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So I have another bunch of pretty photos for you today from my many months of collecting, but yet again I was negligent in keeping track of the links. Either way, I’m hoping to wear my hair mostly down on my wedding day- I’ve been growing it out for months and although it’s a pain, I know I probably won’t have hair this long for the rest of my life so I figured why not show it off on my wedding day! Check out these beautiful, inspiring do’s- I’m a big fan of the cascading curls. Can you say, Va-va-voom!? :)

PS- Hey to anyone who was directed here from iDIY! Thanks for stoppin’ in! :)

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  • Marie-Eve

    I especially like the seventh photo, the brunette taken from the side with the little jeweled barrette. Very elegant!

  • sweetfrenchtoast

    This is the long, flowy hair look I’m going for too! Since I’m on a serious budget, I am going to try to master the look myself. Wish me luck….

  • Wedding Poop

    I am sooo saving all these photos. Love ’em all.

  • Shamika

    I really like the 3rd and 8th picture. I think it’s the dark hair too that makes a difference. You have some good selections to choose from. Good Luck!

  • Colleen

    i LOVE the inspiration pics! we have similar taste, as I brought 4 of these same pics to my stylist before the wedding! good luck with everything!!!

  • Cyd

    I’ve missed you the last few days! Hope all is well. Just wanted to stop in and wish you and your family a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  • An Atlanta Bride

    Loving that look. Going to attempt to replicate it {myself!}.

  • Tosha

    I really wish my hair was long enough for this… It’s such an ethereal, beautiful, romantic look.

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