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$10K Peach Wedding

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wedding cake with paper flowers

Calling all antique book and library lovers! Today’s wedding is filled with so many rustic and fun details, from the book page flowers on the wedding cake to the library file to help guests find their seat at the reception. Alli and Adam chose a local historic site for their venue, and it beautifully complemented their vintage ambience. I also love Alli’s spring bouquet with the bright greenery and peach flowers! Enjoy today’s peach wedding from Indiana! xoxo, Jessica

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Alli + Adam

April 18, 2015
Danville, IN | The Blanton House



What was your budget?

We did not have a set budget before we started planning the wedding. We knew that we would be receiving a small amount of help from our parents and that we had a small amount in savings. We tried to figure out how much additional we may be able to save in the seven months we were engaged. We ended up estimating that $10,000 would be a realistic budget. Here’s how it was spent:

Venue (included tent, tables, chairs, use of kitchen, house, and grounds): $2,300

Catering and alcohol: $3,000

Dress: $1,000

Suit: $250

Flowers: $180

Linens: $200

Dance Floor: $200

DJ: $650

Save the dates and invitations: $200 (including stamps!)

Cake: $250

Table centerpieces: $150

Other decorations: $50

Photographer: $1,600



How many guests did you have?

We head 150 guests.



What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

My husband and I are avid readers and I’m also a teacher. Reading and books are very important to us and I’ve always had a love for antiques. We decided to use vintage books that I’d been collecting from antique stores for our table centerpieces. We also tore out pages from some of the books to make paper flowers to decorate the tables and cake. My mother in law rolled up book pages, tied them with ribbons, and then placed them in tall glass jars for another decoration. I’m also a quilter, so instead of a guestbook, I had people sign pieces of fabric that I’m using to make a quilt to remember the day. My sister is a graphic designer, so she made images for our table numbers that looked like chapters from a book. A good friend of mine also had lots of antique doilies that we used on the tables. The whole day was very inspired by husband, myself, our families and friends.



What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

Lots of the decorations for the wedding were DIY. My husband and I really wanted to have an outdoor/backyard wedding (but still classy!) Once we chose the location, we really felt like we didn’t need to over-do-it on decor since the setting was so pretty. I chose not to have flowers on the tables which saved us hundreds if not thousands! I also designed and printed our save-the-dates (a bookmark to go with our theme!) and invitations which saved us hundreds again. We got my husband’s suit at Men’s Wearhouse. He’s already worn it again a few times since the wedding! The other big thing that helped us save money was using a caterer that was reasonably priced who could also bring in alcohol and serve it. We got a discount for using him for both and they did a great job!



What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

I only have one regret about my wedding. It has nothing to do with how much we spent, or the vendors we chose, or my dress, or how much my crazy aunt drank! (She was the life of the reception, lol!) My only regret is that I did almost everything myself. It took my husband and family begging me to let them help before I delegated any tasks. I spent a lot of time stressed because I didn’t want to overly burden anyone. But I didn’t think about the fact that they didn’t want to show up for our wedding feeling like guests. They wanted to be involved be a part of things. I spent too much time not wanting to make everyone else crazy, that I may have taken on more than I needed to. Luckily I came to my senses before it was too late. And thank goodness I did! I needed every mom, sister, dad, brother, niece and nephew to pull the whole thing off! And my husband was happy to have some tasks as well. He wanted to take pride in the day just like I did. Together, we all made a great team!



What was your biggest splurge?

I don’t feel as though we really splurged on anything, but I definitely hadn’t planned on spending $1,000 on my dress! I hadn’t know what to really expect, but I didn’t want to spend too much. After looking, I realized $1,000 wasn’t at all on the high end of what could be spent, so I felt comfortable with it considering I LOVED the dress I found. The only other thing that I would consider a splurge was the dance floor. It wasn’t terribly expensive, but it was the only thing that we felt wasn’t a necessity, but it really felt like an important finishing touch under the tent where we had our reception.



What was your favorite detail?

This is such a hard question for me because I loved everything about our day. Probably my favorite detail was the fact the escort cards. I made them to look like cards from an old card catalog and at a local antique store I found a wooden box with three drawers that looked exactly like a small card catalog! We displayed the escort cards in the drawers. I also loved all of the book page details: the rolled up pages in the class vases and the flowers on the cakes and tables!



What is the most memorable moment of your day?

I tried really hard to stay calm all day and take everything in so that I would remember as much as possible. I didn’t want stress and anxiety to cloud everything later. So many people told me how fast the day would go and they were right. It was over in a blink of an eye! But I will cherish every single memory! Adam and I chose to do a “first look” before the ceremony. I had lots of butterflies, but I’m very glad we chose to do this even though it isn’t exactly traditional. I will forever cherish the memories of he and I goofing around and laughing and kissing and talking before we were surrounded by a hundred other people who wanted to share some time with us. The other “most memorable” moment was at the very end of the night. We didn’t do a big sparkler send off or throw rice or anything like that, but we did decided to we wanted to end the night with a song that was very special to us. We invited everyone out on the dance floor and they danced away while Adam and I sang at the top of our lungs and enjoyed the last moments of our wedding reception. I’ll never forget dancing with my new husband, surrounded by our families and closest friends, singing to a song that will always be “ours”. It was the perfect end to the perfect night!




Photography: Rachel Richard Photography • Venue: The Blanton House • DJ: MGS DJ’s • Flowers: Plainfield Florist • Catering: Izzy’s Catering • Wedding Dress: Miss Pamela’s • Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse


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