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Let’s talk money.


I mean, that’s why you’re here isn’t it? To find out how to save money, spend it wisely, and stretch your dollars when possible. These days, the parents of the bride don’t always pay the tab for the wedding day – lots of you gals are probably covering some of the cost of your weddings with the help of your fiancé. So today I want to share some tips and helpful info to show you a great way to make a plan to save money for your wedding with the help of a special savings account.




When E and I were planning our own budget wedding back in 2008-2009, we knew we had to be disciplined with saving money every month. Thank goodness I was already familiar with Capital One 360 (formerly INGDirect) – I had opened my account soon after I graduated from college as a way to make sure I was saving on a regular basis. With ING Direct, I set up an automatic savings plan – twice a month, when my paycheck was direct-deposited, ING would auto-draft a set amount out of my personal checking into my ING Savings account. Then once E and I got engaged, we linked his checking account as well so we were both contributing to our joint savings towards the wedding. It made it SO SO easy- we didn’t even have to think about it – and we really never missed that money because it was like it was never really in our personal accounts! Saving money for your wedding (or anything else for that matter) has never been easier!



One of the great things about CapitalOne360  is that they have a higher-than-typical interest rate of .75% APY, so you’ll make more in interest than with a traditional bank’s savings account. Another of my favorite features is their MySavingsGoals! You can set up a savings goal for yourself very easily, and it visually helps you track how close you are to reaching your goal!


my savings goals

You can set a dollar amount you want to save up to reach and the date you want to reach the goal by, and Capital One 360 calculates the savings payments you will need to make on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Then you can set up your automatic savings plan to auto-draft your savings payment into your account- EASY AS THAT!

If you and your fiancé are having to pay for some or all of your wedding expenses yourself (or any other big life event or purchase) I HIGHLY recommend signing up for an Capital One 360 Savings Account! Visit Capital One 360 to open an account today and start saving up!! 


$25 New Account Bonus!!

Open a new Capital One 360 Account with a starting balance of at least $250 and you’ll get a $25 BONUS deposited into your new account. Can you say FREE MONEY? 


I never, ever recommend products, services or companies that I haven’t personally reviewed. I have been a customer/account holder of Capital One 360 / ING direct since 2007, and have used my Savings Account for a number of different needs including: saving for our wedding, saving for our house, saving for vacations, saving for our big move, etc. I personally use and recommend this company because I’ve had an excellent experience with them and it’s made saving for various things in my life so easy.

I have not been paid to write or share this post; these are my own opinions that I am voluntarily sharing. The links contained in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you decide to try out Capital One 360 for yourself, I will receive a bonus for your referral. It’s a nice bonus for me, but I would recommend this company and their Savings Account to you regardless of if I got this bonus or not, because it has helped me THAT much and I think it will help you, too! Happy Saving!! xo

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