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I just wanted to share with you my .02 cents about creating my photo-guestbook with Inkubook. As I said before, I created the layout in Adobe Indesign. That’s my favorite program to work in and find it infinitely easier than laying out pages in photoshop. But that’s just me…

Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6

I just received my photobook guestbook yesterday… I placed the order on March 8 and my book was printed, shipped, and in my hands on March 17. Not too bad if you ask me! I am pleased overall with how it turned out. See for yourselves!

wedding photobook

The front cover. I wasn’t highly impressed with the cover print, I thought the quality was a little questionable, but only because I have high standards. :) Mom thinks it looks great.

wedding photobook 2

Wasn’t thrilled with the black front and back pages but I didn’t have a choice in that matter. It looks nice enough, just didn’t fit with my color scheme, haha. On this page I put a little poem about signing the guest book… the text is just a tiny bit grainy on close examination… but again, nothing to freak out about. It’s still perfectly readable!

wedding photobook 3

The colors look great- I have to wonder about the dpi that they are printing at… I felt like some of the images look a little grainy at close inspection. Again, not bad enough to get upset over. I am just picky.

wedding photobook 4

I noticed on a few spreads some of my images get sucked into the gutter. I think I would be more careful about this next time. I would say leave half an inch or so in the middle when laying out pages for the best results.

wedding photobook 5

One of my favorite spreads, of course! My shoe alllllmost got eaten by the gutter. haha

wedding photobook 6

The last page. I added this little text per my mom’s recommendation and I love how it turned out! (Although again, a little too close to the gutter!)

wedding photobook 7

Overall, I’m really pleased with the final product. Now I know for next time to allow some extra space in the gutter… but it’s definitely not bad enough to warrant a re-print. Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post and I did not receive my book for free. I paid about $30 for this book, including shipping. I found a coupon code on RetailMeNot that saved me a few bucks. I think it was totally worth it and will be a great way to keep our guests special thoughts for us along with featuring Chris and Adrienne’s fabulous work for years to come! I definitely recommend InkuBook!

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  • Abbie

    You are so savvy at this stuff! I’m sure it looks amazing!

    I can’t imagine how mine would look!

  • shamika

    I Love it.

  • The Professional Bridesmaid

    Looks awesome. What is the quality of the paper like?

  • Ally

    Another site I’ve had work printed from (including my Save-the-Date postcards) is – they have fantastic prints, books, and other products. I am a photography/art teacher and am pretty picky about the quality of photographs but I’ve been impressed by their stuff so far.

    I’m glad you like your guest book! I love the photos you chose, and your graphic design work in general.

  • liz

    Fabulous! I love it. What a beautiful, unique wedding momento! :)

  • Lori

    Did you have to re-size your pics to leave the white spaces around them? I’d like to do this, but I might have to get help if it involves changing the pics.


  • Sarah

    It looks great from what I can see online. I never knew about so thanks for sharing. I can definitely use their service since I’m planning one of my bff’s wedding.

  • AmyJean @Relentlessbride

    That book is awesome! WOW. I’m impressed!

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  • Rosemary

    You said that you laid out the pages in InDesign. Did you then just upload the design as a photo or how did you do it? I am not wild about the layout options that it gives you. Any more suggestions as I am trying to make one right now. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    This is a great idea! I couldn’t tell from the photos, but did you leave blank white space without lines for your guests to sign? I’m an anti-lines person myself, so if so, I think that’s a great idea!

    Do you think the quality of an Inkubook would be better than Snapfish? That’s the only other company I have worked with on a project like this.

  • UkrainianGirls

    I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

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  • Alex67

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