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I LOVE the ‘green’ aspect of using veggies in your wedding day decor! Not only can they look beautiful, but you can also eat them later! *Be sure to wash first!* You know how growing up they told you to eat a colorful plate? Well veggies come in a variety of colors to fulfill your palette or decorate your wedding day. Check out these creative ideas below!

Top to bottom, L to R: Artichoke bouquet by Documentary Associates from Elegance and Simplicity, Artichoke bouquet from Hatch Creative, Colorful tomato centerpieces from Martha Stewart, Green Kale bouquet with billy balls from Grandiflora, Sculpted veggies to look like flowers from Elegance of Garnishing, Kale bouquets from Althouse blog, Vegetable escort cards by She n He Photography via Love and Lavender, Artichoke and herb bouquet from Jonathan Fong, Kale bouquet by Leo Patrone Photography from The Knot, artichoke candle holders from Jasper Sky Photography via Instyle Magazine.


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  1. Love the artichokes! They have awesome color and texture.

  2. I used kale in our wedding florals. They take a lot of room and are cheap!!

    • oh i didn't realize that, how fab! i would still love to feature your wedding here if you are interested. :)

  3. Interesting idea, but not sure I'm a fan.

  4. Yay – so happy to see our bouquet here! :-)

  5. Very cool concept! All the colors are so rich.

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