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What was your budget?

$15,000- here’s the breakdown:

Church/Organist – $150
Reception Hall – $1,000
Catering – $5,500
Alcohol – $1,000
Photography – $2,000
Music – $1,200
Stationary – $750
Attire – $1,000
Planner – $1,000
Linens – $400

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

We chose to get married in my family’s small church near the beach, it is so old, small and quaint that it didn’t need much decorating it was just wonderful to know that my family sat there every Sunday and we had exchanged our vows there. For our reception we thought outside of the box. We wanted a beautiful location at the beach but didn’t have much money. Our location doesn’t advertise a lot and the ballroom was small so it was a steal and very unique. We had our cocktail hour in the lobby and made our entrances down the large marble steps so we could join our guests.

Each couple in our bridal party had their own song and loved the attention. Once it was our turn we descended the stairs, popped a few bottles and filled our champagne tower. After mingling for a while our guests were asked to go upstairs to the ballroom. We were re-introduced to another song and danced our first dance to Elvis “Can’t help falling in love.”

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