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Ok so a bit ago I shared how I got my invitations from Wedding Paper Divas. Can I tell you how happy I am with them?!

I love them. I wanted something elegant and romantic and traditional and these are SO it. But I didn’t want to just stuff them all together in an envelope and call it good; I wanted something to tie them all together! So after seriously a 5 hour shopping trip with my mother and sister, we fiiiiiinally came up with a plan.

First, we got some ribbon. We got a few different kinds because we wanted to keep it as cost-happy as possible, and some stores only had a spool or two of a certain type. But I thought it made the end result look kind of eclectic because they all coordinated, but didn’t match exactly. Which is fine, right?

Then I wanted to secure the ribbon somehow that wasn’t just by taping it together. This literally took me FOR-EV-ER to figure out, but as soon as I did I was OBSESSED with it. While at Michael’s, I came upon this wrapping paper that pretty much matched my invites exactly:

Like really, honestly does it get much better than that?! ¬†Since wrapping paper alone is a bit too flimsy to do anything with, I backed it with some cardstock and made the cutest little decorative circles. Here’s what you’ll need: wrapping paper (there are sooo many different kinds and it’s really not that expensive of a decor element, if you think about it!), cardstock, rubber cement (it doesn’t wrinkle paper like glue sticks do), and a 1″ circle hole punch (or whatever shape you like):

First, roll out the wrapping paper and place a few pieces of carstock on the back of it:

Then, apply a generous amount of rubber cement to the cardstock and attach a few pieces to the back of the wrapping paper. Make sure you cover it completely so that there are no gaps between the wrapping paper and cardstock so they don’t fall apart too easily (Oh and here is my lovely sister again!).

Then cut out each secure cardstock/wrapping paper sheet individually:

So it looks like this (no need to have perfect edges, it just makes it a bit easier to stamp):

Then (after the rubber cement has dried completely), take the 1″ whole punch and start punching circles! The punch I bought from Michael’s is nice because you can see exactly what you’re punching out to find the best parts of the design (:

And ta-da! I think these are a super cute element to really amp up invites (:

So then, take your invitation (stacked however you like), one piece of ribbon (we pre-cut everything beforehand so it was easy peasy when we got to the attaching part), and one circle.

Take a small piece of double sided tape and tightly secure the ribbon together:

And place a circle on top!

Super cute, right? Here’s another example using a different kind of ribbon:

And then the front looks like this:

I am tremendously happy with how they turned out! I really think using wrapping paper is so easy and makes such a big impact! What do you think? I have a few more invite details to share next week, too!

How are your invitations going? Any other budget friendly ways to send out extraordinary invites? Please share!

Have fantastic weeks!



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