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Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby (another store I could spend countless hours in and thousands of dollars if I had it to spend) on my lunch break. I went looking just for funsies… and I ended up finding some styrofoam balls for cheaper than I had seen them anywhere else. Most everywhere I’ve looked, 6 inch balls were $4 and up… usually $4.99. I was kind of aggravated, because for some reason all of the styrofoam balls they had in stock had different prices on them- and they were all the exact same size, exact same product. Weird, eh? There were two I found priced at $3.47, a bunch at $3.99, and then a ton priced at $4.99. I didn’t understand the price difference, but I told my cashier about it at the register and she gave them all to me for $3.47! Hooray! Now I can start making pomanders for my aisleway at the ceremony… fun!

I know… it’s super lame that I’m so excited. But I just had to share because I love finding deals!

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  1. Are you using real flowers to make your own pomanders? Take photos!! I definitely want to have pomanders at our wedding – I just love the look of them. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

  2. That is not lame… but I may be biased, as I get excited about the same thing. No one can say I’m not frugal! Great score!

    • Amanda (vintageglam)
    • September 10th, 2008

    I bought styrofoam balls for $1.99 (for 5″ balls) each at Michaels. Keep an eye for their coupons, you can always get amazing deals there.

  3. yes the 40% and 50% coupons at michaels and joann’s!!!!!
    I don’t buy anything without them
    they come out every week and if you get their e-mails you get double coupons.
    I just got some ribbon for 2.10 and made a cute little sash.
    pictures on the site coming soon.
    Mr. W made fun of me for refusing to by the 2$ feathers for a birdcage veil clip cause I was using my one and only coupon on the ribbon.

    • budgetsavvybride
    • September 14th, 2008

    @Domestigal Jen- I am probably going to do tissue paper flowers- wayyyyyy cheaper. Fake silk flowers can get kind of pricey, but perhaps I could sell them to another bride afterwards if I used silk ones? I will have to think about that… definitely won’t be able to afford real flowers just to let them die…

    @Amanda- Go girl for finding a better deal than me! I am going to go subscribe to Michael’s mailing list right now!!

    @Laura- Fo’ sho- I get those Joann’s coupons in my email every week! That’s how I got my corner rounder on the cheap! :)

    • Amber
    • July 7th, 2009

    What size Styrofoam balls did you use? And how did you get them to look like a bunch of carnations?

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