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Our rings are tucked safely and tied securely inside this book!

In a magazine forever ago I read about a company that will turn a book into a ring holder for your wedding ceremony. The company will cut out a hole for the rings, glue the pages together and put a magnet in the book to hold the rings in place.

About one month ago, I stumbled across a blog that showed me how to make a ring book at home for FREE! It was so simple and only took about 20 minutes.

You'll Need:
*A book, a pretty vintage one or one with significance in your relationship
*A utility/craft knife
*A pencil
*A Ruler
*Some ribbon

Dear fiance's favorite movie of all time is “A Christmas Story.” Never will a Christmas Eve go by without him glued to the screen for the 24-hour movie marathon. Our new puppy is even named Ralphie after the main character. I found the book that inspired the movie online and ordered it for our project.

With the book in hand, we used a pencil and ruler to draw a 2-inch by 2-inch square in the middle of a page, a couple of pages into the book. Our book was only about 150 pages, so we cut the square on the third page so the hole would be deep enough for the rings. This won't be a concern if your book is 500 pages.

Next, Dane used the utility knife to cut the square out of the pages. He went over each cut about eight times.

Then, with the hole finished, all we had to do was slip some ribbon through the hole and put the rings onto the ribbon, carefully nestled in the square.

We closed the cover on the book with both ends of the ribbon sticking out on the right side and tied the ribbon tightly into a bow.


The best part about the ring book was that you can throw the book or drop it and the rings remain safely in the book. Our best man can drop it 10 times before the ceremony and we'll still be OK. This is a particular fear of mine (losing the rings) because when I was a young flower girl I dropped the bride's ring in the bushes right before the ceremony and lost it. Lesson learned: Figure out a way to tie rings to large objects and never give expensive rings to children.

What are your rings going down the aisle in?

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Jillian, age 26, runs a weekly newspaper in a small town in Eastern Washington State. Her wedding date is set for Dec. 15, 2012 and loves the challenges and possible snow that comes with a winter wedding. While she's not running around reporting and hanging out with her family of newsies, she is reading, laughing, cuddling her kitty, dancing or sitting on her porch in the sunshine with her husband to be.

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  • This is such an adorable idea for someone who loves books! It is something they will keep forever and is simple to make. I love the idea of doing their favorite Christmas book!

  • This is how Max proposed to me!

  • Sara

    This is definitely happening! My fiance proposed to me this way using a journal that he had been writing in while he was stationed overseas.

  • I love this idea. Very creative and inspiring. Its a nice way to not only propose, but to carry the rings. The ribbon could at the top of the book as well like a bookmark. This will create a special keepsake to cherish for as long you both shall live. Jennifer with

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