$12 Ceremony & Reception Signs

Ceremony Reception Signs

I'm excited to share this DIY project with you this week! Early on, Josh and I discussed using rustic signage for our wedding. We made three signs: one with ‘I Do, We Did' and two with ‘L & J Wedding' .  We made these back in November.

Here's what you'll need:

-Wood, a saw, and some nails, free (we had this stuff just lying around!)

-A small can of Krylon ColorMaster Acrylic Latex Enamel in White (or similar brand and type), $8

-Stencils (Wal-Mart, $3)

-Foam brushes (Wal-Mart, $1)

How To:

1. First, you need to plan what your sign will look like.We used a taller base for the directional signs with one piece pointing direction (L & J Wedding). The ceremony/reception sign is on a shorter base with two pieces for direction.

2. Honestly, my wonderful future father-in-law made the signs for us, and I highly recommend going that route if you're not much of a carpenter.  Guesstimating on how to make your base: make sure the wood is the width you like before proceeding. Use a saw to cut the point to show direction; continue until finished with all pieces.

3. Place the pieces where you'd like them on the base. Once you're happy with the placement, nail the pieces to the base.

4. Here's where you come in. I eye-balled where to put the words on the sign. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but Josh's advice is that it's supposed to look rustic anyway, so just go with it. I used a pencil to stencil the letters onto the wood.

5. Using a foam brush, fill in the letters with your paint. It's essential to have a steady hand during this step. Don't get in a hurry!

6. Let dry.

Ceremony Reception Signs

Making your own signage for your wedding? I'd love to hear about it!

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