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Good morning, everyone!

So you might recall I had my first centerpiece trial a few weeks ago. The end result looked like this:


The problem is, I used fake flowers! I really want to use real flowers for my reception because (a) they’re actually more cost-effective than using the silk ones I purchased at $3-5/stem, and (b) I just think real flowers are much much prettier (:

So I went to the store to pick up a few items:


I already had the candle sticks from last week, but I bought some flower foam ($1.12, Hobby Lobby), feathers ($1.09, Hobby Lobby), and 4 carnations, 4 roses, and 1 hydrangea ($10.71, Horrocks Market).

I started with the hydrangea. First, I cut a small chunk of the flower foam and stuck it in the candlestick (along with some water!) (although I didn’t take a picture with water) (sorry):


Then I cut individual sprigs off of the hydrangea. I know that they don’t survive a very long time without the rest of the bunch, and I learned thanks to an awesome comment on my last post that they need PLENTY of water, so this totally might not work for the amount of time I need it to (I’ll let you know).


I stuck each piece into the side of the foam like so:


And then added another sprig:


And after 3 it looked like this! Totally cute:


I also bought some pink carnations–TOTALLY budget-friendly. I know that they kind of have a had reputation for being “cheap,” but I think they look quite nice when they are tightly together and they’re also my grandma’s favorite flower (:

First, I put some feathers in to add a little somethin’ somethin’:


Then, I cut the carnations very short:


And squeezed them in with a bit of water! And ta-da!


The roses were easy-peasy: just cut the stem and plop them on candle sticks. And here is my end result:


Obviously they are not the “rightest” colors–I’m still looking for everything to be a dusty pink. However, the nice lady at the flower market told me that it shouldn’t be a problem to order these flowers in the correct color in bulk. So they’re ALMOST right! What do you think??


ALSO, I bopped around a few Goodwills in the area and found a couple of these guys:


I got 8 different candlesticks (and 1 candelabra!) for $9! Not bad I don’t think (: So, I added some black spray paint (same can from last time):


Continued my painting operation (my neighbors thought I was so bizarre taking pictures of everything I was doing haha):


And I ended up with 8 cool new candlesticks:


I added the silk flowers to make them look cute, and here’s my final result!


I am exceedingly happy with how these are turning out! And can I just say I love this candelabra?! I hope I can find more!


So how are your centerpieces going? Anyone else working with candlestick flowers? Any other cool ideas? I wish you nothing but the best luck with all of your DIY projects!

Have fantastic weeks!


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  • Laurie

    Hi! Thought I'll give you a tip about the hydrangeas. We did a dry run and found thatt it does fine in water. So, for my wedding we cut the flowers and immediately put it in a bucket (from family/friends) and then when we were ready to put them in the vases with WATER, we cut them with a slope than straight across and stuck them in the vase the night before the wedding. They still looked fantastic the day after! Good luck.

  • Jasmine

    Beautiful centerpieces! Keep up the good work!

  • @amitygardens

    I love you're candelabra. So cute!____1) I love how Jesus made an appearance in your pictures____2) Who has a pink garbage bin and where can I find it?

  • Kevin

    Great job! I am a professional caterer in San Jose, California and I can honestly say that I use some of the same tachniques when creating centerpieces. Making your own is a great way to save money on your wedding. Don't let any caterer or wedding planner tell you different. Ikea is also a good source for inexpensive candle holders. The key is not spend too much because chances are you will be painting them anyway.

  • kaycee

    The good thing about what you did is that you used your creativeness and resourcefulness. i like it very much my dear. I never expected that you will have a good result because I’m thinking that it’s homemade. You did a great job. It’s simple but good looking.

  • Juliet

    Thanks so much for your post! I’ve been trying to find budget-friendly centerpieces and I just might go this route. Idk why I didn’t consider spray painting them to give them a brand new look! Definitely going to attempt something like this! And I actually never really liked carnations, but they looked great bunched up together in the candlestick! I’m definitely going to be adopting that idea from you! Thanks again for sharing! (=