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A+ Bridesmaid's Luncheon

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I was initially not on-board with the idea of a Bridesmaid’s Luncheon, even though it didn’t directly involve any actual additional planning on my part.  Heck, I found myself Googling it to see what exactly it even was!  It seemed like extra trouble for my lovely ladies, additional spending, plus I felt like I would likely have found plenty to do during this particular lunch hour being only a day away from THE day.  I’m not originally from the South, and these events aren’t typical of a Midwest wedding either, but one of my bridesmaids was extremely excited about the idea (it’s general practice in her Mississippi upbringing) and got the others onboard, so I decided to go with the flow and put on a dress and a smile.
The girls chose an absolutely adorable restaurant in Germantown, The Mad Platter, for the luncheon.  Their menu options were to DIE for and much to my surprise, I really had a wonderful time!  It took a scheduled obligation to drag me away from the rest of the chaos and unwind for a minute before diving into the rehearsal dinner later that evening.  With both Eric & I’s families not being local, the luncheon was also a perfect time for our mothers and the bridesmaids to get to talk to each other a little more.  I chose this time to give my bridesmaids their gifts in a more personal setting instead of quickly handing them out at the rehearsal dinner, which was also a definite plus.  For the non-Southerners, it was a time for them to try something new and have their weekend in the South seem a little more authentic.  It was great to sit back without one thing to do, drink a mimosa or three and relax, even it was only for an hour or so.
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Photos by Whitney Waddell & Mary Long.


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