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Back in April my mum hosted a wedding craft-o-thon. When we began discussing this wedding nearly a year ago, I mentioned something about not expecting anything of epic proportions for our plans. Everything about this craft-o-thon was kind of the epitome of epic proportions. My mum rounded up a solid troupe of talented crafters to pitch in. The group was composed of the lady members of the family, minus my sister who was unable to make the journey to Camrose from Saskatoon.

Before the gals showed up, mum mentioned that she would leave me in charge. I felt kind of like the DIY slave driver bridezilla [which was clearly never my intention] so upon their arrival I jokingly welcomed them to “Julie’s wedding sweatshop.”

I feel so lucky that my Grandma Esther was able to be there and pitch in with the projects. This table once belonged to my great grandparents. It’s been passed down for years and has recently ended up in my parents’ dining room. Grandma commented on how much work has been done on this table over the years; she used to do her homework here as young girl.

Hey! No smiling in the craft factory!

Val made these napkins, and Marian sewed several coordinating tablecloths.

I’m just tickled pink with each of the patterns we tracked down for the linens. My grandma chipped in and purchased the necessary fabric for these projects.

This bunting just makes me happy. How can you not smile when you look at this? We have about 150ft of it. WOW.

Dozens of 2nd-hand mismatched frames which will become chalkboards.

The red coat turned out just great. Chalkboard spray paint, on the other hand, is not great – blotchy and drippy. Lesson learned. Marian has kindly offered to grab a can of real chalkboard paint and roll on a coat or two in order to finish off the project. These will be used for the drink station, BBQ dinner menus, welcome signage and just little notes around the campsite.

Along with help from her mother-in-law, Val collected over 200 mis-matched mason jars and plenty of cutlery from her hometown Goodwill store. The jars will be our drinking sleeveless…as well as decor, of course. I just love mason jars. No plastic cups and forks at the end of the night! [Thanks dad for letting keep this stack in your garage.]

So, as you’ve probably noticed, our simple little affair is no longer quite as low-key as originally anticipated. But it’s awesome. I come from a long line of very savvy crafters, so really, a craft event like this is only natural. I’m the first cousin in attendance to get married; I can only imagine how efficient the craft factory will be by the time 16 year old Crysta ties the knot.

I’m so excited for this wedding. And I’m even more excited to just be married to Adam! I’ve had SUCH.A.GOOD.TIME with every single part of the planning process so far. In the start, I wanted to keep it simple in hopes of keeping it stress free. However, we’ve had countless generous offers of help and talent that instead of becoming tedious and stressful, it’s just been so fun to spend this kind of time with my friends and family. I’m going to have such great memories of these months leading up to our wedding.

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  • Ashley

    "My fingers hurt" "Oh, well now your back's gonna' hurt, 'cause you just pulled landscaping duty." -Happy Gilmore
    Making your poor Grandma work like a dog. j/k I can't delegate, so, more power to ya'!

  • LaLande

    OMG! Your grandma is so cute! This is just the kind of wedding sweatshop A.K.A. craft-a-thon that I need!