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3 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas for the Crafty Bride

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creative wedding favor ideas you can do yourself
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DIY Wedding Favor Ideas for the Crafty Bride!

Not all wedding favors are created equal, especially when you have a crafty bride in the mix.  Even if you’re not the crafty type, but you want to have something fun and unique, here are 5 awesome wedding favor ideas to make your guests smile!

diy wedding favors from beau coup


  1. Flower Box Dessert Toppings

This one is super fun.  Take these fun favor boxes with gerbera daisies on top and fill them with either candy dirt or crumbled Oreo cookies that you grind up in a food processor.  Then take these fun personalized mint candies and have the flowers or the bouquets printed on one side and place them on top of the Oreos.

Not only is the flavor combination of chocolate and mint awesome for ice cream or even on top of cheesecake during dessert, but you have a cool and cohesive theme with the gerbera on top, candy dirt and flowers inside.

If you want a fun twist for the kids table, add in gummy worms to the candy dirt!

creative wedding favor ideas you can do yourself

  1. Mason Jar Mixes

These are always a crowd pleaser.  First buy mason jars with your initials, names or something for your wedding engraved on them.  Next find a recipe that means something to you and your partner.  This is a fun one because you can do anything from soups to cake mix to smores or even mixes of herbs and tea leaves. You can choose the size jars you want based on what you’ll put inside – just pick the size that makes the most sense for a single serving.

Once you’ve selected the mix that goes inside, print the recipe to make the food or drink. You can either print it on a sticky label and stick it to the lid or the back of the jar, or you could print it on cardstock and attach it to your jar with string, ribbon or twine. Be sure to include the recipe, a note about the ingredients, as well as what the recipe means to you as a couple. Once you’ve printed your note cards you can either fold them or leave them flat, then take a hole punch and pierce the corner so it doesn’t cut through the wording on your card.

Then take a piece of burlap, ribbon, twine (whatever goes with your wedding theme) and feed it through the hole.  The last step is to fasten the string to your mason jar by tying it tightly around the top a few times.  If you want to go a step further, you can decorate and accessorize the mason jar.  If you did a flavor of tea, use a tea infuser and tie it to the jar.  If it’s a cupcake or ice cream mix, attach a wooden spoon or mini ice cream scoop. The possibilities are endless, and the results are super cute!

diy wedding favor cool off kit

  1. A Big Summer Cool It Off Kit

If you’re having a summer wedding and it’s outdoors, or even something at the beach, your guests will thank you for this one.  The cool it off kit idea is perfect for smaller weddings since it takes a bit more prep work.  If larger weddings that may be on a budget, you can always eliminate items or make some of them yourself.

The cool it off kit is a simple gift bag that has “cool” treats for the guests inside.  Your guests can open them and use them during your ceremony to help beat the heat and add some extra fun to the wedding.  Popular items include:

Think about something fun and that can help keep your guests cool.  Then match your budget to the number of guests you’ll have and see what you can make at home to fill in the rest.

Wedding favor crafts are always a great option.  They allow you to add a personal touch to your wedding that you can’t always find in items that are pre-made.  If you have a favorite craft for wedding favors, we’d love if you’d share it in the comments below!

For a list of awesome DIY wedding favor craft ideas, visit this link to find some of the best DIY wedding favors from one of our favorite partner stores.

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