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Callandra & I connected for the first time about a year ago. She & I were in the same boat; both Postcard Weddings and Julie Williams Photography were gearing up for the first summer in business here in Canmore. She spoke about her “who says you have to” approach to wedding planning and I was hooked. Long before Adam & I were planning a wedding, I knew that was the theme I would like to keep for our own event. She caters to the fun, quirky, whimsical couple looking to wed in the Rockies.

The two of us have had the opportunity to collaborate several times since that initial meeting, it’s been really encouraging to be able to work alongside another young and fun business woman. Our businesses have both come so far in the past year and it’s so exciting to watch each one grow and evolve.

Callandra is going to be onsite for the day of the wedding to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. If it wasn’t for this gal, there would be no way I’d attempt setting up the array of colored vases, 150 feet of bunting and mismatched chalkboards on my own in the wee hours before nuptials. I am going to be so thankful to spend a fun, stress free morning with my mum and sister at the salon instead of asking them to hang out at the site with a mess of instructions on how to set thing up as per my “vision”. Ms. Cherry Tree has offered so many helpful suggestions and concepts. She’s also a pro at keeping things in check logistically and realistically. I’m involved with the wedding biz, and am 100% confident behind the camera, but truthfully I have no idea how a wedding runs from the bride side of things.

She’ll be at the wedding to keep an eye on everything, but ultimately, she’ll be there as our friend and I really hope that we can enjoy a few bevies together once everything is up and running smoothly. Callandra & I have exchanged a great deal of services for one another and have helped push each others businesses to the next level. With that understanding, she has offered to trade her time and talent in exchange for my photography services in the past and in the future. In the nicest possible way, she owns me and my camera, basically :) It’s WAY worth it.

Okay, I’ve recently realized that without all the “talent trades” [sounds much more polite than bartering] I’ve been arranging, this wedding wouldn’t exactly be a true budget wedding. However, I feel that this is a 100% realistic way to do things. Everyone has got a skill or service that has a value, get out there and barter! I don’t mean barter like you would at a garage sale, barter politely. And please, please, please be sure not to devalue the product, service or talent you’re bartering on.

I just can’t say enough for everything Callandra has already helped with. She has brought so much to the table of ideas, it means so much that she is onboard and enthusiastic about our nontraditional concepts. Brides, be sure to follow Callandra on Facebook and Twitter…she is constantly sharing tons of interesting tidbits and great findings which most people would never think [even in a million years] to incorporate in their wedding. Below are some slightly unconventional wedding planner headshots we did one evening.

And now for a good taste of Callandra’s eclectic Rocky Mountain design skills:

*This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing an awesome vendor!

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  • gourmet catering

    WOW! This is really fantastic wedding planing ideas, She’ll be there as our friend and I really hope that we can enjoy a few bevies together once everything is up and running smoothly..
    Thanks for sharing with us..

  • Callandra

    I'm so flattered!! Working with Julie has been so much fun! I love Julie's mention of doing some bartering ( without devaluing services) you never know if you talent could be really valuable to someone!!

  • Debbie Copsey

    I have had the opportunity to work with Callandra at one of the biggest weddings ever and so I speak from experience that if I ever wanted someone in my corner, covering my back or holding my hand it would be her. She is amazingly quick thinking and creative and doesn't take no for an answer. With Callandra, she will make it work. Great share Julie.

  • Wendy Lee

    She is absolutely the most sparklely gem in the Rockies that is for sure!! Hooray Callandra!