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Without calling myself obsessive compulsive when it comes to organization… I will admit to being a little over the top. So when it came to gearing up to decide every tiny detail of our upcoming wedding, I knew I had to get organized fast or my plans would spiral out of control (too dramatic? I warned you…)

After announcing our engagement my sweet parents mailed me this honker:

Um, hello… could there be a more perfect gift?! If you have any wedding related questions, this baby has the answers.

Not only do I have this to tote around, but I made my own binder to keep track of all my vendors information, contracts, and guest list.

So far the binders are doing a great job of keeping me on task and organized, which I LOVE!

(funny sidenote: when I went home to visit my mom, she pulled out a binder she had made for the wedding planning too! Great minds think alike.) How are you keeping your wedding plans/ideas/inspiration organized?

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