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After seeing those shoe clips at the dyeable shoe store, I started searching the web for more options. I wasn’t having any real luck until I decided to reframe my search to “clip-on earrings.” Whoa! Who knew that so many places still carried big, sparkly, costume jewelry-type clip-ons! I came across this website, that I ended up pouring over for nearly an hour- I’ve always thought I had ADD, but then again, what woman isn’t distracted by something sparkly? I wouldn’t necessarily claim that these are “budget-friendly” options, but they did have SOME stuff that was reasonable! Take a look at all the sparkly goodness of these clip-ons!


All images from Jackson Jewels

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  • Abbie

    So fun! I love the blue and green necklaces!

  • future Mrs. Jones

    I love the sparkles!!!!! I think I want one of everything. Mr. Jones hates that kind of jewelry, isn’t really into the vintage look but I LOVE it!