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After dancing with my new hubby, I danced with my daddy. We danced to John Mayer’s ‘Daughters’.father daughter

I can’t look at these pictures without tearing up… Chris and Adrienne did such a great job capturing every emotion of the day. From my laughs to my ugly cry- haha. father daughter
father daughter
My dad’s not one to enjoy being the center of attention, so it meant alot to me to get to dance with him on my wedding day- and for him to get up and speak in front of our guests! father daughter
He told me the wedding was beautiful and that he was proud of me… of course I started to cry, haha. :) father daughter
My dad was telling me he was worried he was going to pull a ‘Brett Favre’ during his toast… I was like, what? And he reminded me of how Brett Favre cried ‘like a little girl’ when he announced his retirement from football… LOL. I was cracking up… father daughter
I am so lucky to have parents who love me so much!! I love you dad!

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  • Ashley

    Aww…that post made me tear up. I’m not close to either my father or step-father so I’m probably not going to be doing a father/daughter dance.

  • MidwestElle

    Wow–your dad looks so young!

  • Kristal

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  • Sarah-Lois

    Awww. What I really love about your blog, is that you always share emotion and it’s like you’re so transparent with how things are with you and how you feel. God bless your relationship with your parents :-)