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Shortly after our engagement, I met Jesse and his girlfriend at a little party hosted by another local photographer. I left the party thinking, ‘I want to be friends with these two!’ I got home from the party, checked out Jesse’s website and said to Adam, ‘we need to trade a portrait session with these two!’

Not long after we’d set up an evening portrait swap/beer date. Again – talent trade to the budget queen’s rescue. All below photos by Jesse Hisco.


My sister & I both got engaged in 2010. Our family hasn’t had a set of family portraits done in 17 years…yep, it’s the cobbler’s son syndrome. My mum has been requesting [kindly pestering] that I bring my camera and a tripod next time I come home for a visit, but in my eyes, it’s just not the same. We decided to all pitch in and get her a gift certificate for an adult family portrait…you know, before there are scads of grandkids running around [not anytime soon…but this one took 17 years, so I figured we should get cracking!] There’s one of my local colleagues in particular that mum follows, Niki Davidson.

Not long ago, we finally rounded up all six of us here in Canmore for the session…because we’re all scattered across Western Canada it was, believe it or not, the first time all six of us had ever been together at once! It was pretty great. Niki snapped a few photos of each couple on their own, I just love a few of the ones she got of Adam & I. If it was up to me, we would have had an engagement session every month of our engagement!

Photos below by Snickerdoodle Photography

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    I like the nature background a lot. you have captured the moment of this couple very well.