids luncheon, etc! And since I’m desperately yearning for springtime, (we just got another few inches of snow in NYC ) this next series takes on a very springlike vibe — hope you love them!



Today we’re sharing a simple way to make origami favor boxes that are perfect for weddings, showers, events, etc! This is a great project to have in your back pocket if you find yourself in need of a last minute gift box, too! Without further ado, here’s the printable table number and place card tutorial:


Origami Favor Boxes

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015


Origami Paper Boxes

Start by cutting smaller squares out of your scrapbook paper. You should be able to make 4 tops or bottoms out of each piece. Cut your piece of paper for your box tops into 4 equal squares that equal 6 inches each side.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Then cut the piece of paper for the bottom of your boxes into 4 equal squares that are 5.5 inches each side. You’ll want to cut 1 inch off each side of your scrapbook paper, then cut into 4 equal squares.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Then you’ll have 4 equal tops and bottoms. The top of your box will be a 6 inch square and the bottom will be a 5.5 inch square.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Next turn your papers over to the non-patterned side and use a ruler to mark the center of your paper from both diagonals, marking an X in the center.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Next, take one of your pieces and you will begin to fold. Start by taking each corner and folding it into the center point. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Use your bone folder to make a sharp fold. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Once you have folded all your corners in, you will then take each side and fold it into the center.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Use your bone folder to make a crisp fold.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Unfold and repeat the steps on the opposite sides.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Then unfold your paper completely flat.
(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Start on one side and start to make your box, putting on corner in the middle and folding up to make the side of the box.
(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Bring the opposite side up in the same way. Then you’ll tuck the edges in using the folds you previously made as a guide.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Then fold over the other corner and tuck it into the center.(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Repeat on the opposite side, and you’ll have the bottom of your box!

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015


(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

You’ll then repeat this process to make the top of your box. Folding each corner into the center point you marked with your pencil. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Make sure to use your bone folder to make the edges crisp.

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Just like with the top, you’ll fold each side in like before. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Using the bone folder as you go. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Then folding your box into shape. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015 (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

And tucking the flaps into the center. (C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Then you can place your box top on the bottom to make a cute box!

(C)AlexisJuneWeddings | BudgetSavvy Bride DIY | February 2015

Pretty cute, right?

This project is a bit time consuming, and you’ll want to be sure to select papers that aren’t too thick. I wouldn’t recommend cardstock but some semi-stiff scrapbook paper should work great. Mix up patterns and colors to get creative and match your color scheme!

 I hope you’ve loved this DIY tutorial!


Special Thanks to Brandi Webb of Alexis June Weddings for the beautiful photos in this post.

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Unique Wedding Invitations from Personalized Artwork Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19:00:21 +0000  

Wedding invitations are getting more and more elaborate these days. From ancient papyrus scrolls, to music video e-vites, to frilly boxes that shoot confetti upon being opened—there is definitely something out there for all types. And with all the various components that invitations can include it is easy to become overwhelmed! If you are at that point in your wedding preparation where the design and cost of your invitations are weighing heavily on your mind, then maybe I can help ease your troubled thoughts with this very unique, VERY INEXPENSIVE invitation solution.

Unique Wedding Invites

I took my inspiration from a little shop on Etsy that specializes in creating custom wedding suites, among other prints, by getting to know couples and creating an original artistic characterization of their persona. With their watercolor floral designs and their adorable family portraits I was very impressed and also very inspired by their work. Due to my incredibly tight timeline, however, I was not able to use heartandfox for my invitations. BUT—as I mentioned in my post on utilizing your family and friends as resources—I was able to take that inspiration from heartandfox and lean on my sister and fiancée (Team Madison and Addison) to create something that was so personal to us and truly one-of-a-kind.

Madi is a studio art major, attending the University of North Texas and has always been very gifted when it comes to character art. I was able to describe to her the look I had in mind and she started sketching. It wasn’t long before I looked down at that sketch pad and saw Addison and me in these tiny little cartoon faces!

Couple Character Sketch

She pulled out the gouache and tried to get the colors right.


Obviously, she’s very talented, because that was the only try she needed.

Wedding Couple Character Hand Painted

Next, she cranked out the wreath I wanted and painted a matching floral piece which included my favorite part, my little veiled chameleon, Joni! Dude, I gotta tell ya, it was enough to make a grown woman cry.

Hand Painted Wedding Wreath

So she took the images back to school with her and, using the fancy-shmancy scanner in the art department, she made some very clean vectors of her art.

Sidenote: A vector is another word for the version of any graphic that allows it to stand on its own. It can be placed on any color background without having a white block surrounding it and retains a very crisp resolution at any size. This was basically one of the first things I learned when I got into marketing—comes in really handy when you’re making personalized and promotional products! 😉

Hand Painted Bouquet with Chameleon
Example of Vector of Hand Painted Art


So after the artwork was created, it was up to Addison to solidify the layout. I told him what I had in mind and I sat back and watched him create a masterpiece! He’s really got a great eye for design, and he put in a lot of effort to look up traditional wedding invitations to make sure that we were including the most proper verbiage. We chose a very clean font, Gill Sans, as not to distract from the artwork and to help create the striking appearance.

There are lots of inserts that can be included with your invitation. We simplified the “RSVP” insert by asking folks to do so via our wedding website, This same card let them know that we wanted them to stick around after the ceremony for a luncheon and the Family Talent Showcase. This way, they could plan their day accordingly. Plus, food. Having that quality vector art allowed us to enlarge the graphic for the reception card, allowing recipients to get a closer look at the detail of the artwork.


Down to the wire on time, we chose to print the designs with, upon referral. Let me just say, I was skeptical since I had never heard of Cat Print, but after our experience using them I would highly recommend it. And to anyone in need of a good quality print with no branding, Cat Print’s customer service is impeccable. Their website was down, but we called their hotline the next morning were able to send our designs in via email. Once the order was placed, the prints were shipped out the very same day! Not to mention the total cost for prints and envelopes was less than that of our postcard Save the Dates created from templates through another vendor (which I still love dearly).

Cat Print Delivered

We received so many compliments from the recipients of our invitations admiring how they truly are a work of art. And I’ve even heard a few people say that we definitely have the best fridge flair, hands down (“fridge flair” is totally catching on!).

Invitation Opening


Unique Wedding Invitation


Unique Wedding Invitation Insert


Unique Wedding Invitation Set

If you’ve got a dream for your invites, the message here is that if you can find a way to get the artwork and have someone help you build a design, there is no reason why you can’t have exactly what you want. So go for it!

P.S. I’m hoping my sister will pick up a little business after this. Send your inquiries my way! 

Until next time,

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The Budget Savvy Bride Collection for Download & Print! Tue, 24 Feb 2015 16:00:00 +0000 Get excited…

Announcing The Budget Savvy Bride collection for Download & Print!

This announcement has been in the works for quite some time, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share the good news with all of you!

You should already know Download & Print from their amazing + fabulous printable tutorials they’ve shared on BSB! We absolutely love how Anna has built a platform to offer gorgeously designed, custom-looking paper goods to brides all over the world — no matter their budget!

We all know that DIY can be a great way to save money, and Download & Print’s collection of printable wedding invitations give you the power to do just that, and in a way your guests will never notice!


So we are proud to officially announce that The Budget Savvy Bride has partnered with Download & Print to launch our very own collection on their site! It’s called… wait for it… The Budget Savvy Bride collection. :)


Each month, D&P will roll out one new design in our collection, designed exclusively by me, Jessica of The Budget Savvy Bride — so you’ll be able to get the wedding invitations of your dreams for less! First up is the Amber invitation… check her out below!


Each design in the collection will come as a bundle that includes 15 pieces that coordinate perfectly — allowing you to create an array of custom wedding details on the cheap! Oh, and did I mention that when you purchase the bundle… you get ALL the available colors included with your purchase? Included in each set is files for the following pieces:

  • save the date
  • invitation
  • rsvp card
  • directions / info card
  • place cards
  • menus
  • thank you notes
  • address labels
  • programs
  • signage
  • envelope liners
  • table numbers
  • seating chart
  • and more!


Just check out how amazing all the pieces look together — you get an incredibly cohesive wedding day look that’s super luxurious, but for a fraction of the price! Our friends at Download & Print have made the process of editing and printing their templates SO easy and accessible to everyone – all you need is Microsoft Word — no fancy design programs required! Just open the templates in MS Word and edit the text…


Then print them on your printer at home, or take them to a local copy shop.


Then you can trim them along the provided cut lines.


It seriously couldn’t be easier to get gorgeous, professional quality wedding invites on the cheap!



I just know you’re going to love these collections and can’t wait to hear how they help you save a bundle on your wedding day paper goods. Just look at the entire collection of items all lined up… totally adorable, right?

download and print amber collection

Want these gorgeous paper goods for yourself?

You can checkout this FREE version of this invitation over at Download & Print right now, including an awesome DIY invitation hack — create this chic pocket holder for your invitations! Learn how and download your freebie here.

Free Wedding Invitation Template

But wait… there’s more!

In celebration of this new partnership and collaboration, I’ve got a very special discount code to sweeten the deal that’s exclusive to our readers!

20% off your purchase

Use code: SAVVYBRIDE at checkout


Visit to purchase your wedding invitation files, to stun your guests with your professional quality paper details for your big day! We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new partnership — and please let us know what sort of styles and designs you’d like to see in the future — we’re releasing a new design each month!!

Happy DIY Invitation-making!


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