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Hello hello!

So I have a bit more to add about invitations… I realized last week if I talked about EVERYTHING I would have been rambling on for-ev-er, so here is Invitations Part 2!

Mini recap: this is how I tied everything together:

…but there were a few more TOTALLY budget friendly little things that I think were super fun and I want to share! Ok so we obviously wanted to include information about accommodations, attractions, hotel reservations, directions, etc. etc. etc., but adding on more to our invitations package was going to be too expensive. So I did it myself!

I updated our wedding website (free from!) with all of that information and created some simple inserts with the link using Microsoft Publisher (super easy peasy to use). I printed them out business card size, which was perfect, and used the same gray cardstock I used to make the circles. Waa laa (obviously you can print waaay more on a page but I just sent them to the printer and didn’t double check how many I was printing per page… oops!)!

So then we took the same wrapping paper and backed them all:

Cut them all out:

And used a mini paper cutter to make all of the edges straight!

And ta-da! Cute “matching” inserts!

And a few more things:

While at Hobby Lobby, we came across a wax stamping kit with 5 colors of wax and 5 different stamps for $12. Um, HOW BALLER ARE WAX SEALS?! (: So we got it! To do our 115 invitations, it took 3 of the sticks of wax, so now if I ever want to stamp my mail, I totally have that option (:

It was an easy process, too. You just light the wick of the wax (it kind of just looks like a candle), let it drip a bit…

And stamp it!

Like seriously how cute? I know it’s not a necessary element but for 10 cents an invitation, I think it’s worth it (:

 So we pretty much through an invitation-assembling party in my kitchen:

…and this was Justin’s part. He is so involved (:

AND we had a few extra invites so I decided to send some special ones out:

…hopefully they come!

I had a ton of fun putting together the invitations, but it’s even more fun to have all of the RSVPs rolling in! Anyone else have any fantastic little invite accessories? PLEASE share!





ps Do you even believe it’s September!?! It’s nearly fall!

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  • Kay

    I love it! I'm working on my invitations right now and needed some inspiration. We moved away from our friends and family so I'm doing the invites on my own across the country.

  • Aurea

    Love love love the wax stamping kit! It's like in the prehistoric eras when kings would send mails and stamp it with wax! I super like it! 😀