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We both decided we aren’t the formal type of couple, we are both quirky and we wouldn’t want to sit at our own wedding bored to death!! I’ve always liked the vintage shabby chic style and since my fiance is a chef so he’s into rustic displays of food and innovating new ways of showing and delivering a plate presentation. So we figured why not incorporate the two!


Now the hard part was I really wanted an outdoorsy feel to the wedding- something very modest but yet classic. After long hours of research for rustic weddings we both decided we wanted something different than what we have seen around Los Angeles. 


Our colors are Dusty rose and gray shades; we want to keep it simple- nothing too elaborate. And I am currently obsessed with barn weddings and am on the hunt for the perfect barn location in Los Angeles. As for now I am inspired by simple flower arrangements and decorations. Let me know what you think! Do I have any rustic brides out there on the hunt as well?

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About Grecia

Simple Southern California Gal, with a rustic fairy tale wedding dream with a Los angeles is too expensive budget. When she isn't planning her wedding she is working at a high school, traveling with her fiance, taking hikes, cooking.

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  • Jenn

    Absolutely!! We are planning a rustic shabby chic wedding at my parents home here in Michigan. We are quite similar as we also are not interested in a crazy boring wedding. Beautiful and elegant yet simple and rustic.

    • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie

      awesome Jen i cant wait to see your final outcome!!

  • CC

    Totally with you. I never would’ve imagined a simple barn wedding would cost so much!..Leave it to LA! Best of luck with the hunt! I hope you’ll keep us posted :-)

    • http://budgetsavvybride Gracie

      Yes only in LA, and i will keep you guys updated on everything