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Are you ready for the wedding recaps?! It’s gonna take a while, but the journey up until the day took a while too and you’re all still here reading so I guess you kinda wanna see the fruits of my labor, eh? The poll was pretty close 52% to 48% for budget breakdowns… so I’m gonna probably bounce back and forth over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

This is my first look at myself in the mirror after the fabulous Amy Lynn Larwig (now Brown!) did my makeup. I kind of look numb in this picture and I think it’s because it was all finally starting to feel
wedding dayI still look a little out of it, eh? Oh, and I wish I had taken Jessica Lynn’s advice on wearing something cute for the day of but it was raining that morning and I was feeling a little unorganized so my ‘getting ready’ outfit wasn’t first priority.

Putting on my jewelry by the fabulous Candy’s Art on Etsy. I am still in love with my jewelry and have no regrets about being non-traditional with my accessories!first look
hair and makeup

There she is- the adorable miss Amy Lynn! She did such a fantastic job on my makeup– originally I thought I would do my makeup myself to save some money, but I am so glad I didn’t! I still looked like me, but just a more beautiful version of myself. I have never felt prettier in my life!

Just part of her magic box o’ tricks. 🙂makeup

Putting on the finishing touches… Oh yes, ladies- those eyelashes are fake. I LOVE fake eyelashes and they add so much ‘oomph’ to your look. I totally recommend them!makeup

My beautiful veil by the lovely Kasia Fink and my adorable garter by Julianne Smith!veil garter
I’m all done up and ready- then it was time to put on the dress! 🙂gettingready

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  • Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see even more.

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  • Sarah

    Wow, lovely photos, can’t wait to see more! And I think that your getting-ready outfit IS cute. So there 🙂

  • Pure gorgeousness!! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • I love the pics… especially your first one and the one of you putting on your jewelry. I like how you didn’t do just strictly b&w or color but a mix of both.

  • I just read through your posts after the wedding and I am in awe!! What an amazing day. You compltely pulled off the look you were going for-i think you even outdid yourself!! just amazing. And I agree-your accessoried were such a hit. That yellow flower ring–so amazing! Congrats!!

  • love the pics! i really liked the 3rd one of you putting on the necklace. so sweet! thanks for posting such a great pic of the garter 🙂

  • OMG!!!!!!!

    I like all your pictures, look fabulous!!!!! from your make up to you hair. Everything was perfect. I can’t wait for more pictures…. I really like all the ways the pictures were taken.

  • Amy


  • You didn’t need me to look fabulous. You’re gorgeous on your own. I just bring the glam. So glad everything came together so well!

  • Hey Jessica,

    Would you mind telling me where you got your undergarment for under your dress? I’m looking for something like what you are wearing but am having no luck.