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5 Frugal Wedding Table Numbers

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When you’re paying for a wedding, the numbers start adding up. Catering, venue, photographer – all of those can equal thousands of dollars. After breaking your budget, finding money for decorations can be almost impossible.

Luckily there are several ways to create frugal wedding table numbers that will add elegance and pizzazz to your wedding. Read below to see real-life examples of table numbers that stayed within budget, but conveyed the couple’s theme.

Print Your Own

My husband and I decided to choose our own images for the table numbers at our reception. We picked 13 images from various books, movies and TV shows that represented what we loved. We chose a local printer to format the images into a black-and-white image that was then printed onto cream-colored paper.

The whole process only cost $30 and we had customized table numbers that reflected our personality. If you’re looking to do something frugal that shows who you are as a couple, you can choose your favorite characters, quotes, etc. Because the paper folded, we didn’t even need to have table number holders.



Photo Credit: Kelley Jordan Photography

Choose something from your past

A recent wedding I attended had table numbers based on running bibs from races that the couple had both run in. Former cross country and track stars, these numbers fit their lifestyle and added a unique element that I won’t likely see at another wedding.

Find something that sets you two apart. Go through your apartment, your attic, your mom’s house – is there anything there you can use as inspiration? If you’re both artists, maybe use past sketches? If you’re both writers, copy headlines from articles you’ve written. It’s a great way to remind people that the wedding is about you as a couple.

Use pictures

Another wedding I went to used old pictures of the bride and groom to correspond with the table numbers. For example, we sat at table 16, so the photos were ones from when they were both 16. It was such a cute idea and even for people who’ve known the couple forever, it’s still a nice reminder of their youth.

You can get photos printed cheaply online and glue them to sturdy paper or use existing picture frames. The best part about this idea is that you don’t have to create anything. The pictures already exist, you can buy frames for a few dollars and voila! A sentimental, yet frugal, table number idea.


Photo Credit: Kelley Jordan Photography

Skip the place cards

We used one central seating chart instead of creating individual place cards. Not only is that more time-intensive, but it also likely involves more money. Plus, that way we were able to keep the seating chart as a memento of our wedding. It was also easy for people to see what the other tables were like without going around to each individually.

You can get them printed on regular paper, write them on glass or use signage material.

Table numbers are such an easy way to add something of the two of you into the wedding. If you’re having a traditional ceremony, choose table numbers that reflect a more upbeat side. If your wedding is elegant, pick something that’ll make people laugh. Use this as an opportunity to let everyone know what kind of couple you are.

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