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After calling my mom and best friend and my brothers and sister and announcing it to the world, I began to think well now what? Planning a wedding was completely new to me, so how should i get started? well the first task I tackled was to develop a list. I wrote down all the items that a wedding must include. Such as a venue, flowers, catering, music, decorations, a cake, rentals (chairs and tables etc.), attire (dress, tux), Stationery (invites, save the dates, programs etc.), Photographer, and transportation.  Regardless of the theme of a wedding all weddings have each item.


After making this list I sat down with my fiancé and we talked about a budget, we both would love to get a house with in the next couple of years so we new right off from the start that our budget would be rather small. With my School District salary and his Sous Chef salary it would be impossible to have a wedding that would cost us more than we can afford while saving some money. We both settled on 10,000 we couldn’t do more. But what could i really afford on a tight budget and what should i be looking at spending for each item. How should the money be distributed.


At this point I realized I needed some kind of guidance, so I spoke with my Fiancé sister (whom is a wedding planner) she gave me some helpful hits, she asked me to priorities my list, and number what is the most important thing about my wedding, she explained how for her wedding music was extremely important as her husband was a big music aficionado. So here is how I did it.


Wedding Budget Amounts

 50% of Budget – Venue & Catering – 5,000

10% – music – 800

10% – Photography – 1000

3% – Wedding Gifts for Wedding Party and favors for guests – 360

3% – invitations – 360

1% – Transportation – 120

10% – wedding attire – 1000

3% – for additional cost if wedding ceremony is different than reception venue. – 460

10% – Flowers – 900

Since I knew that my biggest priority was to have a nice venue and excellent food (since my chef Fiancé is so darn picky) I knew that most of my money would be going to those two items.  Everything else I broke down according to what I felt was least and most important. Now although the budget may shift but at least now I have a foundation which to work on.




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Simple Southern California Gal, with a rustic fairy tale wedding dream with a Los angeles is too expensive budget. When she isn't planning her wedding she is working at a high school, traveling with her fiance, taking hikes, cooking.

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  • Sadia


    I have been planning my reception for months now and here are my tips:
    1) Make an Excel spreadsheet and write down EVERY item you buy. Now, you can see what is left and stick to a budget. I made a very elaborate spreadsheet where I had to breakdown everything.
    2) Before starting to book anything, make your guestlist. Therefore, you’ll know how much stuff you need to buy. This step can save you loads! For example, I had a max capacity of 250 ppl. So I estimated that that would be around 150 couple or families. I ended with about less than 100 couples or families. Now, I just realized that I bought too many invitations (thank God they are DIY) and too many favors.

    Hope it helps.

    • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie


      I developed a spreadsheet as well, but yes writing down everything helps so much. And how lovely you made your own invitations!! i love DIY

      • Sadia,default,sc.html = Great collection and very user friendly! Often, they have a 40% off coupon on their website. So you can grab one and your husband can grab one. :) And they also sell these fancy card ribbons. So I kept the ribbons that came with the invitations for another project.

        Michaels also sells these fancy shimmer cardstock in grey and champagne (lovely!). 20$ for a pack of 50 shimmer grey and 50 champagne + 40% off. Cut them in half and use a round corner cutter to cut the corners (that one was 5$ at Wal Mart and they also sell fancier ones). Then, you can get a template done on Etsy for like 20$ or from this website or this other one

        To make my invitations super fun, I put instructions for people to use Instagram and Wedpics so they can start posting pics now. That really got everyone excited. :)

        • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie


          Thanks so much for the tip, i will keep in mind your great advice

  • Jenn

    You’re right on with the priorities list! That’s probably the best way to determine how your budget will be determined. And major kudos for starting off with a price you know you’re comfortable with!

    When we started prioritizing, we knew that we just wanted an intimate wedding with only our immediate family and a few of our very close friends, and then we wanted to party! We sat down and talked about our priorities … and every bride (couple) is certainly EONS different from another!

    For us, our biggest priority to spend money was on decorations and DIY stuff. Our venue is free (at my mom’s house/barn in the woods) and we have friends who do videography & photography (I am a professional photographer) and our friends offered us beyond amazing deals as part of our wedding gift. We didn’t care to have a formal sit down dinner – so we axed it. Yup – cut it clean out of the schedule and the budget. We are having food for people to eat while we get our pictures taken and then, entering the barn and partying the night away! There are quiet a few other things in our budget, but the decorations was the bulk of it to turn an outdoor ceremony site and a barn into a beautiful wedding venue.

    Congratulations on your engagement and best of luck planning!! I look forward to blogging alongside you over the next several months (our wedding is end of August this year)!

    • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie


      Yes it does!! And i love the idea of your wedding my wedding will be very similar! I look forward to reading your blogs :)

  • Denise

    We also had an absolute maximum budget (meaning that we really didn’t want to spend a penny more) and one thing that really helped us was to have a second smaller budget that we deemed our “ideal”.

    Friends and family warned us about blowing our budget no matter how carefully we planned due to unforeseen expenses, so we wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t go higher than our maximum!

    We had $8,000 as our maximum budget and $5,000 as our ideal. They were right about those hidden costs! Set-up, delivery, tax, postage stamps? We ended up at $6,500.

    Good luck in the rest of your planning!

    • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie

      Thanks Denise, out Ideal budget would be 8,000 but 10,000 is the max.