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Thank you all for your kind words! I've been slaving over these invites all weekend and it made me happy to know that people liked them! I've had alot of people emailing me about the cost of creating my invitations so here is the invitation cost breakdown folks!

Invitation Cost Breakdown

Here's what I ordered:

100 sheets of SeaGlass Metallic Cover= $54 = .54 per sheet (

100 sheets of IceBlue Metallic Cover= $54 = .54 per sheet (

100 sheets of Opal Stardream Cardstock= $21.95 = .22 per sheet (

200 Opal Stardream Envelopes= $37.90 = .19 per envelope (

Total: $167.85 for all the papers

I took the papers to Kinko's with the templates I created and they did a great job cutting them. Their industrial paper cutter can do exact measurements and cut 100s of sheets at a time. It cost me $16 plus tax to get the paper cut. It was so worth it- imagine cutting 100s of pieces of paper and trying to do it accurately!!! Save yourself the headache and take your paper to Kinko's!!!! I cannot stress this enough.

I got 2 pieces (5 x 7 inches) of SeaGlass backing out of each sheet so that is
.54/2= .27 per piece

I got 2 pieces (4.5 x 6.5 inches) of Opal middle layer out of each sheet which is
.22/2= .11 per piece

I got 3 pieces (4.25 x 6.25 inches) of IceBlue top layer out of each sheet which is
.54/3= .18 per piece

For the reply cards (3.5 x 5 inches) I got 5 pieces per IceBlue sheet which is
.54/5= .11 per piece

Envelopes were .19 apiece

.27 + .11 + .18 + .11 + .19=

.86 PER INVITE!!!!!

As far as printing, I printed them myself on my home printer, the HP Photosmart C6380. COST= FREE! My printer kept telling me the ink was low but I printed 100s of sheets with no quality loss so I didn't replace the original cartridges.

Supplies to assemble the invites:

I used to LOVE to scrapbook but I always used those yucky, messy gluesticks. Things always came unattached. THIS product is amazing- the Scotch Tape Runner. Got it in the craft/scrapbook section at Wal-Mart or you can order it on Amazon. I got one of these and 2 refills… they cost around $5-7 for the dispenser and the refills are a little less, but it was so easy to use and works GREAT. I cannot recommend this enough! I used every bit of all three of them.

If you factor in the cost of cutting and the cost of the tape runners, it adds up like this:

$16 for cutting + around $15 for the tape runners= $31. Divided by 125 invites= an added .25 per invite. So… add that to the .86 and that's about $1.11 total, with assembly costs. That's it folks!!! And they are under the weight limit so I assume I won't have to pay extra postage!

Grand Total: $1.11 per invite (plus postage)

I still have tons of the paper left over to use on other crafts- Menu Cards, Signage for the wedding, etc. I am so thrilled with my accomplishments… I can't even tell you. 🙂

Hope this has been helpful for you all! If you have anymore questions, check out the following post:

DIY Wedding Invitations FAQ

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  • liz

    very beautiful AND very budget friendly. doesn’t get much better than that!!

  • Ashley

    good gosh. you’re project is magnificent.

  • Wow. 86 cents per invite. That’s impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  • koandpo

    Did your printer enable you to print right to the edge of your top layer?

  • This is awe inspiring! You have done such a fantastic job on these and I also LOVED your STDs. Your guests must be so excited to get things from you in the mail!

  • CL

    you invitations look great but in reality you have to add about $40 to the cost of your invitations because you will have to replace your toner.

  • mrsgonzales

    Nicely done! What did you use to create the design/layout?

  • Holy cow (I think I said this yesterday?) — so, you designed the invite yourself + all the prettiness + the pretty two-tones came straight off of your printer? Seriously, that’s not even possible in my head! *Terrific* job :)!!

  • Amy

    That is incredible. I seriously thought about doing this, but I couldn’t do it. I’m impressed.

  • budgetsavvybride

    Thanks for all the sweet comments, ladies!

    @koandpo- yes, I was able to print to the edge of the pieces on the top layer of the invite. However it took quite a bit of time and lots of scrap paper to figure out how to make it do that on a custom size. In the future I would either print on 8.5 x 11 and then get them cut or I would chose a standard size like 4×6 or A7 or something.

    @CL- actually no, not really. ‘In reality’ it didn’t cost me anything to print my invites. In the future if I need more ink, it would apply to my future projects, not this one. Not to mention the fact that these are also a portfolio piece for my graphic design business and my ink for my printer (which I also use for business) is a tax write-off. TYVM. 🙂

    @mrsgonzales- I laid out the invites in Adobe InDesign. The swirly ornament I used for the pattern was something I scanned in to my computer from a stamp I had. 🙂

  • Tara – Lavish Events

    These are awesome, Jess! I’m so excited for you and I know how good it feels when you finally get a project completed 🙂

  • tonya

    way to go!! They are totally gorgeous and look professional!

  • You did a fantastic job!

  • Marcy

    I’m impressed how evenly they are stacked. I’m making my own invites too, but I’m afraid of a project that has the layered look because I know I’ll get them off-center or something. Unless you have some kind of secret to share about that 🙂

  • This is awesome, very helpful and let me say you are one thrifty genius! They look like they cost A LOT MORE than that.

  • Marianne

    Thanks for the breakdown, Jessica! This gives me faith that my budget estimate isn’t completely unrealistic!

  • Sarah

    Those invites look fabulous! You really proved that DIYing your invitations can be inexpensive and look GREAT!

  • diane

    Wow! Fantastic! I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed browsing through it. I’m also planning on designing and printing my own invites…cutting at kinkos is such a fabulous tip and time-saver!!!

  • W

    Your invites look SO nice! Thanks for the breakdown of the invite costs, I’m going to do mine myself too and did the same breakdown but did not come up with a huge cost savings like you did. But that’s bc I didn’t spend a lot of time google paper websites yet. Will definitely check out the one you used.
    Thanks for the paper cutting tip at Kinkos! I was going to make the Fiance sit there for hours with the X-acto knife….hahha. I hope my printer holds up as well as yours. I was planning on doing B&W invites (the printing portion) bc it’s cheaper to print b&Ws outside. But may just try out the color at home first. 🙂
    And the Scotch “tape” suggestion. Wonderful!

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  • That is great of you to break everything down liek this. I’m sure it will help many other brides as they are doing their invitation planning. It is so much easier with actual examples.

  • Steph

    I saw in another post that you showed your template from adobe. I would love to be able to get the same one if you’re able to share it 🙂 Your invites and all your paperwork are so fabulous! I’m such a fan!

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  • Sara Ross

    I love this. Nashville bride-to-be and looking for ANY ways to save money on the wedding. If we don't have to spend it, I don't want to. Also work in graphics, so I know for a fact I can design our invites. Thanks for the info – might be coming to you with more questions! 🙂

    • Very Cool! Glad to 'meet' another Nashville bride! 🙂 Let me know if I can be of any help!

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