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The tradition of a wedding guestbook has been around for a few hundred years. It started as a testimony of those in attendance to the reality of the marriage. Nowadays, the guest book is used to record those in attendance at the wedding as a memento.

I like the idea of having a guestbook at weddings, but one evening I started to think about what do you do with it afterwards? Just let it sit on a bookshelf collecting dust? I considered having a picture frame or some other item that guests sign but in reality I’m not sure what I would do with it after the wedding and if I’d want to always have it on display in our home. So, I began to wonder, “What should we do to commemorate guests being at our wedding?”

I came across the idea of having a personalized guest book using engagement photos on Pinterest and thought, “BINGO! Two for one!”  I wanted a way to display our engagement photos at our wedding, without having to purchase or hassle with half a dozen picture frames.   The personalized guestbook seemed perfect for this!

My Photo Wedding Guestbook

wedding guestbook

Shutterfly is one of a few online photobook sites that offers a number of wedding guest book options.  A standard 8”x8” 20 page hardcover book runs $29.99 and you can add the ‘story telling’ option for an additional $4.99. This option includes all the stickers and fonts for a guest book. (They are actually running a huge photobook sale that ends TONIGHT! Between 10-50% off depending on the size book you choose!) Read more about why BSB loves Shutterfly's photobooks for weddings.

wedding photo guestbook

How I Saved on my Wedding Guestbook

I ended up paying $33.59 for my book,  417 4×6 prints (We had been on a few trips over the summer that I needed to print photos from), 12 personalized Thank You cards, 11 Christmas Cards, and received free shipping. Not a bad haul!  At the time I had purchased everything , MyCokeRewards was offering a promo code for a free photo book if you entered codes from 3 coke products.  Shutterfly was also offering 50 free prints to new customers, and free shipping for orders over $30.  I came across more codes for 100 free prints, and the free cards that I could stack together.  In the end, I only paid for the additional 267 prints and the storytelling upgrade (This brought my purchase over $30 to qualify for the free shipping, which would have been roughly $15 had I only ordered the photo book…seemed a better value to spend a little extra and gain something for it!).


Are you doing a photo wedding guestbook or other unique idea? I’d love to hear about it!

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I'm a 30 year old engineer from Michigan. My fiance and I are in the process of planning our wedding for May of 2014. We love to travel and are incorporating many finds from places we've visited into our wedding. I'm also a self proclaimed, "Boarder-line Extreme Couponer" and love snagging a great deal on wedding stuff!

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  • Laura W

    I also made a photo book of our engagement pictures to use as a guest book at the wedding. Lots of places (David’s Bridal and wedding expos) give our coupon vouchers for free photo books, and I’ve received a couple in the mail. Great budget savvy option!

  • Dana

    As an update – I learned over the weekend that if you create a wedding registry at Macy’s they will give you a promo code for a FREE photo book from Shutterfly as an incentive!

  • Thank you for the push to get started on this! I may need to call you to talk coupons. 🙂

  • Nancy

    I just did this too! & used the David’s Bridal coupon & the sale they had going on. I added a few pages to it got a little pricer but when looking at the at least $15 guestbooks out there & my wanting a nice way to display our engagement photos it evens out. Frames & printing photos gets $. & I’m all about having nice useful items in my house. A guestbook well only collect dust & take up space. Combo things yeh! I intend to use Shutterfly for our wedding photos book too & I’ll see about wedding photo thank yous. I love scrapbooking & this seems the fastest, nicest way to do that too. What sort of pens did you buy to use on the book?
    Great tip about the Macy’s store!