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When working on a budget I think the biggest issue is finding the right venue that will work with your budget. When we first began wedding venue hunting we didn’t really know what questions to ask, or what to look for. After long trips to different venues we began to figure out what things we were looking for.


The All-inclusive venue is a great option for those that are looking to have a full packaged and do not want to spend the long hours of researching different catering companies, Rentals, and or a Bakery. Look for what exactly is included and what are your different options that they have available. Make sure that you express what is important to you and if they are able to accommodate you.


For us it didn’t really make sense to get an all-inclusive location, as we know a lot of catering companies and pastry chefs. We wanted to look for something that allowed us to do it as simple or extravagant as we wanted. And after long hours of research I out weight my options and found that in LA getting a all inclusive deal was really not a deal at all (really!). Not to mention that I am obsessed with a barn style wedding and lets get real here that doesn’t exist in a city like this, and if they do they will cost you an arm and a leg.


Since I am planning to do most of my decorations I didn’t want to spend unnecessary amount of money on things I didn’t need nor wanted. Although most of these places are big and beautiful we always envisioned our wedding to be small and quaint. I knew that in LA I would not be able to find a location we both liked, so I began to search in the surrounding areas but still with in our county limit, and after long hours of research I found thee perfect location, and the best part is I found it on the Parks and historical landmarks section of the city website. It was Exactly in our budget and best of all we can choose the catering company they work with or bring out own. We pick and choose what we want. AND THE BEST PART IS A GOT MY BARN LOCATION FOR $3,000!! We chose to have it in Camarillo Ranch Foundation, and the people have been nothing but helpful so far. The price includes both the ceremony and reception. I am so excited!


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Simple Southern California Gal, with a rustic fairy tale wedding dream with a Los angeles is too expensive budget. When she isn't planning her wedding she is working at a high school, traveling with her fiance, taking hikes, cooking.

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  • Jenn

    Congrats on scoring your dream location!!! That is certainly awesome! We had originally looked at a location that’s not too far from where we live, a barn with outdoor ceremony option with gazebo in the middle of the woods and the full package for the table rentals and ceremony/reception and bar space was under $3,000 – it was perfect! Until we took a look at not only our timeframe but our budget. With sticking to under $6k (trying really hard to come in under $5k) and paying for it all out of our own savings and paychecks in a timeframe of 3 months …. yea …. we had to scrap it. As badly as I wanted to get married there, as luck would have it, my mom has a gorgeous log home in the woods and a barn/garage that is easily turned into a fantastic reception venue and the perfect outdoor location for our August 2013 ceremony … and it’s free.

    Had we NOT decided to get married in 3 months after we were engaged, we probably would have booked the barn in the woods close to our home for the all-in-one inclusive option. It certainly would have cut out what I’ve had to do with running to get the linens, the rentals, the decorations (again, all would have been included in the barn we liked). The price to pay – stress!

    • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie

      Yay Jen i am so happy for you, i wish i knew someone with a barn available for free, how very lucky of you!!

  • Brandon

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  • Lauren

    I love barn weddings! We wanted a barn so bad but, knowing we wanted to get married in the fall ten months after we got engaged, everything was booked! We found a great location in the national parks that my fiance and I fell in love with. Coming from out of town, we live two hours from our venue we didn’t have a lot of time to keep going back home to find a place. We decided that we wanted to get married there. My biggest complaint though is that we were not told about all of our hidden fees. Originally the place would have cost $2500 but we are using an outside caterer (saves money for us), we have to rent the place for a rehearsal, pay for lighting, and pay for additional time. When all is said and done the final cost will be $4100. I wouldn’t say it’s the parks’ fault but I wish I had known that before getting the contract. We still absolutely love our venue and the people there that have helped us have been wonderful and our day will be amazing. I didn’t know the questions to ask so I tell brides to ask questions, and lots of them! Even if you don’t think of it until later follow up. And always check to see if a venue is willing to work with you on some of the “extra” pricing, the worst they can say is no.

  • Details Nashville

    Being prepared when you are meeting with the managers of potential venues is very important. Knowing all the equipment you could possibly need, and finding what is included in the venue’s cost is crucial. Always bring a capable planner who can help you make considerations of the venue. Another set of objective eyes are very helpful.