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This is an embarrassing post for me… So for those of you who actually know me or follow me on Twitter, you might have heard or read me being super stressed out about finding a new venue. You see, when I lost my job before Christmas, I had to really sit down and re-evaluate our budget and how much we could realistically save in addition to what we already had to spend on the wedding. I thought that our original venue, The Sam Davis Home, wouldn't work out, especially with having to rent a tent. I freaked out at our quote for rentals and immediately started looking for cheaper options.

Well we spent like 2 months frantically searching for another budget-friendly venue. We found a few options, including one that offered accommodations for our out of town guests. We spent alot of time talking with this venue (who shall remain unnamed) and we were pretty much ready to book it until they kind of took back their word on an arrangement that we thought we had reached. Basically this put this particular venue back out of our budget range and they weren't willing to negotiate with us. At the end of the day I'm glad we're not having the wedding there because I just don't think or feel that they were all that interested in making our day special. They only had one thing in mind, and I'm sure you know what that is. (Hint: $$$)

After many tears and freakouts I sat down with my mom and looked at our numbers. We got quotes from different rental companies, caterers, etc and just added up all the costs. It turns out… Sam Davis Home is our cheapest option after all. Even with the tent, which if we use a certain rental company we can cancel if we end up not needing it for a reasonable fee. Woo Hoo!

I just feel so embarrassed for putting myself, E, and my family through all the stress. Sometimes you have to figure out things the hard way, or take a longer path to realize what works best. But now we're back to our original plan, which is what we wanted all along. I don't know exactly what I've learned from all this, but I do know that I've figured out that it's best to walk away from people who aren't interested in making their potential customers happy. I'm excited and ready to move forward with planning all the fabulous details of our day. I am such a procrastinator- it just wouldn't be my wedding if I wasn't scrambling at the last minute to figure everything out. πŸ™‚

Thanks for listening and letting me share all the ups and downs with you.

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  • Leika

    Weddings DO have a funny way of turning generally competent women into bundles of stress and tears. I’m sure E & your family are just glad that it’s worked out, not griping about your being stressed for months — they know you didn’t freak out just for the fun of it!

    Just concentrate on looking forward and keeping the excitement you feel now! I’m so glad things are looking up venue-wise, and it’s going to be beautiful!!

  • Sometimes you have to go through a little freakout to reach the rainbow. πŸ™‚ I’m glad this worked out! And I’m with you…we have tried to work with people who we feel really get that this is an important day for us, our friends, and our families. We’ve run into a few folks who only see dollar signs, and they have been crossed off the list very quickly!

  • tonya

    I think that it’s normal to have a freakout or two along the way in wedding planning. Especially on top of the stress of losing your job! I am so excited to hear that your ideal place turned out. I can’t wait to read more about it! πŸ™‚

  • There’s only 1 thing to do about people who act like they’re doing you a favor by taking you money: Eff ’em.

  • Sorry to hear about your job. I recently lost my job too and we just got engaged! Drama! That was a funny story… but you found out that your dream venue was within budgets after all, so I said it was worth it. πŸ™‚

  • I think the second guessing is just an unfortunate side effect of planning any big event, and weddings just make it even worse! I’m glad you two have figured out plans that are workable for you, even if it was a frustrating road to travel.

  • Carla

    At least you will know that you made an informed decision on your venue and got the best deal possible. Things that are meant to be just have a way of falling into place!

  • Forgive yourself and move on πŸ™‚ I still think you rock! It takes a special person to admit when they feel like they were wrong or made a mistake.

    I’m happy to hear you got the place you guys want though!

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