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Where in the world have I been?! Well, my husband and I have been going non-stop since the wedding. Even though we have been SUPER busy, I have loved every second of it!



Since I told you all basically every aspect of my wedding, I guess it’s about time I show you what all our hard work accomplished.

(All photos are courtesy of my AMAZING  photographer Jason Tucker Photography)


My dress was inspired by a Monique Lhuillier that would have cost my entire wedding budget, so I “made” it myself. The top was actually from Victoria’s Secret and the skirt is from a dress I wore my senior year of high school for a cotillion. I bought the sash (which matched the bridesmaids’) in bulk and I picked up the vintage brooch at a thrift store.


I have to tell you that although my wedding day was the most amazing day of my life, everything was not “perfect “. The biggest blunders happened during the actual ceremony. While walking up on our make-shift stage I actually slipped on my slip and fell, crashing my shin into the platform. Everyone gasped, I laughed hysterically (honestly it was the only thing that made me stop crying) and I made a joke to the concerned crowd about making a dramatic entrance. Then, as if my tumble wasn’t enough, my pastor forget to let us have our first kiss. He pronounced us man and wife, the music started, everyone stood up, and then I turned around and whispered “I’d really like to kiss him now”. It was really funny and made for a memorable ceremony!


Then it was time for the party! The tables were the perfect fit for our “turquoise/green, vintage and handmade wedding” theme.


Our cake was not only gorgeous, it was by far THE most delicious wedding cake of all time. I am not exaggerating. It. was. amazing!


And as a surprise to my meteorologist husband, I had a special tornado cake made for him — complete with a path of destruction!


There are so many people who made our day wonderful and we were so blessed to have all our friends and family members there to help us celebrate the beginning of our lives together!

I am proud to say we stayed close to our budget (has anyone really come in under budget? haha) and everything fit perfectly into the “feel” we were going for.


I have really enjoyed being a part of the Budget Savvy Bride and I’m honestly sad to say goodbye. But I hope my wedding DIY crafts and budget savvy-ness has helped inspire other brides.



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