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I wanted a “wow” piece to show off when the guests come in to the wedding to sign the guest book.  And you may remember I mentioned that the venue we are getting married at has a huge wall of old windows and doors at the entrance…

so I decided to play with that idea. I found a window at a thrift store (what, you thought I was going to pay full price? haha) and put our engagement pictures on it.

There was also a missing pane, but never fear! I used coordinating fabric to cover it and add an initial.

It was already painted that lovely shade of turquoise and I just had to glue some of the wood back in place. I love it! And I love that we have a way to display our engagement pictures in our future home when the wedding is over.

p.s. My future in-laws threw us a shower this past weekend and after seeing the window they asked if they could use it in their decorations! I felt honored.

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  • Maristella

    I too love decorating especially at home when I feel like such corner has been abandoned by style. Pretty interesting to try that one out in our room, thanks! Oh by the way, that vintage looking old windows and doors is so fab, it has a dramatic effect for your wedding, really would be nice.

  • Jasmine

    I love this idea! Great job!